NFL Week Nine Predictions!!!!

Wow, there are some games to watch today!  There are some top echelon games, some second tier games, and some must win games! 


(6-1-0) Packers  This is a really hard pick.  So hard I’ve changed my mind twice since trying to write this.  Last week the Pack got their azz handed to them by the Broncos.  They face another tough defense with the Panthers.  The Panthers also have a running game.  But, the Pack isn’t playing in Mile High, and Rogers will be on a mission.  Manning was able to scorch the G.B. secondary, but, Newton isn’t Manning.  The Pack RBs are healthy and the receiving corps is finally whole.  The LB Mathews is banged up, which may be the deciding factor in the game.  My gut says the Pack.

(7-0-0) Panthers 


(3-4-0) Redskins

(7-0-0) Patriots  There are a lot of great games to watch this week, this isn’t one of them.


(1-6-0) Titans

(4-4-0) Saints  Just a few weeks ago, there was talk of firing Peyton.  After a horrid start, the Saints look to be 5-4 after today, in position to make a good run at the playoffs.


(3-4-0) Dolphins

(3-4-0) Bills  Well, it won’t entirely be over for the loser of this game, but, it will be over for the loser of this game.  No one in this division is going to catch the Pats, so the also-rans will be looking for a wildcard birth to the playoffs.  4-4 is a decent position to make the run from, 3-5?  Not so much.  I really hope I’m wrong about this prediction and the Bills lost to the lowly Jags, so anything can happen.


(4-3-0) Rams  It’s difficult to know which Ram team will show up.  This is a huge test for the Vikes and one I think they’ll fail.  That said, if the Vikings do go on to win today, they’ll have to be considered a very formidable team in the NFC.  I just think the Rams are closer to that than the Vikings are.  It should be a fantastic running game to watch!

(5-2-0) Vikings


(2-5-0) Jaguars

(4-3-0) Jets  The Jets have a great opportunity to be 5-3 at midway point of the season, which isn’t bad for any team in the division, other than the Pats.  That said, if they overlook the Jags, they’ll find themselves in the midst of a whole bunch of teams clamoring for a wildcard birth.  To me, the Jags look like they’re at the same spot the Raiders were last year.  They’ve got players, and you can just feel them getting better and more competitive, they’re just not there yet, and missing some ingredients. 


(4-3-0) Raiders

(4-4-0) Steelers  Oh boy!  This game is giving me flashbacks!  When was the last time a Steeler/Raider game was one to watch for the week?  While it isn’t quite the same, in my youth(70s), while never a fan of either team, this would be the game to watch for the year!  Yeh, it isn’t the same, but, I’m certain it will evoke memories of a grander time for both teams and the NFL in general.  The Raiders have been proving me wrong all year, and I’m going to give them one more chance to show me.  If the Raiders can take this game, they’ll have to be considered a strong candidate for the playoffs.  For their part, this is pretty much a must win for the Steelers, which is why I’m picking them.  They should be playing with some abandon and fire, today.  It should be a most excellent game to watch. 


(4-4-0) Giants  Well Eli match his ridiculous passing numbers he had last week?  Probably not.  I think one of the profound weaknesses of the Giants is their idiotic running back by committee.  Pick a RB, anyone, and let him get into the flow of the game.  If he’s not good enough to start in the NFL, then he’s not good enough to be part of your RB package.  The Giants would do well not to overlook the Buccs.  They’re not the doormats they’ve typically been in recent years. 

(3-4-0) Buccaneers


(6-2-0) Falcons  When you look at the records, this game looks like a no-brainer.  But, when you really look at the records, you see a struggling Falcon team.  After a 5-0 start, they’re 1-2 over the last 3 weeks and they’re losses and even their most recent win are not consistent with a top tier team.  They lost to the Saints, and Tampa Bay, and barely hung on to beat a horrid Titan team.  In the last 3 games, they’ve been out scored 51-61 by teams with a combined record of 8-15.  That said, they’re facing SF, who has placed Kaepernick on the bench, in favor of Blaine Gabbert, who has a 5-22 record as a starter in the NFL.

(2-6-0) 49ers


(7-0-0) Broncos  It should be another long day for Luck and team.  My interest in the game will be to see if Manning really has returned to form. 

(3-5-0) Colts


(3-4-0) Eagles

(2-5-0) Cowboys  Well, this is a must win for Dallas.  If they’re going to win without Romo, this would be the game.  They’re playing at home against an unimpressive Eagle team.  Dez Bryant is back with a full week of practice with Cassel.  While he was pretty much blanked last week, the Eagles don’t have a Sherman to cover Dez, and Cassel showed a willingness to throw the ball up to the playmaker and let him make a play.  There is no longer any RB controversy in that Randle was released by the Cowboys this week, making McFadden the man.  If they can keep it close and consistently feed McFadden the ball, they can win.  The Eagles best offensive lineman(Jason Peters LOT) is out for the game, so look for Hardy to have a huge game for the Cowboys.   


(2-5-0) Bears

(2-6-0) Chargers  I don’t think either team is really as bad as their records indicate.  Matt Forte is out for the game, so, the Bears will be playing without their best weapon and running back.  Loser of this game gives up any pretense for a post season. 


 (2-7-0) Browns 10

 (8-0-0) Bengals 31  The Bengals dominated a “Johnny Football” led Browns team on Thursday.


Well, these are my picks, what do you think?

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4 Responses to NFL Week Nine Predictions!!!!

  1. >>
    . . . what do you think?

    I think I’m pleased that the Seahawks had a bye week. I’m sorry about your ‘boys, James. I thought they had a chance last night.


    • suyts says:

      Well, they’ve had chances in many of their games they lost. They just keep coming out on the losing end of the close ones.

      Yes, you’re Seahawks had a timely bye. It’s the exact time you want your team to have one! I look for them to make a good run at the post season.

  2. I. Lou Minotti says:

    Here’s why I gave up my long-held Philadelphia Iggles season tickets after a home game at Veteran’s Stadium on December 22, 1996 against the (then) St. Louis Cardinals: I realized the NFL had become a divisive reality for America, kind of like the Bloods, Crips or MS-13 that proudly represent the cities of America that they’ve occupied. From bread and circuses in ancient Rome before it fell, to beer and circuses in America 2000 years later. We are now witnessing gang warfare with a nice NFL face, and it’s no longer confined to the field.

    The details: I took my EIGHT-year old nephew to that game, but he was wearing his Dallas Cowboys jacket. EIGHT years old, and I was wearing my old #17 Harold Carmichael Jersey. The young lad (and me) were attacked both verbally and physically while simply sitting in our seats!

    That was certainly a “fun” afternoon–I lost the scrum (in my opinion), but I still landed a few good rocks and drew blood from a couple of Philly’s Phinest Phony Phans. They were led out in handcuffs, and Mike & me promptly left, never to return.

    To prove my greater point, it turns out Dallas fans (or players, for that matter–see “Greg Hardy”) aren’t much better than the Iggles fans that attacked Mike & me:

    I still watch the NFL and the Iggles on any given gameday, but for a new, better reason. I thoroughly enjoy watching violent idiots destroy and maim each other for life, while hoping each team loses. And we exalt these violent human beings as “men?” Who, exactly, is more pathetic?

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