Aaaaannnnddd….. He’s Done! Suyts Calls It Right With Beck!!!!


Glen!!!!!  You dumbass!  That’s not how you do it!  Especially with Tea Party types! 

So, Beck, apparently, imploded today, over Donald Trump.  The sad thing is, I mostly agree with his assessment of Trump.  And, I’ve told my readers this.  Many, if not most have disagreed with me.  Obviously, my first reaction should have been to call them racists ……….


On Tuesday, talk radio host Glenn Beck accused the Tea Party supporters of GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump of being racists.

While he questioned whether Trump’s supporters are genuine Tea Partiers, Beck said of them, “If you were a Tea Party person, then you were lying. You were lying. It was about Barack Obama being black. It was about him being a Democrat.” Although he later identified fellow talk show host Sean Hannity as a Tea Party supporter who thinks Trump is “a great guy,” Beck said that he simply disagrees with Hannity about Trump.

Beck’s comments came as part of a discussion of Trump’s rally in Texas yesterday before a sold-out crowd of 20,000. Beck stated, “The media’s making this look like [Trump’s supporters are] Tea Party people. I don’t think these are Tea Party people who are following him. Some of them may be, but I think these — I mean, you can’t — if you were a Tea Party person, then you were lying. You were lying. It was about Barack Obama being black. It was about him being a Democrat, because this guy is offering you many of the same things, as shallow as the same way. If you said to me that it bothered you about his past, you said to me, ‘Hey, what about his relationship with Jeremiah Wright? What about what he’s done here, here, and here?’ You’re not bothered by this guy, and it’s exactly the same thing.”

Later, after discussing reports of The Blaze being left off the list of media outlets given passes for Trump’s rally in Dallas (although they were eventually allowed in), Beck said, “People will not even say that’s concerning. His supporters will not even say that’s concerning.” Beck noted that Trump makes him, rather than a booker, cold call Trump to get an interview with him, something which Beck says he refuses to do. Beck added, “I’ve seen this movie before. This is exactly what Barack Obama does.”

Beck also stated, “Well, we can’t figure out, there’s a lot of people that we know, that we just cannot figure out. They say they were for the Tea Party, I mean, you know, I’ve had an open conversation with Sean Hannity. He is — he swears he’s a great guy, and everything else. I just disagree with him, on that. Sarah Palin is another one, who had him on the show, and just fell all over him, and just loves him. I don’t understand that.”

Beck said that he did understand why people who didn’t want a politician were supporting Dr. Ben Carson.

“I cannot understand the Trump thing, and it scares the hell out of me,” Beck added. “If there’s anybody who would like the Greek columns, and the gold and the glitter, it’ll be Donald Trump.” He continued that Trump saying his name may be on the wall between the US and Mexico is “what a dictator says. I mean, remember, it was Leningrad, and then it was Stalingrad. That’s what dictators do. That’s what dictators do. And we are — if it’s not him, it will be someone else, that steps into that role, if we don’t stop this right now.”

He concluded, “This guy is just a TV star. That’s what’s happening. He’s a TV star, and people just want to win, and they’ll take anyone.”

There’s also another piece from Hot Air on this. 

Well, as to Beck, he’s done.  Who is he talking to?  Establishment Repubs?  He just insulted every other one of his listeners. 

This saddens me because I remember when he was a voice of elucidation.  Now …… he doesn’t understand that he needs to stop shooting himself in the foot. 

But, this is what happens when a megalomaniac is confronted with another megalomaniac.  And, it’s weird.  It’s like this is the first election Beck has ever been through.  Over the last two election cycles, how many Repubs have been the poll leader at one time or another?  Ben Carson has almost pulled even with Trump in the polls.  Fiornina is gaining.  Come next summer, I’ll take even money against any one of them being at the top of the polls.  It doesn’t work that way!  As I stated earlier, it’s a long distance race, not a sprint.  Now, that being stated, Trump has a unique advantage in that his campaign funds would be nearly inexhaustible.  He’s a multi-billionaire.  Most will drop out when they can’t fund their “supporters” any longer.  Perry is a great example of this.  But, after a while, others will simply drop out because of the physical taxation, all the while either dropping or failing to gain in the polls. 

