Obama Persona Non Grata In Roseberg!!!!!


Good for them!  They’ve already had one parent state that if her child were armed, the outcome would be very different than what happened.  They don’t need some jackass try to lecture them about guns.  It’s inane.

‘The President is not welcome here’: Roseburg residents angry that Obama is traveling to visit the victims of the UCC shooting

President Barack Obama will travel to Oregon this week to visit privately with families of the victims of last week’s shooting at a community college.

However the trip has angered locals in Roseburg who say Obama is ‘not welcome’ in the town because the visit will be nothing but a ‘grandstand for political purposes’.

Leading the chorus is David Jaques, the publisher of conservative newspaper the Roseburg Beacon.

‘I think that’s very inappropriate, and I think it’s disrespectful to the families,’ Jaques told Breitbart News.

Jaques believes Obama held a press conference straight after the shooting, in which nine people were killed, with another nine injures. 

In Jaques’ opinion, the press conference was too soon.

‘We haven’t even identified bodies, we’ve still got incident command trying to contain the scene, and he’s holding a press conference 3,000 miles away from here, telling — almost implying that he could have single-handedly prevented this if the Congress would have listened to him.’

‘I think he admitted it himself. 

‘His visit here isn’t a re-election campaign stop, but it is a campaign stop for an agenda that he and his associates believe is important.

‘And that is to take away Americans right to own firearms.’ 

‘It shows not only a total disdain, a disregard for Constitution, but our very citizens, especially those of us right here in Douglas County. 

‘We believe in the Second Amendment. We believe in the whole Constitution.’ …….

Read more at the link. 

This may be cliche, but, it’s true, nonetheless …….  I find it fascinating that leftards would easily condemn and sentence a drunk driver for killing a person.  But, they don’t attempt to take autos from the legal drivers.  Someone sets off a bomb, or intentionally flies into a building and there’s no call to make pressure cookers illegal nor airplanes.  Fertilizer?  …. Yep!!!  I can still get it, and make it!  And, so it is true for all things used to kill people, either intentionally or by negligence, but, guns?  It’s always a different story.  It’s always the guns that killed the people, never the lunatics who did. 

It is especially so, in this case.  In this case, I can’t seem to find an article which focuses on the fact that these were Christians who were slaughtered.  Certainly no news outlets from the MSM will mention it any longer.  They haven’t since the day after the event.  This is the second time this year where Christians were slaughtered (the first time was when that lunatic shot up a church which happened to be attended by mostly Black Christians).  And, yet, hardly a mention as to the targeting a slaughter of Christians. 

Well, I think we’ve found something of which the left is actually tolerant. 

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22 Responses to Obama Persona Non Grata In Roseberg!!!!!

  1. I. Lou Minotti says:

    Biblical conservatives (is there any other type of true conservative, except for the “political that use the Bible for personal convenience only?”) are persona non grata in America, anymore.

    Sounds like there are still a few good Judeo-Christian conservatives living in Roseburg, Oregon.
    What’s sad is that they permitted a feel-good, touchy-feely gun-free zone called a community “college” to be established in their neighborhood. “Come shoot us, the loser liberals pleaded!”

    They could have saved a whole lot of taxpayer money and young lives if they simply printed up some red tee-shirts with white bullseyes on the back and a white flag on the front saying “shoot here: I’m too goddamn lazy to make anything of life, anyway.” Any non-thinking politician or pastor would say, “I ain’t gonna touch that!”

    Male, Judeo-Christian Americans need to grow a set of goddamn balls, and put an end to this nonsense. American Fathers, where are you hiding? In a bar?

  2. leftinflagstaff says:

    C’mon, you know it’s out there… That magical law, whether about guns, drinking on the job, taking bribes, or handling emails on national security…. That magical law that can’t be broken. Maybe Obama will find it in Roseburg.

    • leftinflagstaff says:

      Wonder if the UN has tried ‘ Bribe-Free Zone’ signs…

    • I. Lou Minotti says:

      That’s funny, left in Flag. I guess the Freemasons and any/other of the secret societies that want to destroy all that’s right and good (like America and America’s true Christians) are not yet in control in Roseburg, after all. That’s good stuff.

      Tell me, how is Pastor Stieg faring at Flagstaff Bible Church? UIM Ministries? He’s a good man that loves our Lord. I lived there.

