A Disjointed Post …… And Assad Is Right!!!!!


Well, I’ve had this post rolling through my mind for weeks now.  I wanted to, and may still do, write a post which was much more comprehensive than the one I’m about to write. 

You see, the events and advocacy which may seem unrelated are not unrelated.  They’re indelibly linked, but, can’t be easily seen. 

I wanted to write about Trump, and his appeal.  Our border concerns, and Europe’s and why they’re happening.  I wanted to write about GDP and debt maintenance.  I wanted to show how it is no accident that most of the “refugees” invading Europe are able bodied young men and how that’s the image portrayed (inaccurately) of the illegals coming to the US. 

I realized, though, this would take more than a chapter in a book.  I can’t write about it all in a blog post.

The events in Syria, and the subsequent mass migration from the Mid-East are simply a symptom of people in power who cling to economic idiocy, and power lust. 

Lately, Russia has demonstrated an interest in maintaining their interests.  They’re protecting Assad and giving him a voice.  And, he’s right on this point. 

Syrian president blames Europe for refugee crisis

Syrian President Bashar Assad is blaming Europe for the refugee crisis, saying it’s a direct result of the West’s support for terrorists in Syria over the past four years.

“If you are worried about them [refugees], stop supporting terrorists,” he said in an interview with Russian media.

Assad also has accused Europe of having “unacceptable” double standards, saying “how can one be indignant about a drowned child and remain silent about the deaths of thousands of children, elderly people, women and men killed by terrorists in Syria?”

Assad emphasized Wednesday his top priority is “defeating terrorism” in Syria, and urged political and armed factions in the country to unite in the fight against extremist groups.

Assad told Russian media there can be no political solution for his country’s crisis until terrorism is defeated. He singled out the Islamic State group, which has captured about a third of Syrian territory along with large swaths of land in neighboring Iraq, as well as Al Qaeda’s branch in Syria, the Nusra Front, and other extremist groups.

Moscow has been a staunch supporter of Assad throughout the crisis. Russian President Vladimir Putin has said it is impossible to defeat the Islamic State group without cooperating with Damascus. He has urged other nations to follow Russia’s example and offer military support to Assad’s government.

U.S. officials have said Moscow is simply trying to prop up Assad and have rejected his participation in the global war on the Islamic State group, also known by its acronyms ISIL or ISIS.

Assad said the U.S., which has been leading a coalition that is carrying out airstrikes on IS militants in Syria and Iraq, refuses to work and coordinate with his government.

It’s a mad, mad, world.  Sometimes, it’s difficult to see the forest through the trees. 

Here’s my take, if one disagrees, I can certainly understand. …..

Assad is correct.  Nothing exemplifies the failure to kill ISIS than our cooperation with Turkey.  They’re our friends in this fight, right?  No, they’re not.  They hate Assad and they hate the Kurds, both of which are fighting ISIS.  Turkey even carried out attacks against the Kurds, as they are fighting ISIS.  But, they let us have some air sorties against ISIS coming from Turkey. 

Currently, I’m not convinced the US administration, nor any partner in Europe is interested in defeating ISIS. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, I truly believe Assad is a special sort of scumbag worthy of deposing.  But, it is quite apparent what would come in his place.  Saying what I just stated about Assad, I would point out that he allowed Christians to maintain in Syria.  He didn’t hunt them all down and kill them, he didn’t make them sex slaves, and he didn’t charge them an extra unpayable tax for being Christians.  The same can be said for the Kurds, who our “friends”, the Turks, who have openly attacked across their border.  I certainly believe we can sort out our differences after we’re all done with ISIS.  Russia has asked that we do exactly that.  We should.  I doubt that we will.  We might if our leaders truly understand the dire situation this has become.  We are on the precipice of a world war.  A few wrong engagements with the Russians and we’re in it.  There is no reason for this!  But, there is a cause.

This is where it gets disjointed.  Some of you may follow the logic, others may not see it.  But, it’s there.  The cause for all of this, and Libya, and Egypt and our failure to address Boko Harem is simple.  It’s called the debt to GDP ratio. 

You see, in today’s world, it’s nearly unheard of to have a nation which has no debt.  It’s is anathema to all western and developed nations.  Most of us have debts which no one, not our elected leaders, not our central bankers, no one has any intentions of repaying.  We can’t without a total restructure of the way we go about our lives.  Our laws are written for free this or free that …. if you’re poor enough.  The way the welfare is structured, the poor is punished severely if they attempt to rise up and away from government dependency.  Why?