The thing about Trump is that he’s high energy and deep pockets.  He’s not going anywhere.  But, he’s not going to win, either.  Eventually, Trump has to state something other than the desire to close our borders. 

But, rather than focus on that, Beck devolves into the same thing Trump does.  Beck essentially attacks Trump by calling him names and his supporters’ names, rather than discuss the ideas.  Beck does that because he’s against closing the borders ….. all the while, he can’t properly articulate why he’s against it.  So ………  RACIST!!!!!!  Beck’s engaging in exactly the same dialogue as the leftards are, which isn’t so much a dialogue as it is simply an attempt to end a discussion as to why we should or should not have open borders. 

It isn’t that I don’t care about other nations or other people.  I believe my blog clearly demonstrates that I do care, through the near countless posts I write about other nations and people. But, it is that I’m an American.  This is my home, these are my people.  It is only right and proper that I put my home and my people’s interests above all others.  This is the honest patriotism which is required of all honest citizenry.  Anyone who cannot put their nation, their people first, should be expelled from that nation, always, and forever.  At least, Trump seems to understand this notion.  Beck seems unfamiliar with it. 

As stated several times before, I’ve never really been a member of any TEA party group.  But, I support many of their efforts, and have loved ones who are and/or have been.  I’ve many friends who currently support Trump.  It is simply unacceptable that Beck calls my friends, my loved ones, my fellow countrymen racist simply because they support Trumps advocacy.  I know they are not.  They would not be my friends if they were. 

Beck, please do something else.  You’re done here.  Continue down this road and you’ll turn into a Brock … if you’re not already there. 

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59 Responses to Aaaaannnnddd….. He’s Done! Suyts Calls It Right With Beck!!!!

  1. Latitude says:

    Spot on! You’re really good with putting it to words, you know!

    Beck lost me long ago with the crying

    We’ll have to see about Trump….Obama won on much less
    I predict if Trump can keep up this energy level, he’s won. Got too many things going for him right now, not just energy, but the democrats are falling apart and just keep making him look better…and everyone that’s attacked Trump so far has just made themselves look like either fools or partisan hacks…which all plays in his favor

    Been doing some surveying myself down here….without exception…Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, central American…you name it……they are all for Trump and want to kick the illegals out yesterday…blacks are finally realizing illegals and imports in general and cutting into their take. Had a black friend…that would give his life for Obama……tell me that how can we say X amount of blacks are out of work, and at the same time say we need imports to fill jobs, he’s for Trump

  2. gator69 says:

    You don’t get it, or Beck.

    Trump comes in at about number ten on Beck’s listener’s presidential picks. They understand that Trump is a Progressive, and a flip flopper. And Beck leans sarcastic and satirical in his delivery, so the “black” quote probably does not reflect reality here.

    It really is too bad that we eat our own, and allow evil to flourish.

    • Leftinflagstaff says:

      Calling people racists when he hasn’t a clue whether they are or not, simply because he disagrees with their view, seems rather Progressive.

    • suyts says:

      You’re right. I don’t get Beck. I used to. But, I’ve listened to him enough to know that wasn’t sarcasm when he was painting people he disagrees with as racists. And, it is very sad.

      How hard is it to attack and question Trump without attacking his supporters? Apparently for Beck, it’s impossible. I understand Trump isn’t a conservative. I don’t think his supporters are racist. But, then, I don’t think Beck is a conservative. I’ve no doubt Trump comes in at #10 on his program, now. They would have all left Beck months ago.

      I wish I wasn’t a bearer of such news. But, look at what he’s done and said, lately. My comment about him becoming a “Brock” was only half in jest.

      • gator69 says:

        On a daily basis Beck makes statements that are easily taken out of context. His radio show is half comedy, and some folks either don’t get it, or purposely work to not get it. For some reason Breitbart has a hard-on for Glenn and has made a point of trying to ruin him of late, which is ironic, because this is exactly what Glenn has been talking about for months now. Beck has been preaching that we should all be able to unite against these cults of death. Beck has been partnering with anyone who will fight genocide and infanticide, and asking why we cannot join together against pure evil. So sad that we cannot come together over such easily identifiable wrongs.

        But this is what conservatives do best, eat their own, and hand another election to the leftists.

