The Debate Last Night And My Impression …….


Disclaimer!!!!!  I didn’t get to watch all of it.  I didn’t even watch half of it.  My video feed died, and it was too frustrating trying to get it back, so …….

But, I did watch a significant portion of it, and have been watching the clips and reading the pundits. 

Let me start by saying it’s impossible to give an unbiased evaluation of any debate with so many characters.  That said, be it leftists, conservative, LSM …… all are unanimous, and count me with this opinion, as well, Fiorina won, hands down.  She mopped the floor with Trump.  That wasn’t hard because of the idiotic position Trump put himself in.  This is what I was writing about when I noted his comment about her face.  It doesn’t matter what his intent or meaning was.  He opened a door and Fiorina just kicked it down, anyway, and then went through. 

As I recall in one of my earlier evaluations of Fiorina, I stated she was formidable.  Last night, she demonstrated exactly how formidable she can be.  I still won’t vote for her, but, she gets my props. 

It wasn’t just Trump that she dominated.  She dominated the entire field.  What she did was serve notice.  Her game is currently much higher than any one else’ in the field.  She’s informed, she’s articulate, and she’s prepared.  Look for a significant amount of the anti-establishment/independents to jump on her wagon.  I’ll be very surprised if that doesn’t happen. 

She also demonstrated that she knows who she’s talking to.  And, it’s made an impact in Washington.  She gets much fist bumps from me for her articulation of the Planned Parenthood/abortion issue.  She just caused thousands of fiminazis to go buy some Pepto-bismal. 

The loser of the debate was Trump, but, that’s only because he was on top.  He had more to lose.  He had to know Fiorina was coming after him, but, I don’t think there was any response he could have made to her …. re the “face” comment.  After that, Trump was on unsettled ground. 

I think Bush was the other loser.  He failed to impress, and, he needs to if he’s going to make a run.  The thing about front-runners is that they almost never start at the top, go to the bottom, and then come back.  Another debate performance like this and the establishment people will either go to Rubio or Christie. 

Rubio did well in the debate, as well.  Not great, but, he was articulate and informed.  Christie did okay. 

Rand Paul did “okay”.  He did solidify his base, but, they’ll be lit when it comes time to vote and won’t show up at the polls.   This is one of the issues I disagree with Fiorina on.  I don’t generally smoke pot.  I have in the past, but, it doesn’t do much for me and it doesn’t mix well with my beer.  That said, it is so prevalent in our society, we need to just let it go through.  It is mostly resisted because it’s a huge revenue generator for our public officials, police, and drug counselors, and the like.  It needs to stop.   We’re criminalizing huge swaths of our fellow citizens who have done nothing but smoke cannabis.  Again, I don’t recommend smoking the stuff.  But, I’m also not for fining nor imprisoning my fellow citizens who have done nothing against me or mine, or anyone else.  But, when the city needs some revenue?  Let’s go to the known dopers house!  Let’s put them in jail, have them pay to get bailed out, fine them, and then send them to some classes, which, they have to pay for, which employs useless social workers, and tell them they shouldn’t smoke pot.  All in all, it only costs the dopers a few $thousand, and everyone’s happy! …. Well, except for the dope smokers. 

Huckabee decided it was time to go after the moral conservative votes.  This will also hurt Trump, but, not in any spectacular manner.  Moral conservatives know and like Huckabee.  But, they supported him 4 years ago and got nowhere.  But, his performance should swing a few his way. 

A note about Ted Cruz ……  if he’s doing what I think he’s doing, then, I agree and condone the strategy.  But, it’s possible he’s not ….. so, I don’t know. 

