US Deporting Iraqi Christian Refugees As It Demands We Accept Syrian Refugees


The title says it all ……

While DC debates religion, refugees, Iraqi Christians feel Uncle Sam’s boot

Amid Washington’s raging debate over refugees and religion, more than two dozen Iraqi Christians who crossed into the U.S. from Mexico in hopes of joining their friends and families are being deported after their bids for religious asylum were rejected.

A total of 27 Chaldean Christians, driven from their homeland by Al Qaeda and ISIS, entered the country in April and May, hoping to join the thriving Iraqi Christian community in and around San Diego. But the door to America is being slammed on the 17 men and 10 women over what their supporters say are technicalities.

“These are families who were split up because of religious persecution, and now the government – which we love – is preventing them from being reunited,” said Fr. Michael Bazzi, of St. Peter Chaldean Catholic Cathedral, in El Cajon. “We wonder why, for thousands of Muslims, the door is open to America, yet Christians are not allowed to come.” …..

You can read more at the link. 

I sat on this and pondered the story all weekend.  I still cannot come up with words adequate to describe my thoughts. 

Coming from a land where an equivalent to an actual genocide is occurring, the very people who came here, we’re sending away.  And, yet, it is demanded that we accept, carte blanc, thousands of people of unknown origin or intent ….. the vast and overwhelming majority of them being Muslim.   

“Religious persecution”, indeed.  Coming to a country you live in, soon. 

If the number is 10,000 souls, then the predominant peoples from that war torn area we should be taking is would be Christians, Yazidi, and Kurds.  They are the most persecuted, they are the most hated, they are the ones being randomly slaughtered, enslaved, and raped.  Sadly, this isn’t the case. 

Of course, the problem here being, from the US, there is no place to go.  Christians are being persecuted world wide.  There is, actually, a minority of areas on this globe where Christianity isn’t overtly persecuted.  In the Western world, the persecution is more subtle, but, as the Iraqi Christians can attest, no less real. 

And, so, here it is.  The U.S. of A., rejecting Christians in deference to Muslims whom we cannot vet. 

We cannot say to our fellow citizens, “let us go in peace”.  There is no place left to go.  So, here we must stand.  And, we must stand taller than what we have of late.  We are told “tolerance” is a virtue, and so it is, if applied properly.  But, it is also a vice.  Tolerance, being a virtue or a vice, is entirely dependent upon what is being tolerated. 

Time is short, the precedence has already been set.  We must not allow it to stand, or this nation will be lost, and all of us will be as sheep to a slaughter. 

In this world, it’s easy to believe we are a small minority.  All you have to do is watch the boob-tube, being news or a show, and you can easily see how we are marginalized, ridiculed, and hated.  But, do not be fooled.  A very small minority of useless idiot children can hold campuses hostage and dictate who can and cannot be president of a college.  We are much larger in number than they are.  It is past time to organize and mobilize.  

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5 Responses to US Deporting Iraqi Christian Refugees As It Demands We Accept Syrian Refugees

  1. I. Lou Minotti says:

    “America, beginning with those colonies that would become America, was founded not to promote some general idea of religious freedom, but rather to specifically protect serious Christians from the religious persecution they had suffered . . . .

    “America was intended to be the Israel of Christianity, and commitment to that ideal explains the obstinacy of the rebelling colonists, who shed blood, lost treasure, and risked everything for freedom. The purpose of America was never to protect its citizens from Christianity, but instead to protect Christians from the oppression of the state . . . .

    “The goodness of America flowed directly from that Christianity, and it is this profoundly Christian nature of America that leads Europeans to scorn her–and also to the deep and close friendship between America and Israel, which is most strongly supported by Christians in America. It is also a principle factor in Islamic hatred of America, Christianity’s Israel, just as the Jewish homeland itself appalls Muslims just as passionately . . . .

    “Every malignancy in modern world affairs is ultimately rooted in hatred of Judeo-Christianity.”

    ~Bruce Walker, “The Purpose of America”

    Let the Christians and Yazidi in, as they’ve already been vetted–something that cannot be said of the rest that are storming our borders.

  2. DirkH says:

    “We are told “tolerance” is a virtue, and so it is, if applied properly. But, it is also a vice. Tolerance, being a virtue or a vice, is entirely dependent upon what is being tolerated. ”

    Tolerance means “to bear something”. The question is, how much can you bear.

  3. DirkH says:

    Muslim boy who built a clock that looks like a Hollywood bomb tries to shakedown city and school district for 15 million.
    Cool business model.

  4. DirkH says:

    Peons! This is how you cope with an attacker with an AK-47. You take the fire extinguisher, a chair, a vase and a stapler and try to hit him over the head. Video.
    That’s from the USA. The advice from German media about terrorists is: Live with terror. Because that’s normal part of a multicultural society.

    This is also the reason we don’t buy media here, and they’re dying.

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