NFL Week 5 Predictions! ….. And Open Thread!

Well, the NFL season is well underway, and teams are starting to define themselves.  Some are surprises, some are disappointments.  And, so it is for every NFL season.  Still, it’s not too late for any team to turn it around, and, every year it seems we have a team which starts hot, only to falter later.


(1-3-0) Bears

(1-3-0) Chiefs  Wow, speaking of disappointments, both teams here qualify.  Today has an interesting matchup, with Forte (Bears) the #2 in the NFL in rushing yards vs Charles (Chiefs) the #5 in the NFL.  Oddly, that won’t be the story, today.  The story is that the KC Chiefs O-line will have their QB as the undisputed leader in sacks given up.  Currently, Alex Smith is tied with Russell Wilson with 18 sacks apiece.  That said, I’m going with the Chiefs today, because the Bears seem to be in just a little more disarray  than the Chiefs.


(2-2-0) Seahawks

(4-0-0) Bengals  Well, maybe I got that wrong.  Maybe Wilson will be the undisputed leader in being sacked.   So far, this has been a hard season for the Seahawks and it isn’t going to any easier against the smoking hot Bengals.  This looks to be a great game for those of us who like a hard hitting game.  It matches the #2 offense against the #2 defense.  I’m giving the edge to Cinci because of the QBs and the O-line.


(2-2-0) Redskins

(4-0-0) Falcons  What a difference a coaching change can make!  Is this the year the Falcons finally put it all together?  So far, they look like they’re serious about it.  I don’t give the Redskins much of a chance in this one.


(1-3-0) Jaguars Another battle for the loser Florida teams.  I don’t know how to pick the best of the loser class.  It’s a tossup.  But, I have a gut feeling the Jags will come up for the game.  

(1-3-0) Buccaneers


(1-3-0) Saints

(1-3-0) Eagles This is another loser class game I can’t pick.  Both teams seem to spiraling in the wrong direction.  So, I’ll go with the home team.


(1-3-0) Browns

(1-3-0) Ravens Well, this game will tell a tale.  In my view, both teams are stronger than what their records reflect.  But, I think the Ravens will prevail today and start working to get themselves out of the hole they’ve dug.


(2-2-0) Rams

(4-0-0) Packers I’m going with the Pack until someone shows me they can stop Rogers.  For the Pack, it doesn’t seem to matter who’s running and who the receivers are, they just win. 


(2-2-0) Bills Well, I’m not on a Bill bandwagon.  But, they’ve the talent and discipline to beat the Titans. 

(1-2-0) Titans


(3-1-0) Cardinals The Cards lost a close on against the Rams last week.  This game will be interesting in that the Cards seem to be a little weak in the rushing defense.  Fortunately for the Cards, the Lions have no rushing attack.  I look for Palmer to do his thing against the weak Lions.

(0-4-0) Lions


(3-0-0) Patriots  Sigh ….. Well, a huge weakness in the Cowboys has been exposed.  Coach Garrett doesn’t know how to win without Romo.  Weeden has filled in admirably for Romo.  He has done what any coach could ask from a backup QB.  The problem is Garrett doesn’t know how to take some of the weight off of the QBs shoulders.  Of course, a lot of that load gets lightened if you have a formidable defense.  But, Dallas doesn’t have one of those. 

(2-2-0) Cowboys


(4-0-0) Broncos  The Broncos continue to win ugly.  I expect today will be much of the same. 

(2-2-0) Raiders


(1-3-0) 49ers

(2-2-0) Giants This is a prime opportunity for the Giants.  As Dallas and the rest of the division struggles, the Giants can take this game, have a record above .500 and take the lead in the division.  I expect that they will against the flailing 49ers. 


(2-2-0) Steelers

(2-2-0) Chargers  Well, with big Ben out, it’s hard to pick the Steelers to win.  Vick did play well enough last week against the Ravens.  It was the kicking game which lost it for the Steelers.  But, they’re going to San Diego.  I’m going with the home team with a healthy QB.


 (3-2-0) Colts 27  The Colts got on a winning track against the Texans, a team not going anywhere. 

 (1-4-0) Texans 20


Well, those are my picks for this week.  What do you think?

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12 Responses to NFL Week 5 Predictions! ….. And Open Thread!

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  3. gator69 says:

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