Global Warming Just Says “No” To October!!!!!

Well, this is just another great example of the sophist stupidity the lunatics possess while babbling about climate change/global warming. 

October is a great month in the North Hemisphere.  I’m sure it is in the SH, as well, but, for opposite reasons.  October, in the NH, is the first full month of Autumn.  Where I live, the colors really pop!  The grass can still be very green, but, the leaves are red and orange and falling to the ground.  For this post, I should have taken a picture.  It’s also a bit depressing for me, because I know what follows.  …… cold, ice, and SNOW!!!!!

You see, where I’m at, in the NH, it’s still much too warm for snow to be on the ground, as it is for hundreds of miles north of me, too.  But, that’s the way it works.  That is to say, snow will exist on the ground in lands north of me before it exists on the ground where I’m located.  It has worked this way since man has noticed.  Nothing has changed about this, even today.  It will continue to work this way until the earth falls on its side. 

Apparently, if we’re to believe the lunatics and their imaginary temperatures, global warming takes a time-out in October.  Not just our most recent October, but, pretty much every October since the lunatics invented the global warming scare/scam. 


You see, it’s impossible that the NH is getting warming in October, because the cold emanates from the north.  That is to say if we have more area with snow cover (as we do), then the areas north of us are colder, not warmer.  Cold won’t jump down to Kansas or Oklahoma without the cold coming from some place north of us.  Kansas won’t be cold while North Dakota is left to be a tropical paradise.  It won’t, doesn’t, and can’t happen that way.  So, clearly, global warming takes a time-out during October. 

Source for the graph is here.

Graph is in sq kilometers.

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9 Responses to Global Warming Just Says “No” To October!!!!!

  1. HankH says:

    Look at that terrifying 2015 hockey stick! Oh the humanity! We’re all going to die! We’re melting… melting… ohhhhhh!

    Okay, now that I’ve had a good laugh playing CAWG lunatic, I’ll return to normal behavior. 😉

  2. Lars P. says:
    “Light given off by hydrogen shortly after the big bang has left some unexplained bright patches in space. Are they evidence of bumping into another universe?”
    “One obstacle to checking is that we’re limited by the data itself. Planck was hyper-sensitive to the cosmic microwave background, but it wasn’t intended to measure the spectral distortions Chary is looking for. Johnson’s team also plans to use Planck to look for their own alternate universes, once the data they need is released to the public – but they estimate that Planck will only make them twice as sensitive to the bubble collisions they’re looking for as they were with WMAP.
    An experiment that could help might be on its way. Scientists at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center plan to submit PIXIE, the Primordial Inflation Explorer, to be considered for funding at the end of 2016.”

    Somehow I cannot shake the feeling that our science looks more and more like alchemy and astrology.
    Nothing can invalidate a theory – or even raise the question that maybe the theory is wrong.
    When a contradiction appears the theory is patched with an added arabesque and then it is verified post-mortem backwards.

  3. Lars P. says:

    “Well, this is just another great example of the sophist stupidity the lunatics possess while babbling about climate change/global warming.”

    Correct, the dreaded “arctic collapse” is non existent. The Antarctic is shown gaining ice, not losing, same as Greenland – which then raises the question – where from comes the 3 mm sea level increase per year that satellites measured after all adjustments?
    The only horse in barn the GW still seem to have is “catastrophic weather” – which gave us Patricia lately…

  4. leftinflagstaff says:

    8 inches to a foot here today. Some predicting Flag’s heaviest in 30yrs.

  5. DirkH says:

    Denmark to give Muslim invaders sex ed courses to stem tide of torture rape.

    One of the aspects of the wholesale collapse of European societies: Since end of WW2, for 70 years, the nations had time to fatten up their state and his employees. Taxes and state employee pay are at maximum, freezing economies to a standstill through the friction taxation introduces. At the same time state employees had 70 years time to learn that they have to do absolutely nothing to get all that wonderful money. And that is what they do. Now, Merkel and other idiots have let in millions of Muslims through simple inaction (applying their knowledge that doing nothing is what they should be doing) – and systems everywhere are collapsing. The collapse was inevitable, the system was ripe for it for quite a number of years, (the US admin is no differen) – the CIA/Merkel-guided migration attack brings it down now.

  6. DirkH says:

    Weapons cache with firearms found in cabinet in Swedish asylum centre.

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