        And no, Beck is not a conservative, he is a Jeffersonian Libertarian like myself, and that is hard for many to grasp because as a nation under God, we have strayed so far. God help us, and may God forgive us.

      • suyts says:

        Gator, I understand what you’re saying, and, I agree, it’s disappointing. Beck states that he’s for unity …… then attacks the very and only people who he can hope to unite with. As to why Breitbart is swinging at him, well, it’s obvious. By their site, they’re clearly a Trump campaign tool. They’re also fond of Palin. The TEA party types are the original demographic they went after for their base of readership (along with true libertarians). Beck has managed the trifecta in short order. Breitbart and Beck’s media are also competitors of sorts. Beck compels Breitbart to swing at him! And, that’s what I’m saying. How can one claim to be for unity but, then attack on a daily basis? I know Beck is smarter than that. Who does Beck want to unite with if not TEA party types and independents?

        • gator69 says:

          Dana Loesch, a former employee of Andrew Breibart and a founding member of the Tea Party, said on her show today that this is nothing more than the runamok management of the Andrewless trying to smear a Trump detracor and competitor.

          It is a fart in the wind.

        • suyts says:

          Perhaps. And, perhaps it is to Dana. I like her. And, I’ve expressed many times of late my disappointment with Breitbart. That doesn’t negate Beck’s lunacy. One can’t call for unity and then attack the very people you wish to unite with. And, while I may be off on this, but, I really don’t believe this insignificant. That’s why I wrote these posts. I want someone to shake Beck and tell him to stop it! It’s self-defeating. I am as sure as Beck that Trump isn’t what we want. There’s 15 other ways from Sunday to articulate that thought than what Beck has done. He’s doing it wrong! If it was just himself, he was damaging, I wouldn’t care. He’s a big boy and that’s his business.

          There’s a very fine needle we can thread, here. Beck is fraying the thread.

        • gator69 says:

          Unity requires sanity.

  3. DirkH says:

    Beck is a Mormon, right? Are they ideologically fixated on borderlessness or something?

    • gator69 says:

      Beck is for border enforcement, you should try listening to someone before attacking them.

      • DirkH says:

        Beck announced he wants to bring in “Syrians” even if its illegal according to Breitbart.
        Syrians are in UNHCR administered camps, in Turkey and Jordan. They are at least safe from immediate attack.
        Bringing them to the US or to Germany is unnecessary, and anyone who promotes such a thing is not a border enforcer but a border violator (count Merkel amongst them as well).
        A sufficient humanitarian solution would be to send funding the way of the existing camps.
        The humanitarian argument is a lie. What lies behind the desire of bringing the “Syrians” in?

        • gator69 says:

          What is the Nazarene Fund? The Nazarene Fund will be used to rescue persecuted Christians in the Middle East. Between now and December 2015 our goal is to raise $10 million dollars to save more than 400 families from regions taken over by ISIS. ISIS has used the Nazarene sign to symbolize death – we will use it to symbolize life.

          See how confused you can get when you listen to dishonest third oparties and not the original source?

          There are many who wish to destroy Beck. Many shallow people who are jealous of his success (hello Breitbart!), many progressives and leftists who hate his message, and many bigots who hate his faith. So there are many lies about Beck.

          Beck wants to save Christians from certain death, and bring them here if possible. This has everything to do with stopping another holocaust, and nothging to do with border control. We did not demonize Americans who brought Jews here during WWII, and for good reasons, and reason must take her rightful seat again during this latest genocide.

          Never again is now. Right now. Which side are you on?

        • leftinflagstaff says:

          I’m on the side of those who don’t call people liars and racists because they happen to have a different view. I think Jefferson might agree.

        • gator69 says:

          Jefferson would agree that both Obama and Trump are Progressives. And he would likely agree that those who claimed to be against Obama because of his big government theology, and who now support Trump who is also a lover of big government, are not being honest with themselves or anyone else.

          And the “racist” accusation was not an accusation, but a question. Why do they support a white Progressive, and not a black Progressive.

          Breitbart has become the conservative Media Matters, and is not the same organization that it was when Andrew was alive.

        • gator69 says:

          And in addition, nice to see the current holocaust victims can count on childish infighting amongst Americans. Good job!

        • DirkH says:

          Ok, gator, I stand corrected.

