A Menagerie And Open Thread!

Today is a classic example as to why I’m tired of blogging.  It isn’t because things aren’t interesting or not worth calling attention to, but, it’s because it’s the same crap, over and over, again.

Shock news!!!!!!  There isn’t any connection between wildfires and the imaginary global warming!!!! 

Gov. Brown’s link between climate change and wildfires is unsupported, fire experts say

This is a headline which will quickly be forgotten if even acknowledged.  But, it is shocking that it was reported by the LA Times.  A sure sign the global warming/climate change issue is dead …… except for the power hungry cleptocrats … to them, it’s still an issue.

China’s economy is still sinking, and they’re still lying about their economy

Venezuela still hates on people who provide food for their people, all the while, a significant portion of the US population fervently believe socialism is the way to go. 

Meanwhile, Hungary definitively proves that fences do, indeed, work.  (h/t Lars)  But, we all already knew fences work, the only ones who doesn’t seem to understand this are the same imbeciles who believes socialism works. 

It’s ironic that the unchanging good things seem forgotten, God, being the greatest example.  But, even in our music, we seem to discard the good and latch on to some incoherent garbage. 

Have you listened to a “country music” station lately?

Here are two classics which you’ll never again hear a country song sound remotely related to them!  Why?


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52 Responses to A Menagerie And Open Thread!

  1. Lars P. says:

    “A sure sign the global warming/climate change issue is dead …… except for the power hungry cleptocrats … to them, it’s still an issue. ”
    Yes. Lets see what brings Paris, there seem to be some preparation for some new accord there.
    See Australia:
    I don’t know what to say about Canada, except that we seem to start having dynasties there too, time will tell, maybe I am wrong and he really is that good:

    To my mind the main problem is small business dying – when this sets in, it is a sign the economy rules are bent to favour big business. Again maybe I am wrong, but maybe not…


    Big business is more about efficiencies and less about innovation, because it is much easier to make money like this:

    • Lars P. says:

      oops, too many links in my comment, please ‘moderate’ it…

    • DirkH says:

      “I don’t know what to say about Canada, except that we seem to start having dynasties there too, time will tell, maybe I am wrong and he really is that good:”

      To dispel that illusion go and find old Ezra Levant Sun News videos about Shiny Pony. He’s a 40something year old man child stoner who never worked a day in his life.

  2. DirkH says:

    Just today 2 colleagues assured me that fences definitively do not work.
    This also proves that the TV still does work on some.
    Merkel steadfastly tells us that it is impossible for humans to control 3000 km (2000miles) of German border, and goes to Turkey to promise Erdogan 3 bn EUR to control HIS 7000 km of borders.

    • DirkH says:

      Also, she uses Obama arguments here (border impossible to control), so the CDU is most definitely a progressive/Dim party, and will be treated as such.

  3. DirkH says:

    Free Stuff crowd about to conquer Canada, bring in Shiny Pony as PM
    This could become fun to watch for everyone outside Canada.

    • Me says:

      Shiny pony got to out shine your queen I guess, Eh!

      • Me says:

        Yeah, no one will be getting kicked out of their appartment by any little hitlers here, they just won’t be allowed to be able to apply for the low income housing just being built for them. And No one will be told is you don’t like it in your town then move. That’s what our cities are for, you know the ones that votec for the shiny pony, and the shiny pony can house some of them like the pope! 😆

        • Me says:

          ….be told if you …. & …that voted for the…. Had to correct that just in case, you know them spelling Na.. err I mean grammer Na…. err I mean Teachers that wantto teach you something by forc… err OK I think you know! 😆

        • DirkH says:

          You just wait til Shiny Pony brings you HIS refugee harvest.
          Though, I agree, it’ll get tough to beat Merkel.

      • I. Lou Minotti says:

        Mini Me! Thanks for chiming in from your “spot!” Oh, sorry, I meant from your cardboard refrigerator box under your favorite railroad overpass–with your government-provided I-phone with internet access, sleeping bag, and 5 gallon spackling bucket that doubles for personal hygiene–brushing your teeth and washing your face included. It’s always good to read (and smell) your responses to thoughtful commentary, especially after you’ve just polished off your last bottle of Ripple for the night.

        Does the Canadian government give out free English language dictionaries and usage textbooks to those in homeless refugee enclaves? If so, you might want to take advantage in order to gain even a smidgeon of credibility for your future posts.

        • suyts says:

          Lou, be nice.

        • I. Lou Minotti says:

          Always. Last time I checked back in the sixties, speaking truth was called “being nice.”

        • Me says:

          Yep pastor Lube 😆 Giggity, So does Jersy still smell like rotten bananas? 😆

        • Me, that’s the most cogent post you’ve made in a long, long time! Did you skip the bar for breakfast this morning, or simply stumble upon something fully inane while surfing the net on your government i-phone from your cardboard box under the railroad trestle? You’re beginning to make sense! That’s scary.

        • Me says:

          😆 Ok thar pastor mini me! Bwaaahahaha!

        • Me says:

          Mikey Myers was a halloweenie makie believeee much like that SNL wanker, Ya know, just like tha suck nuts liberal in you vid! 😆 Nice you brought something close yo heart! Bwaaahahaha!

    • kim2ooo says:

      He’s already pulling the CF18 jets out of Iraq.

      So much for Obamas’ coalition.

    • kim2ooo says:


      Former Obama aides advising NDP, Liberals on campaign strategy

      I would have hoped our friends to the North would have learned from our suffering.

