UK Makes Demands Before EU Referendum!!!!


Well, I’m not sure what to make of this.  Is Cameron playing to the base, or are these demands legit?  I don’t know.  I would, however, take odds on the EU giving some sort of lip service to Cameron with empty promises and legislation with hidden addendums. 

There is absolutely no way the EU will actually acquiesce to these demands.  And, yet, without the UK, the EU is one other major country away from dissolving.  The EU can exist for a period of time without the UK, but, it ends the larger goal of globalization, much less, an entirely unified Europe.   So, the EU can’t openly disregard these demands.  That said, I’m unsure how the UK would finally vote on the referendum, anyway. 

Here’s the story ….

UK’s EU demands: Migration controls, protection for pound

LONDON (AP) — British Prime Minister David Cameron on Tuesday outlined four areas of change he wants from the European Union as a condition for the U.K. government campaigning to stay in the bloc before an upcoming in-or-out referendum.

He says the changes will give Britain “the best of both worlds,” protecting national autonomy while ensuring access to the 28-nation EU and its 500 million-person market.



Britain is one of nine EU countries that doesn’t use the euro single currency — and “never will,” Cameron said.

He wants guarantees that there will be no discrimination against non-euro countries, eurozone countries can’t make decisions that affect the others and non-eurozone taxpayers won’t have to pay to support the euro.



Cameron wants to “cut the total burden on business” and allow capital, goods and services to flow more freely around the EU, with the removal of red tape and “unnecessary regulation.”

He wants more initiatives like the Single Digital Market, which is abolishing mobile-phone roaming charges and removing barriers for e-commerce across the EU.



Cameron argues that Britons want no part of the EU’s commitment to “ever-closer union,” and is seeking formal recognition that it doesn’t apply to the U.K.

He says Britain doesn’t want individual countries to have vetoes on EU legislation, but seeks a change so that “groups of national parliaments, acting together, can stop unwanted legislative proposals.”

And he wants a red line around national security, declaring it the sole responsibility of individual states.



This is the most contentious area because it collides with the EU’s free-movement principle, which lets citizens live and work in other member states.

Cameron says unregulated immigration from the EU to Britain — much of it from eastern European nations that have joined the bloc since 2004 — has put too much pressure on British schools, hospitals and public services.

He argues that free movement shouldn’t apply to any future new EU countries until their economies reach the level of the existing member states.

And he wants to cut immigration by reducing the “draw” of Britain’s welfare benefits, by barring new migrants from collecting some benefits or social housing until they have been in Britain for four years.

This is actually some pretty funny stuff.  The Brit Pound is by nature of economics, in competition with the Euro.  Any action by the EU regarding trade and economics will directly effect the Pound.  The semi-membership in the Eurozone is untenable in regards to having the Pound and the Euro.  Any action will either favor the Pound and harm the Euro, or favor the Euro and harm the Pound.  It can’t work otherwise. 

The EU can only be described as a vehicle of red tape, more, it is most often redundant red tape.  This is what the EU does!  It is, essentially, all it does!  Governments create red tape, that’s what they do.  They invent hoops for businesses and people to jump through in their effort to do something.  As it is, most nations of the EU already have in place their own standards, requirements, and regulations.  The EU simply adds more, in that in most cases they cannot, and do not wish to, erase the burdens already placed on free enterprise of people and businesses. 

I got a giggle from the “national security” bit, though I do understand why Cameron wishes this stated.  I haven’t looked at the latest membership of NATO, but, all of the big players in the EU are members of NATO.  In certain areas, I can easily see where a conflict of responsibility and goals would occur between NATO and the EU charter.  But, “national security being the sole responsibility of the individual states?”  I’m all for it, as an American!  And, no, that’s no slight towards our cousins in the UK, but, seriously, Turkey is a member of NATO, their interests and the US interests are not the same in any shape or imagination.  There has been no real use for NATO since the fall of the Soviet Union.  It should have been disbanded decades ago. 

Well, I don’t know that immigration from other EU states is really the problem referenced.  That said, I can totally sympathize. 

Personally, I’m not optimistic the people of the UK will do what is best for the people of the UK, the EU, and the world, and end this monstrosity.  People hate change and fear the unknown.  Unfettered immigration and time has not done the UK any favors.  Many of their voters will have scarcely known life without the EU.  The immigrants who can now vote have benefitted from the EU.  And, then, there is a huge bloc of voters in the UK who are globalists. 

But, if, just if the UK does separate themselves from the EU, then, I would expect other nations to follow suit, and thus end this horrid experiment.  I pray the people of the UK would.  There is an entire civilization which hinges upon it. 

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10 Responses to UK Makes Demands Before EU Referendum!!!!

  1. Latitude says:

    apparently….you crawled inside my brain and lifted this….right? 🙂

    Can you just imagine how a AU (Americas Union) would work?….and that’s the problem, immigrants bring their culture, education, habits with them

  2. TedG says:

    The EU is a dead union walking and Germany is to blame. Good riddance!

  3. leftinflagstaff says:

    The EU hasn’t dissolved yet? I thought for sure it had become the Middle West.

  4. DirkH says:

    EU related: Spreading Transgenderisation influence in EU organs.
    There’s a whole mafia of psychologists, sociologists and doctors feeding off the transgender craze, leaving dead bodies and ruined lives in their trails.

    • DirkH says:

      …ANOTHER giant fraud after warmunism and islamization, fed by exploding industrial productivity, making it possible for one parasitic movement after the other to develop…

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