Australia Gets A New PM!!!!!


Australian prime minister ousted in internal party challenge

Australia’s ruling conservatives ousted beleaguered Prime Minister Tony Abbott as party leader Monday evening in a change that could signal a different Australian response to climate change and allow for a more moderate agenda that could include recognition of gay marriage.

Liberal Party members voted 54 to 44 to replace Abbott with former party leader and Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who had called for the leadership ballot just hours earlier amid flagging opinion polls for the 2-year-old conservative coalition government.

Turnbull split his coalition and lost the party leadership in 2009 over his support for a then-Labor Party government’s proposal to make industrial polluters pay for the carbon gas emissions that they produced through an emissions permit trading scheme.

A coalition government under Abbott last year repealed a 2-year-old carbon tax and replaced it with a policy of paying industrial polluters 2.55 billion Australian dollars ($1.8 billion) in taxpayer-funded incentives to operate more cleanly. The policy imposes no financial penalty for polluting and critics say it won’t be enough to reduce Australia’s heavy reliance on abundant reserves of cheap coal to generate electricity.

In his first news conference since he was elected party leader, Turnbull foreshadowed no changes to climate policy.

“Policies are reviewed and adapted all the time,” he said. “But the climate policy is one that I think has been very well designed. That was a very, very good piece of work.”

Turnbull declined to discuss any other potential policy changes, emphasizing that his leadership style would be collaborative. Abbott was often accused of making rogue policy pronouncements.

Turnbull supports gay marriage and previously proposed that Parliament vote on legalizing it before elections due around September next year.

Abbott, who opposes gay marriage, proposed avoiding divisive public debate by holding a post-election direct vote that electoral authorities estimated would cost AU$158 million ($113 million).

Turnbull will become Australia’s fourth prime minister in just over two years when he is sworn in on Tuesday. ….

You can read more at the link.

Personally, I’m sad to see this.  I had hoped the Liberal party would stay the course.  It is true that Abbott had made some missteps, but, most of them weren’t from the content of what he was saying or doing, but, rather, a miscalculation as to how it would be portrayed.  All in all, I think Abbott did a decent job. 

One also has to wonder how much of the negative perception was due to the lack of global demand for energy.  People’s content with their politicians is directly related to the content of their wallets. 

My view is that Turnbill is the American equivalent of a RINO.  Still, though, I think if there are enough conservatives in the party, they’ll be able to guide Australia to years of stability and prosperity. 

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2 Responses to Australia Gets A New PM!!!!!

  1. Keitho says:

    Ed Miliband was in Australia just recently. He and Turnbull share similar views regarding Climate Change which are totally at odds with Abbott.

    The Paris conclave of the Wizards of Climate Change is in early December and obviously Abbott could not be allowed to represent Australia at that get together. Miliband made that very clear and helped stiffen Turnbull’s resolve in bringing about the coup. There are a couple of months left for Turnbull to ensure the right scientists make up the team he takes with him to Paris.

    I think Paris is a much, much bigger deal for global politics and economics than even we cognoscenti realise.

  2. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    One of the key facts is he is an ex-Goldman-Sachs partner. Unfortunately the signs is he is so plugged into that fraternity that he doesn’t ever look at actual data – be it climate or economic.

    The impression I get is that conservatives are furious. We have compulsory voting here, but that does not prevent you from spoiling your ballot paper. I suspect a lot of that will happen if he goes the way he has been threatening too: especially climate silliness and SSM.

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