Leftards Fail In Their Malfeasance! Expose Themselves As Child Predators!!!!!


Wow!  Today, again, there are many current topics which I could write about.  And, today, I would have written more than a couple of posts.  Unfortunately …. or fortunately, depending upon how one would perceive it, my time was occupied until now. 

We had some ballot measures, elections, polls and news which were all noteworthy. 

But, the pic above is what I believe is indicative of what’s happening, and what is.  The picture references a ballot measure for Houston, Texas.

Virginia rejected a couple of lunatics advocating gun control backed by some heavy spending by Bloomberg and the rest of the cast of idiots.  But, I believe the Houston issue is more poignant towards the leftards and a vivid, illuminative characteristic of the leftards.  

So, here’s the story ……. 

Houston elected an open lesbian as their mayor, and since, she’s been fervently advancing the leftist LBGTQXYZLMNOP….. agenda.  She once tried to have preachers sanctioned and monitored for the content of their sermons.  Her most recent effort was to push a “a non-discrimination ballot measure Tuesday, delivering a blow to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights movement”. 

Horrible, right? 

This is where it gets weird.  You see, the measure had actually already passed. 

The Houston City Council narrowly approved the equal rights ordinance last year, but after a petition drive by anti-gay activists, the Texas Supreme Court ordered the city in July to either repeal it or put it on the November ballot — giving each side just a few months to make their case.

You see, the leftards violated some rules, in an effort to shove the measure down the throats of Houstonians.  The main objection by the people of Houston was that the verbiage of the rule would allow anyone who claimed to be a woman for the day to freely enter a woman’s bathroom.  Most of the people of Houston are acutely aware there are some people out there who are predators.  They considered and discerned there may be some predators who would advantage themselves towards the application of the proposed law.  For instance, if the proposition had passed, I could, for the day, go to Houston, claim I’m really a woman and lawfully enter any public female’s bathroom/latrine …. If watching young girls pee was my thing, I could freely do so.  If my intent was even more malicious, well, I’d have more intimate access.  Legally, I would be allowed to be much closer to my goal. All of this seems like a no-brainer to you and I.  But, the leftist media was in full support of the proposition, and once again, simply disregarded any supposed journalistic ethics. 

Here’s the Huffington Post, where all of the quotes in this post come from.  Later in the article, this is stated ….

Prop. 1 never specifically mentioned bathrooms. It did, however, encompass barring discrimination in public accommodations, which includes public restrooms. 

Earlier, it states this ….. 

Conservative activists — who were heavily outspent by LGBT advocates — dubbed Prop. 1 the “bathroom ordinance” and adopted the slogan “No men in women’s bathrooms,” playing up fears that passage could lead to male sexual predators dressing up as women and entering women’s restrooms. 

This factually dishonest message proved to be incredibly effective: Many Houston voters seemed to think the measure was solely about access to restrooms and were unaware of the broader nondiscrimination protections in the measure.

And, that’s the way they roll, my friends.  Yes, the measure would have allowed anyone claiming to be anything access to any public restroom, admitted even by the HuffPo writer.  Yet, the writer would describe what she accurately described, as “factually dishonest”.  ……. Even though, it was factually accurate.  But, then, states there were “broader” considerations the voters should have considered. 

You know, I get a lot of this.  I don’t happen to agree, but, I understand.  But, sometimes, I understand way more than the leftards wish me to understand. 

I would say I don’t understand an aspect of this roil, but, I do understand it.  I understand it completely.  You see, the mayor of Houston, and her supporters, both locally and nationally are advocates of child predation.  There can be no other interpretation of this event. 

How hard would it have been to reword the proposition to exclude freaks from entering opposite gender bathrooms?  Would the measure then have passed?  Of course, it would have!  The city elected an openly gay/lesbian mayor!  It was their stubborn refusal to write a clause removing the bathroom issue or exempting bathrooms from said proposal which led to its overwhelming defeat.  They didn’t give a damn about equal rights, what they insisted upon was access for the predators to women and children when they are most vulnerable.  Else, they would have removed that possibility.  But, they didn’t, they wouldn’t , and they refused to do so.  And, now, they’re very angry at a huge city which elected an open lesbian as mayor. 