        • leftinflagstaff says:

          Beck, nor you, has any idea of the degree of honesty or racism within those people.

        • gator69 says:

          Apparently you missed my points entirely.

        • leftinflagstaff says:

          Naw. He called them liars. Did he not? And the racism ‘question’ certainly was an insinuation of an accusation—the same as an accusation, of course. Pretty impressive for people he’s never met.

        • gator69 says:

          Beck also once threatened to kill a puppy live on the air, most of us understood he was not serious, but simply trying to make a point. You do not get Beck. But then not everyone does, as he received many death threats from his puppy schtick.

        • leftinflagstaff says:

          Ah….disingenuous to a fault, I guess. Wonder how serious he really is about the Nazarene Fund.

        • gator69 says:

          Ah….hard headed to a fault I guess. Wonder how serious you really are about the new holocaust, and which side you are on.

        • leftinflagstaff says:

          I guess I’d picked the side that is against both the slaughter of innocents, and the slander of innocents.

        • leftinflagstaff says:

          Just think Beck should pick that side too.

        • gator69 says:

          Exactly who was slandered? Project much?

        • leftinflagstaff says:

          Well, off the top of my head—some of James’ friends and family. Thousands more who are TP-ers and support Trump. Or millions.

        • gator69 says:

          According to who? Beck says Breitbart slandered him.

          So again. Who exactly was slandered?

        • leftinflagstaff says:

          “If you were a Tea Party person, then you were lying. You were lying. It was about Barack Obama being black.”

          Have your last words, Gator. As many as you like. I’m done on this one. 🙂

        • gator69 says:

          That quote was not what Beck said. There were qualifiers ahead of that quote, which Breitbart left out to give the wrong impression. Beck was slandered.

          Yes, you are done. Now sin no more. 😉

  4. Lars P. says:
    Why it took femen to find out what these people were conferencing there?
    debate whether wives should be beaten
    wondering why all our media did not bother point that out?

    • DirkH says:

      Moroccan colleague showed me a photo of a girl being spanked with a riding crop, said, this is how women must be treated. I just scoffed.
      We call it Sadism, the Muslims call it Islam.

  5. Lars P. says:

    Well this is to the point:

    “Of all the irresponsible decisions taken in recent years by European politicians, few will cause as much human misery as Angela Merkel’s plan to welcome Syrian refugees to Germany.”
    To help people in need is the right thing to do.
    The article looks at it from the uk perspective, but nevertheless it is worth a read.

    • DirkH says:

      Cartoon is exactly to the point.

    • leftinflagstaff says:

      ‘To help people in need is the right thing to do.’

      Exactly right. Yet totally immoral to force another to do it. Take every single one into your home. Pay their way. Own your strong personal convictions. Putting the burden of your convictions on someone else, makes them weak and impersonal.

    • suyts says:

      The cartoon is fantastic! But, I’m not sure everyone will get the Loreley reference.

  6. Jim Masterson says:

    Most of my bosses let me start work at any time I wanted. I usually came in very early to beat the traffic. My last boss demanded that I come in at 8 am. That placed me right in the middle of the worst traffic in the morning (he was trying to get rid of me obviously). I commuted at the same time in the morning, but had more than an hour to waste before work. To pass the time, I listened to Glenn Beck’s morning radio show. Extremely frustrating.

    Most talk show hosts don’t have their producer and support staff on the radio all the time. Rush Limbaugh’s staff people don’t want to talk on the air, so Rush repeats their comments. Sometimes you can hear Medved’s producer laughing in the background, and Michael sometimes asks him to comment. Not so with Glenn Beck’s show. There were three people talking all the time. I couldn’t tell when Beck was speaking or one of his support staff. After about a week of this nonsense, I switched to my ipod.


  7. kim2ooo says:

    Reblogged this on Climate Ponderings and commented:

    • kim2ooo says:

      ACK! I’ll try again.

      I have grave concerns over Mr. Trump – when it comes to substance.

      BUT I’m more concerned about the RNC


  8. kim2ooo says:

    YA’LL gonna watch the debates and after shows tonight?

    I have a dollar on Mr. Cruz attacking Mr. Bush 🙂 ( getem’ ) I hope others join in., Throw some at Mr. Christy, as well.

