New Study Demonstrates Why I Write!!!!! (Partially)


Today was unique for recent times.  Today, I found many different subjects in which I wished to write about, expound and expand upon.  Many would seem unrelated, but, they aren’t. 

I write to prevent and thwart what we’re seeing today.  It’s why I wrote against the idiotic notion of global warming, it’s why  I write about economic conditions in far away foreign places.  It’s why I write about politics.  And, because I can’t prevent these things, it’s why I make music posts and sports posts from time to time. 

So, there’s a new study out ……


The death rates for middle-aged whites in America is increasing, reversing a decades-long decline, says a new released analysis of national statistics.

So many middle-aged whites are succumbing to drug overdoses and are ending their lives in suicide that the numbers are high enough to reverse decades of falling death-rates, according to the study by a husband-and-wife team of Princeton economists.

The cause in the rise in drug deaths and suicides remains unclear, but it is likely a result of the downwardly spiraling economy and troubled job market in which millions of Americans are trapped, according to Angus Deaton, a professor of economics at Princeton University, and his wife, Anne Case.

Deaton’s work revealed that since the 1970s the death-rate for middle-aged whites has been declining at about 2 percent per year. But for 2013–the last year for which statistics are available–the death rates for that sector increased by half a percent for the first time.

The rates, Deaton said, caused the pair to start “falling off our chairs because of what we found.”

NPR reported that the “mortality rate among whites ages 45 to 54 had increased by a half-percent a year from 381.5 per 100,000 in 1999 to 415.4 in 2013.”

Deaton and Case calculated that during this uptick in deaths, 488,500 Americans had died that wouldn’t have if the 2 percent downward trend had continued.

The researchers also found that this downward trend is not being repeated in similar groups in other countries. Only whites in the U.S. are dying at an increased rate.

It also seems that the deaths are increasing for those with lower levels of education.

“Those are the people who have really been hammered by the long-term economic malaise,” Deaton says in his report. “Their wages in real terms have been going down. So they get into middle age having their expectations just not met at all.”

“One possible explanation is that for whites, their parents had done better economically and they had been doing pretty well. Then all of a sudden the financial floor dropped out from underneath them,” says Jon Skinner, a professor of economic and medicine at Dartmouth College, adds in the study. “For African-American and Hispanic households things had never been that optimistic and so perhaps the shock wasn’t quite as great.”

As to the stagnant job market that researchers feel might be at least one reason for the rising death rates, recent reports show that Americans who have simply given up looking for work are at some of the highest rates ever recorded.

The study also comes on the heels of news of the cascade of failures of Obamacare as well as the collapse of many Obamacare state exchanges despite the President’s claim that his signature healthcare policy would help Americans live longer, more fulfilling and healthy lives.

To me it matters little as to the race of the people dying at increasing rates.  What matters is that any large subsection of humanity is dying at increasing rates in this day and age.  There’s no excuse in it. 

Poverty kills.  It always has, it always will.  As to the lunatics who place the environment over humanity, I would remind them, poverty is the most destructive force against our environment, and nothing will ever be worse than poverty towards the environment. 

Long time readers will note I’m ardently anti-socialist.  The reason for this isn’t because I’m against the stated reasons for socialism, I’m not.  I’m all for equality.  I’m all for sharing burdens, and caring for the orphans and widows and the like.  I suppose, if I had been cursed with a simple mind and had less proper parenting as a child, I would have dabbled with socialism because the promises sound so good.  However, I was blessed with more than average intelligence, and even more blessed with good parenting.  You see, I was instructed at an early age to use my mind.  But, I was also brought up in a ‘results orientated’ environment.  Trying was essential, but, it was the results which counted.  Anyone with average intelligence should take the time to look at the results of socialism.  Throughout its history it has caused nothing but poverty, misery, death, and devastation.  Worse than all of that, it has constrained human liberty and freedom. 

Of course, it isn’t an accident that socialism creates poverty, misery, death, and devastation while constraining liberty and freedom.  It is the exhilarating exercise of liberty and freedom which combats poverty, misery, death and devastation. 

As this nation rushes headlong towards a total socialist state and totalitarianism, it should be no surprise that the death rate of the largest subsection of middle aged Americans is increasing.  Others will soon join them, and we can then be equally degrading as a whole society.     

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24 Responses to New Study Demonstrates Why I Write!!!!! (Partially)

  1. Latitude says:

    Almost everything is depressing…..factored in with news 24/7
    We didn’t used to know so much about all this bad news….the news didn’t report so much drama and bad news, and it was shorter…..add to that the internet…and it’s f’in overwhelming

    • DirkH says:

      The interesting thing is that on one hand, bad news get invented in a planned manner (Warmunism).

