The Horrible And Devastating Impact Climate Change Has Had On North America’s Snow Extent Over Last 30 Years!!!!!


Well, it seems this horrible thing which is causing people such as the POTUS and Pontiff to proclaim urgency in dealing with this terrible issue …….  well, it hasn’t changed our snow cover.  Not one bit!

Understand the implications of this graph.  It is impossible, let me repeat for emphasis, impossible, for our climate to be changing in any significant manner with what this graph is demonstrating.  It is gullibility, and perhaps, imbecility at best, vile motives, at worst.

For clarity, I believe the Pontiff has been deceived.  I believe the POTUS to be a scumbag.   

I challenge anyone to demonstrate even the possibility of a significant alteration in our global climate, over the last 30 years, and somehow, our snow line in the North Hemisphere remains unchanged.  It’s simply not possible. 

Source for the data from which the graph was made, is here

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7 Responses to The Horrible And Devastating Impact Climate Change Has Had On North America’s Snow Extent Over Last 30 Years!!!!!

  1. leftinflagstaff says:

    Um…Pope….sorry, but yeah….I won’t be going to a Climate scientist for confession either…

  2. DirkH says:

    “For clarity, I believe the Pontiff has been deceived. I believe the POTUS to be a scumbag. ”

    Yeah somebody deceived that poor clueless innocent first Jesuit pope sure…

  3. Mark Luhman says:

    I believe the present Pope just another Useful Idiot in a long line of Useful Idiots, I also think if he don’t repent his error he going spend eternity in hell with Obama, there is no chance of Obama ever repenting, those two of the have many thing in common. Idiocy is first and foremost. I have to believe dishonesty it a second to that, the worst part they are dishonest with them selves.

  4. Lars P. says:

    The terrible devastating impact of climate change?
    You just have to look around and see it everywhere! The bumblebees tongue is getting smaller!
    “Warming world has shrunk bee tongues”
    “It’s one of the best examples of the effect of climate that I’ve seen,”
    “and discovered that these two species had acquired broader tastes than their recent ancestors, taking nectar from many more kinds of flowers than before.”
    And this is due to:
    “Plant surveys from the 1970s and from just a few years ago revealed that flower density on the mountain slopes has dropped more than 70%,”
    “Climate change is to blame, Miller-Struttmann says.”

  5. DirkH says:

    Warmunist cult leader / government scientist is a highly profitable occupation:
    ” George Mason University Professor Jagadish Shukla a Lead Author with the UN IPCC, reportedly made lavish profits off the global warming industry while accusing climate skeptics of deceiving the public. Shukla is leader of 20 scientists who are demanding RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) charges be used against skeptics for disagreeing with their view on climate change.
    Shukla reportedly moved his government grants through a ‘non-profit’. The group “pays Shukla and wife Anne $500,000 per year for part-time work,” Prof. Roger Pielke Jr. revealed. “The $350,000-$400,000 per year paid leader of the RICO 20 from his ‘non-profit’ was presumably on top of his $250,000 per year academic salary,” Pielke wrote. “That totals to $750,000 per year to the leader of the RICO 20 from public money for climate work and going after skeptics. Good work if you can get it,” Pielke Jr. added.
    Maybe I should join it. I can write stupid computer programs so I’m qualified.
    While the looting is good.

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