  9. kim2ooo says:

    It would seem many of these people seeking office wish to court the young voter…………. IT might be a good idea for groups like RNC – Club for Growth to do campaign type spots at why we should get behind them…. How they differ from the DNC etc.

    Why should I trust what they say?

  10. sth_txs says:

    Isn’t Beck the same guy whom a few years ago ludicrously accused Ron Paul supporters of being terrorists but then later changed his tune?

  11. DirkH says:

    George Soros behind Hijra (well, surprise)
    “George Soros W2EU Group Is Giving Handbooks
    to Fake Refugee Invaders

    Welcome to Europe

  12. DirkH says:

    (the guy on the right is our president Gauck, as big a traitor as Merkel)

  13. gator69 says:

    Breitbart News. Are you this petty? Are you void of anything decent? Answer: no.

    Just like last week when I said something stupid that I regretted, you have done the same. How could you say “in his own words” and then make up a quote from me? Those are your words not mine.

    Let’s focus on these words: never again – is now I spoke of the audience and Americans from all across the country that actually want to do something just. I spoke of an effort to actually do something heroic and save the lives of the most vulnerable. You tried to take an interview with the wife of one of the bravest men in government – Clarence Thomas – an interview with a woman who has guts, determination and courage far beyond anything I will ever posses – and turn it into something ugly. How can we survive if even those who should see things in a similar fashion (not agree on every point, but at least on the big moral items of our day) lie and distort for some petty goal of tearing someone down that they don’t like?

    I have taken the lies about me from Breitbart media for many years because quite frankly, it is beneath both of us to fight when our country is in this much trouble. It still is beneath us. Say what you want about me. Call me names, lie, distort or make things up, but in the end, the only one that is really hurt is the one that is hoping that we will concentrate on what is really happening in our world and not a petty fight about us.

    People are dying. Children are afraid and in hiding because their father was crucified or their sister was taken as a sex slave. This happened TODAY. Maybe they watched people being shot in the street just for believing in Jesus Christ. This is not distant, but real and they cry out for someone to hear them, speak for them, help them and tell their story. This is about them. Not me and certainly not about a really sad headline. There are many things we can disagree on. There are times that we can even challenge each other as fellow broadcasters and argue over approach. But to smear someone and knowingly lie by changing the words in a clear quote is beneath those who deserve to have their story heard. If we all worked as hard to save children as we do to take down the other American we would change the world.

    To all of those who work at Breitbart that may have a problem with me for one reason or another, I invite you to my studios to sit down and have an off-the-record (or if you prefer on-the-record) discussion. I will welcome you, listen to you and discuss anything that you feel is important so we can move past this. I will gladly take responsibility for everything that you believe I have done wrong to hurt you. I personally apologize and ask for your forgiveness. I do not ask you for anything in return except perhaps an opportunity to support you in anything that you are doing to help those who are at risk of dying. Let’s use this moment for something good. You don’t have to agree with me or even like me, but our nation and the western way of life is in trouble. This is a time of giants. I am certainly not one, but by our example maybe we will inspire others to rise to the occasion and actually do something meaningful.

    Let’s save lives and our own souls. Together, with our readers and audience we, meaning all those within the sound of our combined voices, can save thousands. We have already raised $6.2 million dollars to find, vet and bring Christians into the safety of the West. Glenn Beck listeners and TheBlaze readers have raised this in $100 amounts in three weeks. My goal is ten by Christmas. Imagine what we could do together! Adopt one of these families and tell their story.

    Leave me, TheBlaze or Mercury One out of any story you might write. Take all credit if you wish, find another organization that is trying to do the same thing and become their champion but please tell THEIR STORY. No one needs an old story of a relationship that went bad with a five pm TV show host and a man who was taken from his post far too early.

    Andrew’s place in patriots history is secure and unchallenged. Let’s build on the challenge that he left all of us. To do more than what you thought you could do, to constantly push for those things that are right and just and to be better Americans than even those who came before. If we will do that, together we will surpass the number of lives saved by Oscar Schindler – perhaps by the tens of thousands – even though none of us will have the right to ever claim a fraction of his bravery and heroism.

  14. Lars P. says:
    “It appears the secret to Trump’s surprising success in the polls is actually simple – “know your audience.” “…. “Trump speaks at a fifth grade level “

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