And, This Is Why I’m Tired!!


This afternoon, I had full intentions of writing several posts, today.  It isn’t that I’m not still trying to retire from blogging, but, it is that I believe there are several interesting events to discuss, and things to find out.  But, life happened.  And, so, nearly 5 hours after my daily employment ended, I, just now, get to set down, with things still undone, and things unfinished.  But, worse, things still unelucidated.

The pic above is of the newly elected Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.  Canada has taken a decidedly hard left turn in the most recent elections.  My sympathies to our dear friends to the north.  I do wish them continued safety, prosperity, and peace in the years to come.  I sincerely hope Trudeau is great leader and guides Canada through some troubling times ahead.  I’ve concerns, however. 

Here’s another story I wished to write about …..

Principal holds up student election results because winners not diverse enough

What the education system is doing to our children is deplorable.  It isn’t as if there’s a God given right to a junior-high student council ….. as a student so many years ago, I had always thought it to be a useless exercise.  It’s a popularity contest and has no sway as to how the schools are run.  Still, what does it teach our children about voting and running for an office?  Well, nothing according to Principal Lena Van Haren at Everett Middle School in San Francisco.

Did I mention I’m all for bringing back corporal punishment?  Lena needs removed from her position and publically flogged.  If I had a child there, I would immediately remove them from the school.  The children voted.  That’s what happens when you allow children to vote …. oddly, they vote! 

Then, she sends a letter to the parents, admonishing them and telling them how to vote based on race and ethnicity.  In other words, she is instructing her students to be racists.  Oddly …….

According to the newspaper, there were no “English learners” among the winners. I’m assuming that’s what they’re calling kids who don’t speak a lick of English these days.

Black and Latino students were underrepresented as well.

There were no allegations of voter intimidation or voter fraud. There were no reports of hanging chads. And there were no incidents involving ballot boxes that malfunctioned. So what was the problem?

The problem, it appears, is that the principal didn’t like who got the most votes. In other words – too many white kids got elected.

For the record, white, Asian and mixed-race students were the highest vote getters, the newspaper reported.

I’m beyond disgusted.  I’m beyond disappointed.  This is what our society is reduced to, today.  It isn’t the content of the character, nor, the appeal to the voters, but, as directed by the ultimate authority in that school, by the color of the skin and the willful refusal to integrate into society. 

She needs publically flogged.  


There was also another post I wanted to make, but, didn’t know if I had the time or not, anyway.  …… Here in Kansas, there have been several contradictory prognostications about the type of winter we’re going to have.  But, they all share the common reason/cause ……. El Nino!!!! 

Back in the day, this would have been easy for me to whip out. (I think)  But, I’ve forgotten many of the places to go and my bookmarks …… well, I’ve used 5 different web browsers over the last few years.  I used to just know them and go there.  Today, when I want to look some data up to see if it has changed recently, or not, I typically search for a blog post I did in the past.  But, I never tried to correlate El Nino to Kansas winters.  ….. wet/warm, wet/cold, dry/cold, dry/warm.  Honestly, I don’t believe there will be any significant correlation, but, I don’t know. 

BTW, in today’s vernacular, for many of the dullards, “El Nino” is a euphemism for global warming.   But, I will probably do that post sometime in the near future. 


Today, after work, some friendly acquaintances and some cash (and a couple of beers), I got some limbs cut down which were necessary for a load of gravel to delivered to my driveway, and, later, I helped jumpstart a vehicle across town (my people and it’s a small town).  And, now, it’s time to finally eat, and then, go to bed.  Sigh.

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15 Responses to And, This Is Why I’m Tired!!

  1. I. Lou Minotti says:

    80% minority-enrollment PUBLIC school, James. Those elected by their peers to positions on student council were Judeo-Christian Anglos (if only minimally). So, what’s the proper phrase to use here, or question(s) to consider?

