NFL Week 11 Predictions!!!!!

Well, last week’s predictions were off the mark by quite a bit!  I did no better than the talking heads on TV and the radio!  But, it’s been that way all year.  Things should be better this week, but, one never knows. 


(4-5-0) Raiders  It seems like the Raiders have vexed me all year!  When I predict that they’ll lose, they win!  When I predict they’ll win, they lose!  This week will measure the team.  Last week they were crushed by a fine Viking team.  The Lions are coming off a huge upset win over the Packers.  That said, I think the weapons of the Raiders will be too much for the Lions.  The Raiders need this if they’re going to make a run for the playoffs.  I think they’ll get it.

(2-7-0) Lions


(4-5-0) Colts

(6-3-0) Falcons Both of these teams are coming off a bye week.  The Falcons had an improbable loss to the 49ers and the Colts the upset win over the Broncos.  A good test for the new Falcons coach.  I’m picking the Falcons, but, it’s risky.  The Colts are playing Hasselbeck at QB because Luck is injured.  Hasselbeck is the better QB.  He’s 2-0 in the starts for the Colts.  But, if the Falcons are firing on all cylinders, the Colts won’t be able to keep up. 


(4-5-0) Rams  Sigh, the Rams.  I never know which Ram team will show up to play.  It seems when the D shows up, they win.  As for the Ravens, they’re just not very good this year.  I think the Rams defense won’t have any problems with the Ravens.   

(2-7-0) Ravens


(4-5-0) Buccaneers

(4-5-0) Eagles  Two teams with identical records, but, one has a much better shot at the playoffs than the other.  The Eagles are 1/2 out of first in the NFC East, but, the Buccs have almost no chance at winning theirs.  Neither have a very good shot at a wildcard birth, but, it’s possible.  I don’t like this pick, but, the Buccs barely beat a lowly Dallas team last week, else they would have been 3-6.  And, they’re playing in Philly, so, I’m going with the Eagles.


(7-2-0) Broncos  3 weeks ago, this would be a no-brainer.  Now, you don’t know what the Broncos will do.  I think they’ll win, but, that’s contingent upon the defense showing up to play.  Forte is beat up and questionable for today.  Royal is out, and Jeffery didn’t participate in practice and is listed as questionable.  It shouldn’t be too hard for the Broncos D to show up and play.

(4-5-0) Bears


(5-4-0) Jets  It’s kinda fascinating watching the Jets thrive without Rex Ryan.  While the Texans are no ‘gimme’, the Jets should be able to handle them and position themselves to make a playoff run.

(4-5-0) Texans


(4-5-0) Redskins

(9-0-0) Panthers  The Panthers continue to dominate their opponents.  When you look at their offense, you wonder how this can be.  Sure, Newton is a fine QB, but, he’s not consistent nor dominant.  They’re 28th in passing yards in the league.  Sure, they’re #3 in rushing yards, but, that’s because they’re #1 in attempts.  They’re 13th in yds/carry.  This 9-0 team is 16th in total yards.  And, this 9-0 team is only 10th in yards allowed.  So, how are they doing this?  Through 9 games the Panthers have 9 fumble recoveries and 14 interceptions compared to giving up 2 fumbles and 9 ints.  That’s a 23-11 turnover ratio.  Want to beat the Panthers?  You have to take care of the ball, first.  That said, I don’t think the Redskins will beat the Panthers, even if they don’t turn over the ball.     


(2-7-0) Cowboys  Well, it’s my two favorite teams squaring off.  While the Cowboys have a horrible 2-7 record, they’ve lost the 7 in a row by a combined total of 59 points.  That includes the 30-6 beating they took at the hands of New England.  Without the New England game, they lost 6 by a total of 35 points.  It isn’t that they haven’t been competitive, they’ve been very competitive in all games except the NE game.  It is that they’ve been missing that something which allows them to finish a game.  When looking at the two teams, Dallas runs the ball better, but, Miami throws it better.  Dallas defends the pass a bit better and Miami can’t seem to defend the run, at all.  (2nd worst in the league)  (Suh “spit”)  Miami is playing better under the interm coach.  Romo is coming back today, but, may be a bit rusty.  I’m going with Dallas, but, I’d really like to see both win. 

(4-5-0) Dolphins


(4-5-0) Chiefs  Well, throw the records out on this inter-divisional rivalry.  You just never know what either team is going to do.  That said, the Chargers have had their struggles.  Prolly a bad call letting Mathews go to Philly.  And, it’s the running game which causes me to pick the Chiefs.

(2-7-0) Chargers


(6-3-0) Packers

(7-2-0) Vikings  Huge game!  Game of the Day!  I think AP will be too much for the Pack.  I think if they can find a way to contain him, the Pach has a chance, but, they’re playing out of synch.  If the Pack wants to make a playoff run, they’ll have to get it together, today.  I don’t think they will.


(3-6-0) 49ers

(4-5-0) Seahawks  Well, any given Sunday ……. but, I think this one won’t be nearly as competitive as the records indicate.  Seahawks should easily take this one.


(8-1-0) Bengals

(7-2-0) Cardinals  This should be another fantastic game to watch!  Both teams are formidable in all 3 phases.  I’m going with the home team and think we’ll see Palmer light it up on his former team.


(5-4-0) Bills

(9-0-0) Patriots  Well, I don’t think Rex has anything the Pats haven’t seen from him, already.


 (2-8-0) Titans 13

 (4-6-0) Jaguars 19  The Jags won a loser bowl Thursday over the Titans. 


Well, that’s the way I see it, what do you think?

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    Webster’s definition of Pathetic: adj, evoking tenderness, pity or sorrow; pitiable; marked by sorrow or melancholy; SAD.

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