      • DirkH says:

        Kim, the empire sends out the agitprop clowns all over the colonies – Messina advises the German SPD (which is on its way to a hardcore Maoist splinter group at the polls. The unthinkable has already happened: The first Munis in NRW voted non-socialist – SPD heartland.). (German SPD is official partner of Obama’s Dims in the “Progressive Alliance” – so when you hear PA it does not ALWAYS mean Palestinian Authority)

  4. kelly says:


    Here is a scoop for you. I am sure you have heard of the BMI Body Mass Index which doctors and health organisations etc. around the world use. The calculation is not correct. Assuming 2 different people of different heights are identical except for their size as in same fat percentage etc. the calculator will give the tall person a higher value and the short person a lower value. The reason for this is whoever came up with the index assumed that people are 2 dimensional as in the height difference is squared instead of cubed as we are 3 dimensional beings. It might not sound like much but health organisations, doctors and governments all use this system as a guide. Myself being tall am probably ok because I will be told I am fat before it is too late. If on the other hand if I was short the doctor would keep telling me everything is fine even when it is not. While it still will not be perfect of course one would assume using the same ratios for a person of any height would be better. If you don’t believe me try it for yourself. make up 2 different heights, I like to use 150cm and 200cm as the calculator will have this and it is a good spread (sorry use metric) then divide 200 by 150 you will get 1.3333 so cube this number you will get 2.37 then enter some weights into the calculator using that ratio or alternately just square the number and you will get 1.777 times and it will work out with the calculator giving the same bmi. Yes if you are one third taller you should be more than 2 times the size assuming all of your dimensions are one third bigger.

    Hey but if you do a story on it I want my 1 minute of fame.


    • DirkH says:

      You can claim copyright, I don’t care but just a few weeks I told the exact same line of reasoning to my kid who is 10 cm taller than I.

      • kelly says:

        so you agree the calculation is wrong. I don’t know how it managed to get past doctors and health organisations. To me it means most people never question anything because it is such a simple mistake and fairly obvious if you compare 2 people of simular fatness if you will but different heights.

    • suyts says:

      Yes, Kelly, I actually thought of writing a post on this just a few months ago. My job has a “health fair” every year where we get our BMI and cholesterol, blood sugar, etc …. you’re 100% correct. The BMI calc is total crap. It isn’t just height, but, build (the 3rd dimension). I’m a naturally thin person. When I’m out of shape and flabby, I tend to loose mass. When I’m fit, I’m told I’m a little heavy, because I’m short. (5′ 7″) ….. If I do write one, though, I’ll be sure to give you the props!

      • kelly says:

        To be fair they all do say it depends on your muscle mass etc. and in general just a simple look at a person you can tell if it is mostly fat or muscle for the person being heavy. Health workers still have eyes I would hope. But the actual calculation is wrong to start with. The reason I checked it in the first place is that i put a female friends numbers in and compared it to mine her being 162cm and 62kg and me being 185cm and 83kg (since lost another kg or so) and those numbers suggest I am fatter than her but just a visual check of our sizes that didn’t seem right. It would probably be the case I have more muscle mass but not that much more. So to me it seemed the calculation was wrong and it turns out I am correct.

        One thing I have been doing is actually checking about kilojoules etc. something I never thought I would do. For me the main problem is drinking beer, I don’t eat too much but when you add in 5% approximately of daily energy requirements per beer it is easy to get too much energy. According to a website for my height I should use about 10 000 kJs per day (2390 Cal) . A 375ml beer at 4.6% is about 500kJ (119 Cal) .

        • kelly says:

          There appears to be a good theoretical way to calculate the BMI which uses an exponent of 2.3 to 2.7 so not squaring or cubing but something in between because apparently taller people have smaller frames relative to their height. I should have checked wiki earlier and the question is now if there is a better method why are we not using it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Body_mass_index see scalability

        • DirkH says:

          Kelly, if you need to get leaner and fitter, cut out carbohydrates and eat fat and protein, e.g. start the day with cheese, eggs, bacon, butter or the likes and leave out ALL the carbs in the morning, you will notice that you won’t get hungry that fast as you have foced your body to run on fat burning alone, and once the fat from your meal is gone your body will continue burning his own stored fat.

          Works like a charme. I control my weight purely by adding or leaving out the carbs at will.

          Hop over to notrickszone and scan through the archives, Pierre frequently has a low carb related post , he switched to low carb himself after I told him. He has many links.

  5. kelly says:

    And it also means this obesity thing increasing is probably not increasing as fast as they say because the BMI puts taller people into the obesity category easier and the average height of people has increased in most countries over time.

    • DirkH says:

      I found this interesting: While USA is always claimed to be that terribly obese nation, Egypt (and maybe other nations as well) tops it. Likely due to a very carbohydrate-heavy diet.

  6. DirkH says:

    zerohedge falls for German system propaganda, calls PEGIDA Nazis.
    To clarify:
    a) The Hitler beard on Bachmanns hairstyle-selfie was photoshopped on by someone unknown (as is easily visible), then published by German system media – a year ago already. In fact he never wore such a beard.
    b) The concentration camp remark by one of Pegidas speakers, Akif Pirincci, Turkish born, was a remark about CDU-Lübckes earlier remark at a speech where Lübcke said “Thos who disagree with the refugee policies are free to leave the country.” To which Pirincci, admittedly in his characteristic bad taste, answered at Pegida: “Of course there would be other solutions to handle the critics, but the KZs are unfortunately not operating at the moment.” Of course the German liar media took a half sentence from this to insinuate that PEGIDA wants to gas refugees.

  7. kim2ooo says:

    Gov Brown, Planned Profithood, NARAL….

    AND LIES!!!


    In fairness… shouldn’t PP now be required to show pictures of fetus’? AND give the name of nearest ADOPTION Centers and Pregnancy Health Centers?

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