    1. Even blind squirrels find the nut from time to time?
    2. “out of the mouths of babes . . . ” only to be overruled by a tyrannical, leftist public school principal?
    3. Are some people-groups simply more intelligent and effectually harder workers than the people-groups that are basically jealous in their spiritual constitutions? If so, then kudos to the latter in this particular instance for recognizing the former. Someone was taught well, but in this case, it seems, both were (except for the principal, of course; she should be summarily eliminated from any future position of authority–especially over kids that seem to be smarter then she is).


    El Nino & Kansas winters from the same Mind that determines El Nino & New Jersey winters, or La Nina & El Nino winters & summers across His globe:

    “While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, and COLD and HEAT, and SUMMER and WINTER, and day and night, SHALL NOT CEASE” (Gen. 8:22). In other words, fuggedaboudit–He’s in control, and we wrack our minds for no reason at all (except, perhaps, to embarrass the idiots that pleasure themselves about such nonsense, that is).


    Work, friends, a few bucks and a few beers (not to mention a nice cigar or ten), is always a great way to spend or end a day. Especially when living in a small town. James, you don’t know how blessed you are, brother!

  2. Lars P. says:

    Well well, shocking to see how headlines are being created.
    “The Concentration Camps Are Unfortunately Out Of Action”

    Was that really said? Well yes and no. Was surprised to find out what really was said. Thanks Dirk for the link, here is what I found:
    “Offenkundig scheint man bei der Macht die Angst und den Respekt vor dem eigenen Volk so restlos abgelegt zu haben, dass man ihm schulterzuckend die Ausreise empfehlen kann, wenn es gefälligst nicht pariert. Es gäbe natürlich auch andere Alternativen. Aber die KZs sind ja leider derzeit außer Betrieb.”

    The man was referring how the government was handling them, the citizens of the country, telling them to get out of the country if they don’t like the politic. Unfortunately for the politic …. – and then the line above…

    • DirkH says:

      Yeah, some of the zerohedge authors are Leftists, some are Malthusians, some are gullible.

      The German system media COORDINATED to slander Pegida and Akif Pirincci (the Turkish born speaker, and successful German author, he invented his own genre, the cat crime novel – I think it is about some cat Sherlock Holmes and sells like hotcakes);

      his publisher, Bertelsmann, – owner of STERN and SPIEGEL, so, PART of the campaign of slander, has used the Slander that they fabricated themselves to terminate his contract AND refuse to deliver any of his already published back catalogue!
      All of this is highly illegal! The Merkel BRD has turned into another DDR.

  3. El Nino THE CHILD Are they trying to say God controls the weather?

    Psalm 135:7 KJV

    7 He causeth the vapours to ascend from the ends of the earth; he maketh lightnings for the rain; he bringeth the wind out of his treasuries.

  4. Lars P. says:


    “Rafael Minder writes in the NY Times that almost 50 years after coming close to possibly provoking a nuclear disaster, Secretary of State John Kerry, following years of wrangling between Spain and the U.S., signed an agreement to remove contaminated soil from an area in southern Spain where an American warplane accidentally dropped hydrogen bombs. In 1966 a bomber collided with a refueling tanker in midair and dropped four hydrogen bombs, two of which released plutonium into the atmosphere.

  5. Lars P. says:

    The organizers are saying things like, ‘we want everyone’s voice to be heard,’ but in truth, the voters’ voices are not being heard,” the seventh grader told KRON.
    Sorry, Sebastian. But in today’s progressive America – diversity trumps democracy.

    At first sight I would say the principal should be immediately dismissed. She is not qualified and does not even understand the basics of democracy, is actively sabotaging the election process.
    What education can such limited mind give? She has to be banned from any educational role, unless….
    … unless she wanted the kids to be prepared to understand and learn how to resists direct push from authority? How stupid PC is?
    Maybe this is the lesson? Have your elected leaders or eat dirt? In this case she deserves a medal, but I rather think this is an unintended consequence 😀

  6. Lars P. says:

    OK, I spammed this post… but couldn’t resist.
    I saw this surreal footage, like an apocalyptic vision, from Damask, Jobar. So sad.

  7. Lars P. says:

    Marble Cave in Chile. I learned that locals do not call in cave but Cathedral and it is obvious why.
    Enjoy 🙂

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