POTUS Primary Polls And Pictures!!!!

I haven’t written much about the drama in the Repub race, lately.  Or, the Dim race, for that matter.  But, there are a couple of recent polls out, and I thought I’d jot a couple of lines and share some thoughts.

The two polls are Quinnipiac and Fox.  The numbers are pretty similar so I think they’re pretty much right.  Now, the polls are probably right, but, the reporting of the different polls diverge, significantly!!!!

Here’s MSNBC’s take on the Quinnipiac poll …….


h/t Twitchy


Moving on to the more accurate Fox News reporting of the Fox poll …….


Here are the numbers:  Trump has the backing of 26 percent of Republican primary voters and is closely followed by Carson at 23 percent.  The next tier includes two first-term Cuban-American senators: Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio at 11 percent each.  Those four capture the support of 7 in 10 primary voters (71 percent).

From there, Jeb Bush, Mike Huckabee, John Kasich, and Rand Paul receive 4 percent each.

Carly Fiorina garners 3 percent, down from 5 percent last month and 9 percent in September. 

The poll, released Wednesday, is one of two national telephone polls conducted entirely since the October 28 CNBC Republican debate. 

Since mid-October, support for Kasich is up 3 percentage points, Trump and Rubio are up 2 points, and Cruz is up 1 point.  Carson has held steady while Bush has dropped by 4 points.

Chris Christie has 2 percent now, up from 1 percent last month.

Given the other recent polling, none of this is very surprising, though I’m mildly surprised by Fiorina’s shrinking numbers.  Throughout the cycle, I’ve been surprised by Paul’s weak polling. 

This polls gives us some other surprises …..

The favorites among white evangelical Christians include Carson (33 percent), Trump (23 percent) and Cruz (12 percent).  Those three are also the top picks among the Tea Party movement, although in a different order: Trump (26 percent), Cruz (24 percent) and Carson (19 percent).

Okay, I’m not sure of the definition of “evangelical Christians” as used in this case.  But, this seems off by quite a bit.  Carson, I understand, Trump, I don’t.  I’m not judging the man, I will just take him at his word when he said he never had the occasion to ask God for forgiveness.  Further, while it may sound like I’m bashing Trump, I’m not, I’m just trying to be analytical.  The “Tea Party” numbers are also a bit off.  Other than the border issue, Trump has no stance consistent with typical Tea Party advocacy. 

What this tells me is that the support for Trump should be transient in many cases, as voters become more knowledgeable about the specifics of each candidate.  …….. well, once they get around to articulating specifics, that is. 

I would imagine most of the Paul supporters would go to Cruz if and when Paul drops out.   If Bush drops out, I would suspect most of his supporters would move to Rubio, but, with Cruz gaining from it, as well. 

11 10 89742395*13 14

11 10 89742395*13 14

1-3Nov 15

Donald Trump    26%   Ben Carson 23  Ted Cruz 11  Marco Rubio 11  Jeb Bush 4  John Kasich  4  Rand Paul 4  Mike Huckabee 4  Carly Fiorina 3  Chris Christie 2  Rick Santorum *  Bobby Jindal  *  Lindsey Graham *  Jim Gilmore *  George Pataki – (Other) 1 (None of the above)  1 (Don’t know) 5

There are still 7 percentage points up for grabs, but, I expect this to remain until the end.  I have no idea why Graham, Gilmore, and Pataki are still in it.  Trump and Carson will continue to be neck and neck until one of them makes a huge mistake.  It’s strange because they’re pulling from the same base which supports outsiders.  Trump and Carson have very contrasting styles and personalities. 

I expect, in the end, the establishment Repubs will move to Rubio, though, I’m not counting Christie out, yet.  Bush will stay in the race as long as he wishes.  He keeps saying he has to do a better job at campaigning, but, his problem is much deeper than that.  His problem is that he has no message and the majority of Repubs are at odds with him on his immigration stance. 

Moving on to the Dim side, this says it all ……


Ouch!!!!  That has to hurt!  Again, h/t Twitchy

But, this probably hurts just as bad …..

Turning to the Democratic side, front-runner Hillary Clinton outdistances Bernie Sanders by a 56-31 percent margin. 

Previous Fox News polls included several Democratic contenders who are now out of the running, most notably Vice President Joe Biden.  Even so, we can compare the new results to how things stood before the first Democratic debate and Clinton’s Capitol Hill testimony on Benghazi. Clinton’s current 25-point margin over Sanders is mostly unchanged from last month when she had a 26-point lead without Biden in the race.

Well, the unidentified man also gets no mention in the Fox poll. 

For those curious, the unidentified man is Martin O’Malley, running for the Democrat nomination for POTUS.  That stated, it almost makes sense for O’Malley to remain in the running.  Here’s why ……

Very soon, we’re going to see just how badly Sanders wants to be POTUS.  For the most part, it’s been a bit of a love fest for the Dims.  And, the polling hasn’t changed.  Simply put, if Sanders wants to be POTUS, he has to go after Hillary.  We all know team Hillary will respond if and when this happens.  This should  make for some good popcorn eating!  And, that’s why it kinda makes sense for the unidentified man to remain in the running. 

Well, those are my thoughts, what do you think?

Post Script ……. I thought “Jefferson-Jackson” dinners were deemed racist by the lunatic Dims.  What gives that all three Dim candidates are attending such an event?

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29 Responses to POTUS Primary Polls And Pictures!!!!