      Real bad news – the state of the US economy, the state of Western currencies, the islamisation of Western Europe – get glossed over.

      Real catastrophies – i.e. what our governments do to us – like the 2014 definition change of bank deposits to unsecured credit to the bank – in US and EU – DO NOT GET REPORTED AT ALL.

    • Latitude says:

      and don’t forget the obvious…..we’re all suffering from some psychotic malady

      Either it’s racism, PTSD, autism, Schizophrenia, Bi-polar, depression, insomnia, hyperactivity…….

      …and we either self medicate, or go to a Dr and demand they medicate us

  2. HankH says:

    And this is why I think that social progressivism is a socially accepted form of insanity. They have no concept of unintended consequences. I don’t think they would care anyway. What ever harm they’ve done, they will reframe it as a major success. I mean, 500,001 people didn’t die so they saved one precious life.

    • suyts says:

      You’re right Hank, they don’t have the concept, and they don’t care. They are vile simpletons roaming this earth, ravaging and destroying.

    • DirkH says:

      “What ever harm they’ve done, they will reframe it as a major success.”

      This reminds me of Atlee’s reign (after Churchill) in post WW2 UK, resulting in food rationing for years. (a quasi-equivalent to SNAP food stamps)

      What is happening here is that the USA has decided to help the rest of the world by consuming their goods and pay with Federal Reserve Notes, and stop producing goods themselves.

      While the FRN’s are still accepted, the loss of production leads to the observed destruction of the “middle class” through unemployment.

      Paradoxically, rejection of the FRN by the world will lead to a renaissance of employment in America.

    • leftinflagstaff says:

      Becoming a socially demanded form.

  3. philjourdan says:

    Bloomberg go Home! Your money cannot buy a house in Virginia.

  4. Lars P. says:

    ROFL, Jo is the best_
    “don’t call it one-world government, because that makes you a conspiracy theorist. Call it One World Parliament, because that makes you a hero.”
    with link to brown-advocates-for-one-world-parliament:

    • DirkH says:

      Did I post this link already? Well anyway. Gordon Brown is of course a Fabian, like all leaders of the UK Labour party.

  5. leftinflagstaff says:

    ‘ The reason for this isn’t because I’m against the stated reasons for socialism, I’m not.  I’m all for equality.’

    Socialism promotes an immoral equality. Instead of an equal starting point for each individual, it demands an equal end point. Which means basically slavery for those who strive to determine their own outcome, for their own life.

      • leftinflagstaff says:

        It took a civil war for us to destroy one immoral, forced equality. Black America was kept fairly equal, before Emancipation. Equal, and immoral.

        We seem to be determined to build another immoral one, just not based on race.

    • I. Lou Minotti says:

      Nailed it, left in flag. All of humanity is created equally in sin and deserving of a righteous Savior’s Hell. Call me a 4-point Calvinist if you will (and should), but like you noted, there is an equal starting point. It’s called sinners born in sin. If there’s one thing our U.S. Constitution was absolutely right about, it’s that we’re all born equal. What our Framers failed to do was understand that concept in God’s greater context–we’re all born in sin. Jealousy–laziness–idleness–mindlessness willfully accepted when granted everything one has never worked for while continuing to vote for Satan’s Socialists/Communists is it’s greatest manifestation. No wonder the last of Our Lord’s 10 Commandments said “thou shalt not covet.” It was a summary statement of the first nine.

      Our mandate is to do our best to overcome His curse in the temporal realm, with the enervating security (eternal security, that is) that even if we fail, we will rule with Him when He finally decides to get around to establishing that Millennial Kingdom He promised. I, for one, can’t wait, and I know He’s not lazy.

      And neither are you, James. Keep this blog going, brother.

      • suyts says:

        Lou, thank you, brother. I’m very glad you commented. Apparently, this blog will continue for a season, at least. Beyond that, I don’t know. But, then, I don’t know how long the season will be, either. I do greatly appreciate the encouragement.

        • I. Lou Minotti says:

          There are not too many bright lights on the internet, James. You and JSue are one of the rare Christian exceptions. Keep it up.

    • philjourdan says:

      That is the “stated” goal of socialism. However, the reality is that the goal is the destruction of personnel wealth which is the impoverishment of the society. Then all people are equally poor – except those that walk on 2 legs of course.

    • DirkH says:

      BTW there’s a very good text by Brandon Smith on zh now, about the techniques of the collectivists.

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