The Other Elvis!!!!


I really could never tell why I was so intrigued by this man’s songs.  To be honest, I don’t really care for his music, that much.  Yet, it always intrigued me. 

“Veronica” is probably his most recognizable song.  And, it’s a right and good musical composition.  On it’s face, is a simple, but, fairly pleasant song.  But, then, listen …. and watch. 

I thought about putting “Oliver’s Army” up, it’s worth a listen, but, instead, I’ll post this more obscure song, “This Town” from 1989.  I thought it relevant to today.  Watch the vid and see if you can’t see who he’s singing about!

It’s funny.  The reason why I was even bothering with Elvis Costello is because I had a cousin call me and ask me about the chord progression on the song “A Good Year for the Roses” …..  a fantastic George Jones song.  I had no idea Costello had even heard the song, much less covered it! 

At any rate, my cousin is a very good guitarist, much better than I am.  He just doesn’t get the math behind music.  The song is in A …. capo up two and play it like G, then, your Bm becomes like Am …. simples!  I’ll write it out for the young man the next time I see him. 

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12 Responses to The Other Elvis!!!!

  1. leftinflagstaff says:

    One of my favorites from him:

  2. gator69 says:

    I saw an interview with Elvis once where he said that his original plan for his music career was to make it as a country musician. However, when he got stateside he soon realized he did not have the chops to make it in country, and switched to rock instead.

  3. Keitho says:

    For gritty British musical poetry try John Cooper Clark, a contemporary of Costello. Evidently Chicken Town, and Beazley Street are classic examples of Northern punk poetry.

  4. Lars P. says:

    VW story: if I correctly understand what VW did, was to leave turned on, high fuel consumption at the respective tests.
    The reason is that during low fuel consumption phases, the burning temperature was too high, which then caused the creation of the NOx.
    When more fuel reached the chamber the temperature of the burning mix was brought down simply through more liquid reaching the chamber, and thus reducing the NOx creation.

    In this case “the fix” would simply reduce the efficiency of the diesel engine, increasing consumption on 100 km, but reducing NOx production…

    Wondering if somebody knows and can better explain this, or post a link for it?

    • suyts says:

      Lars, I wish I could help but, any link I could give wouldn’t be any more enlightening.

    • DirkH says:

      No. Ultra lean burning reduces fuel consumption but increases formation of NOx. VW Diesels have a system working with a Urea solution called AdBlue used to destroy the NoX in the exhaust. The amount of Urea needs to be adapted. The adaptation happens with a delay. This leads to some NOx escaping.

      What they did was recognize the profile of the EPA test and “predict” the amount of Urea needed – eliminating the latency and therefore optimizing the NOx destruction. In real life, this obviously does not work as well.

      I would have declared this a “predictive feature” and made it just good enough to pass the test, patent it, and when called out say, Ooops our neuronal net training algorithm seems to have overadapted to one set of training data, so sorry.

      But, VW does not know enough about software to pull such an excuse.

      • Lars P. says:

        Hey Dirk, thanks for this, it helps clarify. I was just starting wondering why they don’t just inject a bit of water too in the combustion chamber in addition to diesel to keep things cool 😉 ?

        • cdquarles says:

          That’s been done. It’s rather tricky to get right, if I recall correctly. They’ve also done alcohol injection, methanol first then ethanol. That became a rationalization for adding ethanol to gasoline.

          Diesels don’t work the same way. Water or alcohol injection into a compression ignition system will make it fail, causing more soot and/or high unburned hydrocarbons In the exhaust. Compression ignition systems *need* high combustion chamber temperatures to work. Somewhere the chemist in me thinks diesels would work best tuned for pure chemicals. Distilled stuff has hundreds, if not thousands, of different chemicals in it. [Hmm, I wonder if the EPA tests use standardized fuel mixes …. ]

          I recall wondering how the urea system would work but couldn’t find anything useful out on the ‘net. I think VW patented this stuff in the EU and the US. I guess I need to trawl the USPTO. The filings used to have sufficient detail to allow someone to replicate it.

  5. DirkH says:

    ” He just doesn’t get the math behind music. ”

    Explain it to him with a keyboard maybe. I think it’s easier to see there as you have only a one dimensional scale of halftones, not 5 strings that are all shifted to one another.

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