      The citizens of Roseburg, however, should have done their historical homework in order to prevent the massacre of their children, and placed an armed father or two at the entrances of their school. Kind of what the school boards do at prom time here in New Jersey–place the students’ fathers at the doors (unarmed, of course) to screen the kids for alcohol, drugs and firearms so they wake up sober and safely the next day, but then return the car keys to them so they can head down to the Jersey shore where they have easy access to alcohol, drugs and firearms happily delivered to them by the third-world sub-saharans with baseball caps worn sideways from Philly and New York. You know, the punks that have nine thousand tattoos on their black bodies that nobody can see anyway, and can’t pull their goddamn pants up. And nine times out of ten, the idiot girls return home after these forays with their thongs stuck between their legs, and mommy and daddy have to pay their legal expenses, if not their abortions nine months later. The idiot young man from Clearview HS will also suffer for the rest of his life via child support and a lifetime of debt for a child he never wanted, or fathered, anyway.

      The only place anyone’s daughter or feminized-by-academia’s son is safe anymore is between the four walls of a home led by a kick-ass father. Not in the high schools or colleges or universities. A true man’s sons, if well-taught in “kick-ass with a velvet glove” tactics, will not only make it on their own, but will also protect others as their Christian daddy has taught them. He will not take advantage of weaker-willed people–led astray by professors in academia or lazy, loser parents with a franchise mentality, or “pastors” of any denomination. He will strive to make them better human beings–Christians with hope for eternity, and a reward for being kick-ass.

      Turn off the TV, home-school your kids (if you’ve taken the time from your busy schedule to be educated about today’s satanic issues facing your kids, and/or are smart enough, and know what you’re talking about), and take your sons and daughters fishing, hiking, camping, hunting and grocery shopping with you in order to get away for a moment or two. Take them to work one day–especially on a construction site–to show them what life’s about. How hard life really is, without anything being handed to you. Our kids need an example of living life based simply upon what our Beautiful Lord has given to us to enjoy in peace and quiet. Everlasting life and eternal prosperity is free (John 3:16) if we’ll only admit that we’re evil sinners from birth and trust Jesus.

      Temporal prosperity means work and temporal blessing, and also means teaching your kids well about how to be a truthful kick-ass. Trust Jesus. Work hard. You don’t want Him pulling out a whip and flipping over your life, do you? Christians had better start kicking ass (in love, of course) before He kicks ours. That ain’t gonna be pretty.

      Also, don’t be an Obama. If you do, you won’t even be welcomed into Hell.

      Finally, family is not a village. Family is family led by manhood–fuck the village.

  3. HankH says:

    Yep, it seems the residents have spoken. Obama is not welcome in Roseburg.

    • Latitude says:

      ‘bomma has the sads…..

      Hey Hank!

      • HankH says:

        Howdy Lat! Sorry I haven’t been commenting much lately. I’ve been in max overload with some papers that needed to meet publication deadlines. You know what I’m talking about because you’ve been there. Well, at least my job is easier… I don’t have to explain he-she fish, lol!

        • Latitude says:

          oh jez…..I hope you don’t have the same problem I have……deadlines give me brain freeze..and gibberish comes out
          I try to reverse engineer it now…..keep it a secret until I’m happy with it

          Miss us talking, get it wrapped up!

  4. DirkH says:

    Women piss in their pants, take a photo of themselves and post it. Because those are the conditions of the #pissforequality challenge. Photos.

    Of course, 4chan started it.

  5. DirkH says:

    US admin asks Toyota, why do those ISIS guys drive YOUR cars?

    Reminds me of this

  6. Latitude says:

    SHOCK…..Sierra Club President knows nothing about global warming….and Cruz wipes the floor with him

    • leftinflagstaff says:

      Even if he knew everything about science, he wouldn’t let it enter this discussion.

    • Flaxen-headed strumpet says:

      Another question would be as follows: Mr. Mair, let’s assume for the sake of this argument that global warming is indeed occurring at the scale that you and your 97% of co-concurring scientists say that is. Could you please explain to this committee just how it is that minorities are being more adversely impacted by such a scenario than the rest of us? I mean, we all breath the same air and sweat the same sweat don’t we? Besides, the last time I checked, minorities set their thermostats a whole lot higher than White folks in the winter.

  7. kim2ooo says:

    Obama really needs fact checkers – BEFORE he opens his mouth or commits an act.

    After six years of people like Valerie Jarrett advising him so completely wrong footed… it would seem the miasma alone would warn him.

    He plans to issue under Executive Fiat …”Universal Background Checks”. Then travels to Oregon to help promote it [ The Executive Action ]……………. PROBLEM BEING – Oregon IS already an Universal Background Check State!

    You ever wonder why The Great Chicago Organizer’s – Organizations are in such a mess?

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