As The World Goes To Crap The US Media Obsesses About A Runaway Blimp —- Open Thread


Well, Europe is still imploding from horrid economics and immigration actions.  Nothing to see there, except VW.  We must make it a daily mention to vilify VW for lying to a bunch of liars while trying to bring us a better product. 

The US economy is taking a dump for the last quarter, as if we didn’t know this already.  But, the babbling idiots believe all will be well next quarter.  Of course, we know it won’t be.  It will snow.  And, in some places in the US, it will snow …. a lot!!!!  And, so, after a bit of euphoria because of increased spending from Black Friday and the like, reality will set in, and the babbling buffoons will blame bad weather. 

Meanwhile, the Mid-East is exploding, as both Russia and the US arms and weaponry to the area, in the name of fighting ISIS.  ………  I wonder, if the two super-powers in the world are really attempting to eradicate ISIS, and they can’t, are they really “super-powers”? —– Either nation, if they really wanted, could end ISIS tomorrow.  Apparently, for now, ISIS serves some purpose, else they’d be gone.   <—–  Meditate on that. 

All at the same time, I’m going to learn to chord and sing a great country classic,

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5 Responses to As The World Goes To Crap The US Media Obsesses About A Runaway Blimp —- Open Thread

  1. Lars P. says:

    Well, well, a future european politician in action learning europeans about democracy and the future:

    • DirkH says:

      If one of them threatens us, it is multicultural fun.
      If one of us threatens them, it’s jail.
      The German regime is an occupation regime.

  2. DirkH says:

    Look at that thing that blimp has between its legs. Wait a moment those are its balls. Yuck.

  3. DirkH says:

    Amusingly the ECB buys so much EU debt that countries renowned for their fical responsibility such as Germany, wait, scratch that, such as FRANCE and ITALY, are now PAID (by the ECB) to issue debt.

    Can you say end of confidence in the Euro?

  4. I. Lou Minotti says:

    I wrote after a lengthy mano-a-pussy exchange with an otherwise delete-able idiot that I would post here no longer. I lied. This Christian website is too good to pass up, and I’m dead tired of moronic athiest trolls that need to be embarrassed verbally short of getting their butts kicked physically and/or eternally. Like James and JSue, I don’t quit speaking truth. That makes me an asshole, a “muzzie,” and a “mangina.”

    With that being said, this post by James has been pre-ordained. As the lovely I. Marie Minotti and I were looking at a few homes with our real estate agent in Lancaster County, PA, we noticed the blimp flying over yesterday. It was an oddity, by all accounts. Our agent, an ex-army Ranger that served in both Afghanistan and Iraq, said it was probably a test flight of one of the blimps the federal government has surrounding the Washington, DC perimeter.

    What we all noticed was that there was no 1000′ long x 1″ wide steel mooring cable dangling from its nose, that “supposedly” dragged across the ground while shorting out the electrical services in Lancaster and Monroe Counties. How can a spy-blimp drifting at about 2000 feet (when we saw it) do that? Except through LSM news reports, that is?!

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