RNC Boots NBC From Debates!!!!!!!


Well, I’ve mixed feelings about this, but, it is nice to see establishment Repubs are indeed able to flex their muscles from time to time.  Though this could be a desperation move to keep relevancy.  

RNC suspends ‘partnership’ with NBC for upcoming debate, amid campaign unrest

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus — as he works to address presidential candidates’ frustration with the debate process in the wake of this week’s CNBC face-off — announced Friday that the RNC is “suspending the partnership” with NBC News for an upcoming February debate. 

Priebus delivered the news — the latest fallout from a controversial CNBC debate on Wednesday — in a letter to NBC News Chairman Andrew Lack. He noted that CNBC is one of their media properties, even if they do not exercise full editorial control over the network. 

Complaining that the CNBC debate was “conducted in bad faith,” Priebus said they need to ensure there is not a repeat performance and will suspend the partnership for a planned debate at the University of Houston on Feb. 26, 2016. 

“The RNC’s sole role in the primary debate process is to ensure that our candidates are given a full and fair opportunity to lay out their vision for America’s future. We simply cannot continue with NBC without full consultation with our campaigns,” Priebus said in the letter, while insisting they would still have a debate on Feb. 26. 

NBC News, in a statement, called the move a “disappointing development” but said the network would “work in good faith to resolve this matter with the Republican Party.” 

The letter marked Priebus’ latest effort to address candidates’ concerns as some campaigns reportedly look at taking power away from the party when it comes to debates.

Most the candidates have complained about the CNBC moderators’ questions and tone at the third GOP debate. But some campaigns have challenged the RNC as well, and are planning to meet as early as Sunday to discuss their options for changing the debates. 

Politico first reported that the campaigns are planning to huddle, and the RNC is not invited. Fox News confirms that representatives for the Ben Carson, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum and Lindsey Graham campaigns are among those planning to attend. 

Amid the rancor, Priebus made clear in an interview Thursday on Fox News’ “Hannity” that he understands the campaigns’ frustration and changes are coming. “I just can’t tell you how pissed off I am. … What was delivered [on Wednesday] was just nothing but a crap sandwich.” 

Priebus told Fox News that aside from making sure “CNBC isn’t hosting and moderating another debate with our candidates,” the party is going to review “everything” about the debates. 

“Every debate on the calendar is going to be reevaluated, reset — look at the format, the moderators, everything,” Priebus said Thursday. 

“We’re going to have meetings with all the candidates,” he said, adding they’ll do “everything possible to make sure that last night doesn’t happen again.” 

But it’s unclear how willing all the campaigns are to work with the RNC at this stage. The next debate is set for Nov. 10, to be hosted by Fox Business Network in partnership with The Wall Street Journal.  …..

Well, here’s the brass tacks.  The Repub presidential debates have been a huge boon to the various networks viewership.  They set records at every debate which has taken place.  The Dim’s debate didn’t come close, and the Dims aren’t having near as many has the Repubs.  So, the networks really, really, really want to host the debates. 

This serves notice to the networks.  They’re not going to have questions which essentially state, ‘you suck, explain to the voters why you suck in 30 seconds.’  

But, again, I have mixed feelings about this.  The winner of the last debate were the American people.  MSNBC was exposed as the leftist hacks they are.  It didn’t do anything but elevate the Repubs and further diminish the LSM in the eyes of the people.  That’s a win. 

If you have a resonating message, then, when given the opportunity, deliver it.  In hostile debates, the opportunities exist for making your message stand out.  If asked why do you suck, simply state you disagree with the premise, and then deliver your message.  Put a clown suit on the lapdogs and yappers, and then go on. 

I think all of the candidates would do well with people experienced in online debates.  (You know, the comment sections which the LSM wants to shut down.)  For instance, Jeb went after Rubio for not showing up to Senate meetings.  That’s not how you do it.  You wait for Rubio to babble something about his experience in the Senate.  Then you snark with something like, ‘oh, you showed up for that one?’  And, then go on to explain how infrequently Rubio shows up.  That said, the issue is a non-starter to begin with.  We’ve too many recent examples of people in office skipping their meetings and jobs as they run for another office or the same one their holding.  No one cared before, they’re going to pretend they care now?  Bush picked up a LSM talking point and tried to run with it.  It’s a loser issue which is why it gets relegated to snark, rather than trying to highlight it as a debate point.  But, people with argument experience know this.  At best, it’s something to use to distract the opposition and get them off message.  For his part, Rubio missed an excellent opportunity to frame himself as an outsider, which resonates with his targeted audience.  Instead of being defensive, he should have said something like, ‘I showed up for the meetings and votes which were relevant.  The rest was just some back slapping and back room deals which isn’t why the people of Florida sent me to D.C.  That’s more up your ally, Jeb.’ 

The point is, go with your message to the people who need to hear it.  Don’t get dragged down in the minutia and trivial.  When attacking, so with something substantive.  Snark, grounded in truth never hurts.  When responding to idiotic questions or attacks from debate participants, be dismissive of the criticisms and deliver your message.  That’s a win, especially in hostile territory.  Now, if the criticism is substantive, then you’d better have a well thought planned response.  But, always circle back to your message. 

No one in the Repub party gets hurt if they put a clown suit on the LSM.  I say, take it to them!  Indeed, demand debates right before and after the Dim debates, so as to allow the nation to contrast and compare. 

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1 Response to RNC Boots NBC From Debates!!!!!!!

  1. Lars P. says:

    There was a proposal at Breitbart – with streaming a proper debate can be organized with better chosen questions about real policy’s and not only hacks around filled with mines and traps.
    Maybe that would be on better option:
    “Newsflash: Welcome to 2015, the year in which you no longer need the DC Media’s platforms or their left-wing hit men in order to put on a presidential debate.

    Rent a studio, invite moderators who are interested in the issues that matter to Republican primary voters, hire a decent director and production team, sell ads to cover the costs and boost your coffers, and stream it over the Internet.”

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