This is exemplar of the leftist agenda.  They are scumbags.  Your children are prey, your women are prey, and the men are to emasculated ….. literally.  I promise you, this is the effort.  There can be no other explanation of the recent events in Houston, indeed, this nation. 

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20 Responses to Leftards Fail In Their Malfeasance! Expose Themselves As Child Predators!!!!!

  1. leftinflagstaff says:

    Their heads must be a constant whirlwind, trying to keep track of which diversities they want and don’t want.

  2. Latitude says:

    I really want this to succeed….

    It’s just a “jump to the left” until I can claim to be a dog……and veterinarian are a lot cheaper

    • Lars P. says:

      A sad example how leftwards dump the weak that they pretend to protect. A stellar performance of Swedish feminists…

  3. Latitude says:

    Shocking…..investors are panicking because the “emerging markets” are failing….
    ….and didn’t know it’s the wealthy economies that were propping them up!

    • suyts says:

      Yes, truly shocking how stupid some people can be.

    • DirkH says:

      No, you weren’t propping them up.

      Rather, EM’s indebted themselves in USD, as USD has near-zero interest rates. Similarly, in the EU, Polish, Czech or Lituanian home buyers took out their mortgage in Swiss Franc – as the interest rate was far lower.

      Now, USD and Swiss Franc both shot up – for different reasons – and this ruins the economies and persons who indebted themselves in them.

      Why did the USD shoot up? Because the Petrodollar is inversely correlated to the price of Oil. As the oil price collapsed, the USD shot up.

      This is BTW *NOT* good news for ANYONE indebted in USD – namely, the US consumer AND the US government – you all owe the world 20 % more units of (name your product).

      In other words – the biggest loser in this is the US government. And you know who they’ll take it out on.

      • Latitude says:

        Dirk, we are their market…and we’re not buying

        EM’s can’t sell their product to other EM’s when they are all in the same boat.
        The Em market has no where to go. They bet that these countries would have a growth spurt….without having the infrastructure, education, and economic spurt first…they didn’t can’t and won’t emerge

        • Lars P. says:

          “we are their market…and we’re not buying”
          The US has currently half a trillion USD deficit per year, if I am not mistaken, so it is buying a lot.

          Motor vehicle production per country 2014:
          1. China 23,722,890
          2. European Union 17,061,132
          3. US 11,660,699
          4. Japan 9,774,558

          Ten years ago in 2004 China was producing 5,234,496 cars a little more then India today. This is a tremendous change. I could not find a comparison between the total number in new registrations. I know the US has currently more registered cars that China (some 230 million against 80 million) but not sure if this is also the case with new registration.
          So the “we are the market” meme does not hold truth.

          “The Em market has no where to go. They bet that these countries would have a growth spurt….without having the infrastructure, education, and economic spurt first…they didn’t can’t and won’t emerge”
          I guess the emerging markets want to focus on their infrastructure, are focusing on education and economic development.

        • DirkH says:

          Latitude says:
          November 5, 2015 at 5:54 pm
          “Dirk, we are their market…and we’re not buying”

          Well, that’s actually good for the EM’s – because WHEN you are buying, you are not paying. (but with IOU’s) They damn better learn to write off the IOU’s and refuse the business of the drunkard who sits in their bar all night and never pays.

  4. DirkH says:

    Gunning down wounded Taliban (and doctors and nurses) in a MSF hospital *AND* shooting on fleeing civilians from an AC-130 might not be the best way to advertise Freedom, Democracy and the American Way. (No peep about this in German system media – did they place a bomb under each journos seat? they’re VERY obedient ATM.)

  5. Scott says:

    This is typical of how they do everything. Make some general claim that most people agree with, try to make a law supposedly with that claim in mind but is totally different and unfair, then label anyone disagreeing with their bill as anti-X. Think about health care. Few people would say we don’t need a better healthcare system. But then they make up a ridiculous bill and snarl at anyone that questions it, labeling them all sorts of filthy names.


    • DirkH says:

      A young German told me he’d like to emigrate to USA eventually. So I asked him what state would you go to. He said CA. I said, but in that case you can just as well stay here.

      In fact most Germans who still emigrate to USA go to CA.

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