This is how government officials stay in power.  Be it the welfare for the individual, or the welfare for certain corporations who dance to the tune our governments wish them to dance to. 

All developed nations I’m aware of either have decreasing or negative birth rates.  Indeed, world population growth is expected to go flat in about 25 to 30 years.  Now, there’s nothing wrong with a decreasing population.  There simply isn’t a need for the people to do so much, any more.  In the US, 50 years ago, the nation was very rural.  The farms needed people to work the farms, so, people had large families.  Well, the machinations and modernizations negate the need for such large families.  We can feed the world with less!  And, the same will continue throughout the world as the rest modernizes!  This is fantastic news!

But, not so much fantastic news for the people in power.  It’s untenable for the people in power.  It isn’t so much that there won’t be people they can buy with their free give-aways, there will always be people ready to take the freebies.  But, it is that there will be less and less people to maintain the debt caused by their freebies!  

Over the last 100 years or so, governments have had the double increasing effects on GDP, that is, exponentially growing populations and exponentially growing technology advancements.  Both contribute to the growth in GDP.  In the Western World, the exponentially growing population has changed to mostly declining, or the rate has significantly declined and is expected to decline further in the near future.  This equals less wage earners, and, thus, less people to maintenance the debts of the various nations. 

(BTW, in the near future, left alone, the average family in Western Society would be a married couple with one boy and one girl.  Nature dictates this.)

This is why people in the Western World advocate illegal immigration, “refugee” invitations, and invasion of other cultures and societies.  We cannot maintain the status quo without an influx of people.  So, we go about creating or inventing crisis’ where none existed.  This is why the Western World invented reasons not to use modern energy sources.  We’ll all drown if Africa ever got natural gas and coal power plants fired up!!!!  …… When, in fact, we create adverse conditions in such places as to encourage them to migrate to our nations.  There’s no downside!  They can either be the people we buy to stay in power or the people who maintain our debt.  Either way, we have to have more! 

In the mean time, either purposefully, or inadvertently, we create a living hell for millions, if not billions of people.  All because we cannot conceive, nor, perceive a world with people living a prosperous life without a government being able to buy them into submission. 

This is why Europe will not allow Greece to fold.  It isn’t because Europe needs such a tiny country.  It is that they’re afraid of what may arise from the ashes ….. a nation which doesn’t need the EU, which would prosper without them.  We can’t have that!  Better to have terrorists in Germany than that!   …… and make no mistake, they are there and have spread throughout Europe.  And, Obama is inviting them to the US.  Tell me how we can distinguish a good Syrian from a bad one?  Tell me how we can distinguish a good Syrian from a terrorist Jordanian? 

You can’t, today. 

I apologize for the disjointed post.  There’s much, much, more to say and write, and I skipped steps in a horrible manner.  Nonetheless, all of what I posted is true.  The societal suicide must stop!   

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8 Responses to A Disjointed Post …… And Assad Is Right!!!!!

  1. copernicus34 says:

    Maybe I can say it more clearly. Things are really fucked up. This is just some horrible shit, and its a bad time to have bad leadership. Sorry for the language. A few beers have been had.

  2. DirkH says:

    Notice: There will be no all out war!
    Putin – or rather – the Kremlin power structure – has a concept of STRUCTURAL POWER.
    His reinvention of Russia as a Holy Christian Nation is part of this concept. It is above socialism vs. capitalism or anything like that – these are just tools. His concept appeals to the Russian mentality and is an absolutely unshakeable stronghold. Absolutism as endorsed by Hobbes as the ultimate means against the War All Against All, if you will. As the Russians crave security way more than wealth.

    Putin follows the adage, never interrupt your enemy while he is making a mistake. I am absolutely sure his planners have their countermoves against any move by the Western hegemon preplanned in such a way that he can move very swiftly and with minimum effort.

    An all out war will not happen for the simple reason that it would be a STUPID and uneconomic move. The West will probably not even lose one megacity. An ammunitions depot sure. This already happened.

    This war is fought by deception first and by sabotage second. We’ll see crosses and double-crosses.

    Looking at the dysfunction in American war initiatives: How much of this dysfunction is caused by Kremlin / Chicom agents within your structure?

  3. leftinflagstaff says:

    Maybe. But I always have a hard time with complex, grand schemes of Western wizards behind a curtain.

    Simpler answers usually: They’re Utopia-dreaming 5 yr-olds. The results would be the same.

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