Cruz was “okay” in this debate.  But, I think it was by design.  I think Cruz is waiting.  You may ask, “waiting for what?” ….. glad you asked!  Cruz is one of the few candidates to go out of their way not to attack Trump.  Why?  Because he’s waiting for Trump to implode.  The key to Cruz’ success in this primary is to have the Trump supporters.  Bush/Christie supporters are not going to move to Cruz regardless of what happens.  He needs the Trump supporters.  He can ill afford to alienate them.  ….. (this is a political mistake Rand is making.)  Cruz has already had a small victory when Perry dropped out.  Texas is huge in the election and primaries.  Cruz’ challenge became slightly simpler.  But, only slightly.  You see, Cruz is Hispanic.  He needs their votes, as well.  But, there’s Bush and Rubio in the way for their votes.  And, Bush is also taking up some Texas support.  Right now, the field is too large.  So Cruz waits for the field to winnow.  I’ve seen Cruz’ biting unrehearsed tongue.  He simply hasn’t wielded it, yet.  He can’t afford to take on 11 or so detractors at the same time.  But, when the field narrows ….  well, that may be a different story.  At least, I think this is what Cruz is doing.  He’s not alienating voters and waiting for the field to narrow to pick up the other supporters.  Then, he plays.

This is similar to what I think Walker was trying to do.  But, I think Walker is out of time.  I’m told Walker is only concentrating on Iowa (the first primary state).  I don’t believe this is going to work.   I don’t think he’ll last long enough to get to the primary if he doesn’t change his strategy.  His latest ….. calling for the elimination of government worker unions is a non-starter.  Don’t get me wrong, it should have never been allowed.  I’m all for it.  It’s not going to resonate.  Everyone already knew Walker is a union-buster.  He needs to show more depth and breadth. 

As to the rest of the field. ….. sorry guys, you’re done. …. with the possible exception of Bobby Jindal. 

A note to the readers!  I’m writing about politics, not my advocacy.  This is about strategy and tactics, not right or wrong, or who would be our best leader.  It’s about how to get there.  

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16 Responses to The Debate Last Night And My Impression …….

  1. gator69 says:

    Nice picture! James, given your stance on life, I don’t understand how you could sit out a vote if Carly is the alternative to infanticide, and the alternative to gaining more leftist judges who will decide the fate of future generations (if they live long enough to be born).

    • suyts says:

      I don’t think she’s the only alternative in regards to the life stance. And, I’m concerned about her candor. The cynic in me doesn’t recall her leading any “right-to-life” marches. The realist in me recalls many politicians who gave us empty rhetoric. That we’re still funding PP and it’s even a question among even the Repubs in congress is testimony to this.

      It was a nice pic! And, it was intentional on my part. She won the night. She deserves props and I’m happy to give her some.

      But, I’ve watched her since the late 90s. Before I got engaged in the climate blogs, I was immersed in the tech blogs. She was never a friend of the American worker. While America was leading the world in technological advancements, she hated us. Yeh, we demanded more pay for our skills. And, she hated the daily real advancements in technology given by the American tech worker. Business couldn’t keep up, even though, at the time, they were supporting the American tech worker. This is why Carly and Bill Gates and many others killed the American tech worker. I would ask that you look at both companies and Carly’s and Bill’s long term insights. Is there even a Compaq computer anymore? HP has to split up to keep one afloat while the traditional business is dying. (computers and printers). MS is actually giving away their OS, today. Why? Because they rejected the American tech worker who was giving them both, the world, and chose short term stock value gains. HP’s loss was more more quickly realized than MS’s, but, they’re both stewing in their own excrement, now.

      To recap, Carly participated in harming world advancement, at the cost of the American worker and the American tech sector, for what she perceived as a short-term gain, which quickly became the cause of her dismissal at HP. Not because of the harming of the world and America, but, because she didn’t understand the cost of buying Compaq, nor, the marginal benefit of buying it. This is after many people, who she should have listened to, told her not to do it. It’s why Dell kicked HP’s ass, until Dell decided they had enough success with the American tech worker.

      All at the same time, these lying, double mouthed POS would proclaim to America that tech is our future. In the mean time, we have an IPod we can be proud of.

      Sorry Gator, I hope and pray you know these things are not directed at you, but, they are an explanation to my position and an attempt at elucidation, albeit, probably a poor attempt. I don’t trust Carly because I’m familiar with her work. Has she changed? Perhaps. I trust that we can all change. But, a pretty pic and pretty words won’t do it for me.

