NFL Week Six Predictions!

My Cowboys get a merciful bye this week in order to stop the bleeding.  But, there’s plenty of other action in the NFL, so, ……..


(2-3-0) Redskins

(3-1-0) Jets  The Redskins seemed to have improved just a bit over last year.  That improvement isn’t going to be enough to stop the Jets invigorated defense and the weapons of Ivory and Marshall. 


(4-1-0) Cardinals  I might have been tempted to go with the Steelers at home had it not been for big Ben’s injury.  Still, this looks to be a pretty good game.  I’m going with the Cards

(3-2-0) Steelers


(1-4-0) Chiefs 

(2-2-0) Vikings  About the only thing the Chiefs have going for them in this game is the fact that the Vike’s passing attack isn’t all that strong.  But, then, the Chiefs run defense hasn’t been all that great, either.  The Chiefs are without the explosive Charles.  Look for Peterson to wear them out.


(5-0-0) Bengals  I’m going with the Bengals until someone shows me they can stop them.  They’re the total package.  They’ve a good defense, running attack, and a fine passing attack.  There’s just not any weaknesses, which I can see, which a team can exploit for a win.

(3-2-0) Bills


(2-3-0) Bears  Well, this is a tough call.  The Lions typically play better at home, but, this year, they’ve stunk it up everywhere they’ve played.  The Bears have demonstrated they can at least win a few games, which is more than one can say for the Lions.

(0-5-0) Lions


(5-0-0) Broncos  Well, when people discuss “intangibles”, this year, so far, one has to regard P. Manning.  He’s really not played well for the Broncos, at least, it can’t be demonstrated on any stat sheet, except wins.  If he ever gets it together and starts throwing well, …… well, they would be serious SB contenders. 

(2-3-0) Browns


(1-4-0) Texans  Well, this is really hard to pick.  In spite of their record, the Jags seem improved over last year, while the Texans seem to be headed in the opposite direction.  But, sometimes all it takes is a win to springboard a team.  The Jags seem a little beat up right now, so, I’m going with the Texans.

(1-4-0) Jaguars


(1-3-0) Dolphins

(1-3-0) Titans Well, I wish I could pick my Dolphins, but, it’s a team in such disarray, I can’t.  Hopefully the bye they had was used to organize the team into a recognizable NFL team.  I’m picking the Titans but, hope I’m wrong.


(4-0-0) Panthers  This is a huge test for the Seahawks, and, one I think they will fail.  I don’t know what’s missing for the ‘Hawks, but, something definitely is.

(2-3-0) Seahawks


(2-3-0) Chargers

(5-0-0) Packers  The Pack just keeps rolling up the wins, regardless of who is running the ball or catching passes from Rogers, they just keep winning and will probably continue to do so.


(1-4-0) Ravens  Wow, what a difference a couple of years make!  A couple of years ago, each team had many people attaching the word dynasty to each team.  Well, that’s parity and free agency for you!  I think the Ravens are a bit better than the 9ers this year, but, they are traveling to the west coast, so it should be a closely contested game.

(1-4-0) 49ers


(4-0-0) Patriots  Well, Luck doesn’t look like his improvement is tracking all that well in the NFL.  And, Brady doesn’t look like he’s lost anything over the years, so, the Pats keep rolling, and will continue. 

(3-2-0) Colts


(3-2-0) Giants  This is a great rivalry game.  Eli looks like the QB we all know he can be when he’s protected.  He’s been sacked only four times and has only thrown 2 picks this year.  The Eagles recently found a way to run Murray, so, maybe the game can be competitive.  But, the Giants take this one.

(2-3-0) Eagles


 (5-1-0) Falcons 21

 (2-4-0) Saints 31  The Saints finally showed up to play like they can and it probably saved Shaun Peyton’s job, for now. 


Well, those are my predictions, what do you think?

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3 Responses to NFL Week Six Predictions!

  1. Jim Masterson says:

    Stick a fork in the Seahawks; they’re done. They are losing games that should be easy wins.


  2. Lars P. says:

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