More On Britannia’s Economy …… Wages Take A Jump!!!!

So, yesterday I shared that Britain’s inflation rate had hit zero.  For the lunatics, this is terrible!  It’s news of impending doom!  The idiocy being that the Brits or anyone else with a zero or negative inflation rate will quit buying stuff because they’ll look for lower prices in the future ….. or some such claptrap.  

Well, today we have more news ……

Pay growth picks up at last in Britain

Indeed, it jumped 2.9% from last year!  Now pay close attention to what the AP writers had to say ….

LONDON (AP) — Pay growth in Britain is finally picking up, with wages rising 2.9 percent in the three months to July compared with a year earlier — the strongest increase since February 2009.

The Office of National Statistics reported Wednesday that pay including bonuses also rose by 2.9 percent. The increase in pay has long been the missing piece in Britain’s economic recovery and may pressure the Bank of England to raise interest rates despite low inflation.

Markit chief economist Chris Williamson says the bank “will remain ultra-cautious about tightening policy, but the upturn in pay growth certainly suggests that a first rate hike by the end of the year remains a distinct possibility.”

The unemployment rate was 5.5 percent, unchanged from three months earlier.

Well, I’d say the increase in pay is only catching up to an earlier decrease in unemployment.  I don’t know how, exactly, the Brits calculate their unemployment, but, it it’s anything like the US, 5.5% is still too high. 

Still, the indicators are the Brits, as individuals, are becoming more prosperous.  They’ve zero inflation while their pay is rising.  We’d better fix that by raising the interests rates, and quick!!!!!!!!  …….   😐 

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7 Responses to More On Britannia’s Economy …… Wages Take A Jump!!!!

  1. rg says:

    OFF topic, you might want to goggle “Nurses vs THE View”, sorry can’t give you a link. To many site.
    lets just say “feminists” getting SLAPPED DOWN AND SCHOOLED, by the TRUE FEMINISTS Have been a RN/CRNA for over 30yrs, have 5 other family in medical field…. sitting back and eating popcorn on this one…………. Libs need to realize – Don’t Poke the big ass BEAR

    • suyts says:

      Heh! I was already on it last night! Rg, I’m just up against time too much. But, yeh, it was all over my FB last night. Having been one who used a stethoscope, I was more than just a little put off. I was just a medic, CNA, MA , EMT ….. but, never a nurse.

      I just haven’t been able to articulate it properly. Like you, I think popcorn is in order. As I’m sure you’re aware, many nurses are a bit left of center in their politics. (mostly the younger ones) This is fun to watch! I haven’t checked over the last few hours, but, I expect an apology from the VIEW any moment now. But, I think that’s the hook.

  2. rg says:

    Funny thing is – they tried an apology — just dug deeper, J&J just pulled sponsorship, army thinking the same.. might have to move from popcorn to beer and nachos.. Prediction one week =
    view off air..

  3. rg says:

    PS been married to a nurse with a twin sister whose a nurse — Don’t piss women nurses off….
    just a helpful hint… They can be vicious

    • suyts says:

      Heh! You don’t need to tell me!!! Me and male nurses always got along fine!!! (save one), but, the females were always trick! But, once you won them over, and they understood you knew what you were talking about …. they were good colleagues and good friends. My friendship with a good nurse probably saved my youngest daughter’s life. My wife (at the time) was having a hard labor. It was exhausting for me, much more so for the mother. When it came time that it was obviously time, I couldn’t get the novice OB nurse to pay attention, even though I was a medic working at the military hospital at the time. My wife needed induced! Finally, I went down to the ward where I worked. I was in Alaska at the time. There was a very mild mannered nurse (with a rank of Captain) on my ward. She was a home girl from the Wichita area! She had worked on the OB ward in the past. We were friendly, at the time, but, not friends, per se. I told her she needed to come up and see what was happening, she told me not to worry, that the people up there knew what they were doing. I went back up and things had gotten worse. …. I ran back down to my ward (two stories lower) and insisted she come up and look. Still, she resisted … assuring me they knew what they were doing. I persisted. I wasn’t crying, but, my eyes were watering. I convinced her to just take a look. I had seen her in action before with pregnant women, she was always spot on and timely. Once I got her to look at my wife and child trying to come out, it took her about 5 seconds to start barking orders. The attending OB nurse came in and tried to complain …. she was dismissed. The nurse in charge of the ward came to complain …. after a few words, she, too, was dismissed, even though she outranked my nurse in the military. The on-call doctor soon showed up … because of the barked orders. She told him what she had done, and what he needed to do. And, he did. I had no intentions on witnessing any of it, but, carts and people blocked my exit. Within minutes, I had a baby in my arms.

      The next day, the lady was back to being a mild mannered beautiful Kansas home girl…. just going about her job, caring for the sick and infirmed.

      Yeh, I’ve seen their vicious. Sometimes, it can be a wonderful sight!

      • cdquarles says:

        Behind every good doctor is several good nurses.

      • DirkH says:

        ” Once I got her to look at my wife and child trying to come out, it took her about 5 seconds to start barking orders. ”

        It’s fascinating when they start doing that. Happened during birth of my son. Only in that case it was the doctor, a woman, that came in and kicked things into high gear.

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