  1. thallstd says:

    While the dems differ only by degree, there is much more difference between the repub candidates. Boisterous, obnoxious and as full of himself as he is, I think events will dictate how far Trump goes to a larger extent than most other candidates. Many people, myself included, realize that the illegal immigration problem is far more serious than the coverage in the popular press would indicate. Trump, as far as I know is the candidate who has taken the strongest stand against it and I think there will be many single-issue voters this election who stick with him as long as he stays in. If there are many more violent crimes committed by illegals, I think Trump’s numbers will go up. If his views are sharply contrasted against the other candidates I think his numbers will go up. If neither happens I think his numbers will fall. There is a long way to go before the election and a lot can happen.

    If you want to help spread the word about the extent of the illegal immigration problem, here are two sites with documentaries that do a good job of covering the issue:

    https://www.teapartypatriots.org/theborderstates/ (streams free)
    http://www.dennismichaellynch.com/films_reel/ (2nd up from the bottom there’s a 3 DVD set – They Come To America 1, 2 & 3. Get two sets for $38 – well worth it in my opinion.)

  2. Lars P. says:

    Polls can be very subjective depending how one selects the persons to be polled. It is as simple as that.
    Along the line there was a post at Zerohedge:
    If the LSM wants a story be told they can simply “help” polls go one direction or another depending on what the LSM wishes to promote. There are many ways to do it. This can very well influence the behaviour of the people and thus a poll may become a self fulfilling prophecy.

  3. Latitude says:

    Conservatives do not poll….look at Kentucky….Conway was way leading the polls, had already picked out his coronation dress…….and Bevin mopped the floor with him with a landslide victory, along with republican landslides all the way down

  4. DirkH says:

    Here’s a video that might be interesting to look at for Americans, because it shows a lot of the political debating skills currently used in Germany. You will have to endure a video ad but are rewarded with a nice slomo shot of the exact moment when things escalated.

    The background: A few weeks ago HOGESA – Hooligans Gegen Salafisten , a group of football hooligans protesting against Islamisation, were allowed to demonstrate in Cologne. According to regime media numbers, 700 came; and 10,000 counter-demonstrators, amongst them the beloved tourist attraction AntiFa a.k.a. Black Bloc.

    Multitude of police in riot gear with water throwers joined in the fun , serving as human border.

    While the Hooligans were peaceful and determined to behave, of course some AntiFa kids wanted to use the opportunity to have some fun with the police, throwing things at them. As it turns out, the police were totally game. You kinda feel the enthusiasm while watching how they go for the kids.

    Well, and that’s of course the height of the intellectual discourse of the Left.

  5. Lars P. says:

    “The New York State’s prosecutor Eric Schneiderman has actually started the investigation of Exxon. The company is accused of “having lied about the effects of carbon dioxide on climate change for 40 years”.
    And also some other news:
    “Incidentally, Greenpeace has finally been outlawed in India. The officially stated reason was financial fraud and falsification of data. The world’s largest democracy was working on this ban of the ecoterrorist organization for some time. Half a year ago, the Greenpeace accounts had been frozen.”

    • DirkH says:

      Cangaroo court. Maybe US wants to shake down Exxon now? Has Rockefeller sold all Exxon shares already? They would never attack Exxon if David Rockefeller still had a stake in it.

  6. DirkH says:

    MAYBE the Merkel government cracked under the pressure of falling poll numbers and our collective e-mail Jihad.

  7. DirkH says:

    German shops run out of pepper spray.
    Brisk business – Merkel has created a new Wirtschaftswunder by importing a million Muslims.

  8. Lars P. says:

    The full text of TPP has been made public:

  9. DirkH says:

    FED discovers another 2.7 trillion US debt that they forgot to include.

  10. I. Lou Minotti says:

    They’re all diva drama queens. Both Democrats and Republicans. Here’s a mind-keeper for your readers as the “majority” of the idiots of America will soon choose their next presidential “leader:”

  11. Lars P. says:

    Hyperlink sharing should become copywrited. I think I read something about it also from Drudge.
    This is nonsense – any link sharing would become a violation.

    • DirkH says:

      Huh huh. At the same time the Brussels alcoholics crave TTIP. Maybe they enjoy getting shafted by Google in front of a TTIP cangaroo court? Googles business is giving you links.

    • DirkH says:

      And : A link is the ADDRESS of somebody. So you would be prohibited from telling someone a company’s ADDRESS.

      • Lars P. says:

        it does not make any sense, but our EU politicians do make sense, so this is not a problem for them…
        If one posts the address without the hyperlink? like below, wondering if it is still copyright or not? Or one is no longer allowed to reference a source? Damned if you do, damned if you don’t?

  12. Latitude says:

    so they are beating Carson’s pyramids story to death….
    …..and Obama thinks there’s 57 states

    I didn’t realize common core was that old

  13. DirkH says:

    Interesting: Guy complains about the current delicate flower SJW college campuses.
    And points out how colleges used to protest the Vietnam war.

    Which reminds me: According to the Laurel Canyon story, the youth protests against the war in the 60ies were crushed by the invention of drug culture and psychedelic tune-out attitude, a PsyOp directed from Lookout Mountain Lab. (nearly all the superstars of the Hippie bands had fathers with high security clearances in the military / spy business.)

    So – is the current SJW / ccultural marxism wave ANOTHER PsyOp?

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