Week 10 NFL Picks!!!!

Well, the playoff picture is getting clearer, but, there’s still a lot of questions to be answered.  Again, time is short for me, so this will be quick takes..


(1-7-0) Lions

(6-2-0) Packers  One almost feels sorry for the Lions in this one.  Pack all the way.


(2-6-0) Cowboys  Well, there’s only a glimmer of hope left for the Cowboy’s season.  But, I honestly believe they’ll get this one. 

(3-5-0) Buccaneers


(8-0-0) Panthers  Panthers defense to dominate, again.

(2-6-0) Titans


(3-5-0) Bears

(4-4-0) Rams  Will the real Rams please stand up?  This should be an easy one for the good Rams, a tough one for the ones who suck.


(4-5-0) Saints  I think the Saints passing attack will be too much for the Redskins, but, the ‘Skins’ offense should do so damage against a weak Saint defense.

(3-5-0) Redskins


(3-5-0) Dolphins

(4-4-0) Eagles  Last call for the Dolphins.  Unfortunately, I don’t think they can take the Eagles.


(2-7-0) Browns

(5-4-0) Steelers  I don’t think the QB situation of either team will matter.  I take the Steelers in this one.


(2-6-0) Jaguars  Well, this is sort of an upset pick, but, i think the Jags are moving in the right direction.  But, their defense has a long ways to go.

(2-6-0) Ravens


(6-2-0) Vikings

(4-4-0) Raiders  Well, this is my other upset pick.  I think the Raiders will be ready for AP.


(8-0-0) Patriots  And, this is why the Cowboys still have hope.  They play in probably the worse division in the NFL.  That said, remember Eli seems to have the Pats number.  I doubt he’ll get it done today, but, you never know.

(5-4-0) Giants


(3-5-0) Chiefs

(7-1-0) Broncos  Chiefs are playing in Mile High, they’re not going to get it done today.


(6-2-0) Cardinals  Game of the week!  This should be a tightly contested game.   I’m giving the Cards the edge, but, I can easily see where the Seahawks may just surprise them.

(4-4-0) Seahawks


(3-5-0) Texans

(8-0-0) Bengals  MNF should be a yawner, this week.


 (5-4-0) Bills 22  Bills made a move for a WC playoff spot last Thursday.

 (5-4-0) Jets 17


Well, that was quick and dirty.  Those are my picks, what do you think?

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3 Responses to Week 10 NFL Picks!!!!

  1. It was a bad week for my favorite teams–college and pro–they all lost.


  2. Lars P. says:

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