      Even if she is truly for defunding PP, I don’t know that she knows how to accomplish it. As stated above, she didn’t seem to have a good grasp on cost/benefit, risk/benefit analysis. It’s one thing to advocate, it’s entirely a different thing to be effective. So, for Carly to gain my support, she’s going to have to convince me she’s sincere. And, that she’s capable of something other than gaining temporary power. She has never shown me that in the past.

  2. copernicus34 says:

    I’m in the Fiorina camp

  3. Lars P. says:

    Hey James, I disagree to the “mopped the floor with Trump”. Actually he allowed her to win as she is not really endangering his position. And her “all women heard” was a try to bring in the “weak sex” argument on her side in the debate – which I see as low. That was not a spontaneous answer but long prepared cooked answer.
    This is not how she can win and she is not winning, but she marked some points.

    Trump still did ok in the debate, I did not see him losing.

    Rand Paul and interesting also Trump to some extend were the only non war-mongering from the pack, where Fiorina is a dangerous person.

    • kim2ooo says:

      Rand Paul and interesting also Trump to some extend were the only non war-mongering from the pack, where Fiorina is a dangerous person.

      Ahhh you forgot Dr. Ben Carson.

  4. philjourdan says:

    My top 2 are Carson and Cruz (the “C” twins). I really want one of those 2. However, I can vote for ANY of them with the exception of Christie and Bush (but may hold my nose should one of them get it).

    This is not a primary. This is a cast of characters that each have their roles to play. Trump is an opportunist. But he is also the one showing the republicans how to act. If nothing else, he is demonstrating the “apologist” route of the current republican leadership is a loser proposition. His attacks on Carly and Megan are boorish. And it is funny seeing any liberal defend those 2. But he did not apologize, he turned the argument. The first to learn from that was Carly, but Cruz is doing as you suggest. He is learning. This may not be his year (more is the pity), but if he continues, he will one day be in the White House. Rubio lost it. He went DC too fast, so I do not see him as great, just good. Rand and Scott are probably the only other ones with a shot. And they would be breathes of fresh air, but they just do not seem to have the fire that is needed.

    The liberals are laughing, and the MSM (sorry, I repeat myself) is having a field day portraying the field as a clown car circus. And they miss the point. Even the second tier candidates are getting more coverage and face time than the Queen of Rapists and her court jester. And for the middle 60%, that counts more than what the MSM wants you to believe.

    The take away from the debate is that NO ONE hurt themselves. All did excellently. Even with the stupid questions the idiot moderators threw at them. Carly definitely starred. Trump did no damage, and Bush did some rehabilitating. But ALL got their face in front of millions. And the carping by the left post debate only helps to keep them top of mind. It is a long time to the election, and even a long time to the primaries. But by then, the top tier (perhaps 7 or 8) will be known by as many as Shillary is. And right now, the middle 60% is looking for an excuse NOT to vote for that cretin.

    • kim2ooo says:

      “However, I can vote for ANY of them with the exception of Christie and Bush (but may hold my nose should one of them get it).”

      He he he… You must be A twin from our other mother. AGREED!

  5. kim2ooo says:

    Reblogged this on Climate Ponderings and commented:

  6. squid2112 says:

    While I think Fiorina knocked it out of the park in the CNN debate, I will not vote for her in the primaries. Not a chance. She has too many poor stances on too many issues. I believe she would cave to the CoC within seconds. She would cave to Wall Street in seconds. Her strings can be pulled way too easily. She has a poor track record in the business world. And I actually agree with Trump, in that, I can’t imagine her negotiating with Russia, Iran, North Korea, etc… I can’t picture that “face” getting a good deal. And no, I don’t believe he is bad looking, in fact I think she looks very fine, and I also don’t believe Trump meant she was “ugly” in his remarks, though his remarks were certainly stupid and over the top.

    There are only a few people on that stage, at this point in the game, that have the potential to get my votes, either in the primary or the general election…. Ted Cruz (primary, general), Trump (primary, general), Carson (primary, general), Rand Paul (general), Carly Fiorina (general) … The rest won’t even get my vote in the general, because they won’t make any difference whatsoever, especially someone like a Bush or Christie, not worth wasting the time and gas to drive to the polls.

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