Week 7 NFL Predictions!!!

We’re now getting close to mid-season.  There are still more questions than answers, but, things are starting to sort themselves out. 

(3-3-0) Bills  On the face of it, the Bills should be in store for an easy win.  I think they will win.  But, they’re playing in London.  Some teams simply don’t play to their potential, there.  And, the Jags, while only 1-5 seem to be a much more competitive team than last year. 

(1-5-0) Jaguars


(2-3-0) Buccaneers

(2-4-0) Redskins  This is a difficult game to predict.  Both teams are used to losing, but, both have shown flashes of good football.  Which team will have it today?  I don’t know, I’m going with the home team.


(5-1-0) Falcons  Well, more bad news for Titan fans.  The Falcons will be looking to getting back on the winning track, and they will.  Matt Ryan and Julio Jones are on track for a tremendous year for the pass and catch duo.

(1-4-0) Titans


(2-4-0) Saints

(3-3-0) Colts  Well, the Saints do have a football team, after all!  And, the Colts are near the strong team people thought they would be coming into the season.  So, this ought to be a very competitive game.  That said, I think now is about the time for the Colts to start gelling together and playing the ball they know how to play, so I’m going with the Colts on this one.


(3-2-0) Vikings  It’s striking, the contrast of the Vikings with and without Peterson.  Without Peterson, the Vikings are like ….. well, the Lions without a passing attack.  As it is, the Lions have to pass because they don’t have a running game.  While I don’t believe the Vikings are particularly all that strong of a team, they’re more than the Lions this year. 

(1-5-0) Lions


(4-2-0) Steelers  Does it really matter who is QB for Pitt?  There was such high hopes for KC going into this year.  It’s a bit mesmerizing to watch.  KC even fixed a glaring weakness over last year’s team, that is, they needed to find a good wide-out for their passing attack.  They found one in Macklin.  But, they improperly used Charles, and now, he’s gone for the season.  Their O-line is horrible.  For those down on Alex Smith, I can only say I don’t believe any QB in the league could do much better with what he has.  BTW, Smith is now the leading active rusher on the team, with 119 yards on the ground.  The defense is finally starting to play better, but, I haven’t seen $10,000,000 worth of play from the LB position, much less the $100,000,000 they signed Huston for. 

(1-5-0) Chiefs


(2-4-0) Browns

(2-3-0) Rams  This should be a fine game to watch.  Both teams have made improvements over last year and seem to be headed in the right direction.  That said, I think the Rams are a step ahead of the Browns. 


(2-4-0) Texans

(2-3-0) Dolphins  This should be another interesting game to watch.  The Dolphins fired their coach and replaced him with an interim.  He won his first game.  Both teams are huge disappointments so far.  Both were suppose to be challenging for their division leads.  If the Texans play to their potential, they’ll beat Miami.  But, for some reason, they’re not this year, so, I’m going with the Fish.


(4-1-0) Jets

(5-0-0) Patriots  This is the game of the day!  A classic offense vs defense game!  The problem for the Jets is that Brady and Belichick are very familiar with the Jets.  I don’t think they’re going to show them anything they haven’t already seen.  So, I look for the Pats to remain unbeaten.


(2-3-0) Raiders

(2-4-0) Chargers  Well, my hat is off to the Raiders.  While they still have a long ways to go, the team is considerably better than last year and much more competitive.  Speaking of competitive, Rivers will be facing a team a little less formidable than the Packers.  I look for the Chargers to win this one. 


(2-3-0) Cowboys  Well, I don’t know, so, I’ll pick with my heart.  Neither team has been all that impressive over the last few weeks.  But, the Cowboys have made some interesting changes.  I thought Weeden did a fine job as a backup pressed into duty.  He’ll be on the bench to start the game, with the Cowboys opting for veteran Matt Cassel. I’m not really sure of this move.  Weeden is more mobile than Cassel.  The ‘Boys are also shaking up their O-line with rookie guard La’el Collins looking to start the game.  The only thing I can say is the boy better be good, or it’s going to be another long day for Dallas fans.  That said, Dallas has gotten a couple of defensive players back and healthy.  Greg Hardy came back and had a good day against the Pats. (He was about the only one).  But, I expect the defense to be significantly better today.  Dez Bryant will be sitting again, but, I expect him back next week, with Romo coming back in two or three weeks later.   As for the Giants ……. well, they’re hurt, beat up, and among the walking wounded.  They’ve 10 defensive players making the injury report.  Only 5 of them are listed as “probable”.  On the other side, Cruz is out, and Beckham is listed as “questionable”.  So, I’m going with my ‘boys.

(3-3-0) Giants


(3-3-0) Eagles

(5-0-0) Panthers  The Eagles had fun with the beat up Giants, last week.  It won’t be the same this week.  From my estimation, there’s a real good chance every team in the NFC East (except Dallas) will have a record of 3-4 by the end of today.


(1-5-0) Ravens

(4-2-0) Cardinals  Well, the Ravens still have some quality players, but, I don’t think they’re going to be a match for the air attack of the Cardinals.  The Ravens give up huge yardage numbers to the opposing team’s wide-outs.  I think the Cardinals wide-outs are among the best in the league. 


 (3-4-0) Seahawks 20  The Seahawks trounced the hapless 49ers in Thursday’s contest. 

 (2-5-0) 49ers 3


Well, that’s how I see it.  What do you think?

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4 Responses to Week 7 NFL Predictions!!!

  1. philjourdan says:

    I think you should keep picking against the Raiders! 😉

  2. Jim Masterson says:

    I’m sorry about your Cowboys, James. Maybe they can win next week against the Seahawks. However, I won’t be rooting for your ‘boys then.


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