Russia, Syria, And The US …… What Should We Do? Nothing.


So, today, we’ve seen headlines such of this …

Exclusive: Russian troops join combat in Syria – sources …

So, the Russians are there.  Assad is supposedly the person the West wants out.  What should we do?

Nothing.  Or, better, we should coordinate with the Russians. 

Look, regardless of what one thinks of Assad, there are too many downsides and no upsides to being antagonistic towards the Russian presence. 

For a moment, (I know some of the readers would disagree), let’s assume US/Western military superiority over all other militaries.  I firmly believe, if we had the will, we could assert our will, regardless of any coalition against us, today.  Let’s say we do poke the Russians and topple Assad.  ………. We all should, by now, know what would replace the power vacuum in Syria.  That would be ISIS.  Again, regardless of what one thinks of Assad, he’s infinitely better than ISIS.  Is he a scumbag?  Sure.  He’s a totalitarian despot, but, then, what nation, other than Israel isn’t totalitarian in the region?

Let’s say we humiliate Russia in the process, in which, we surely would if we imposed our will to topple Assad.  What’s gained?  I mean, other than a firm and potent enemy?  It is my impression that Putin is waiting for a US leader he can respect.  When Bush was president, even though they had their differences, they seemed to respect each other.  Putin has none for Obama.  None.  It isn’t hard to see why.

Under Obama, the US has demonstrate absolutely no willingness to remain, in country, as a stabilizing force.  Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan.  Iraq, we left when the nation was just beginning to stabilize.  Now, ISIS controls much of the nation.  Libya, we just toppled the regime and left.  Now, it’s a huge mess, and we managed to kill some fine American patriots because of it.  While we remain in Afghanistan, we’ve drawn down the numbers of service men to the point where we cannot provide any stabilization.  There is no upside to doing this, which we know we would do, in Syria. 

Then, let’s say Putin doesn’t understand our military superiority and gets really pissed that we did that ……. regardless of the outcome, there’s no upside to it.  Russia isn’t threatening US or Western interests.  They’re trying to protect their own. 

I believe, for the sake of humanity, we could, just this once, coordinate with Russia and extinguish the monstrosity against humanity, ISIS.  …….  Oh, yeh, and screw the Turks, this is more important than they are.  They’re just going to have to swallow.  

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26 Responses to Russia, Syria, And The US …… What Should We Do? Nothing.

  1. Latitude says:

    agree again!…at least Putin would appoint another dictator

  2. TG says:

    Or, better, we should coordinate with the Russians. Sanity!

  3. DirkH says:

    I agree mostly, but
    “I believe, for the sake of humanity, we could, just this once, coordinate with Russia and extinguish the monstrosity against humanity, ISIS. …”

    Mostly that’s a Hollywood Monstrosity (it would have been produced by Lookout Mountain Labs in Laurel Canyon, the military film studio, but of course that’s been closed for a long time now, they got their facilities somewhere else noe); published by Rita Katz of SITE, an “NGO” in WashDC. She always “finds” the videos on youtube. That started with the 9/11 Benghazi video of that “Christian filmmaker” who was anything but. Without Katz nobody would ever have found the video. Needless to say, Katz has two citizenships, one US and one you name it.

  4. Latitude says:

    is it just me?…..or is this guy getting spookier by the day?

  5. Lars P. says:

    An army needs a lot of logistics running behind the front lines. Many times it is the logistics which limits the movements of the army.
    Where does the logistics for Daesh/ISIS/ISIL/IS run from? Where is the munition production? There is none in their controlled area. Where do the lorries come from to feed all those fancy toys?
    Why can’t this be stopped?
    If the logistics chain fail, any army is finished. It can live on reserve for some time, but sooner or later the end comes.

  6. squid2112 says:

    (I know some of the readers would disagree)

    I really don’t see how…

    OT: This is a pretty darned good short video:

  7. Latitude says:

    I’m Shocked!!!….you mean all these countries with high youth unemployment rates…
    ….don’t have a half million jobs sitting around for uneducated foreigners that don’t even speak the language

    More Than 90 Percent of Middle Eastern Refugees on Food Stamps and welfare

  8. Latitude says:

    and they all said they could afford it……better wake up, it’s not just for this year….it’s forever

    Finland to raise taxes on the wealthy to cover refugee costs–business.html

    • suyts says:

      Lord, have mercy!!!!!!

    • DirkH says:

      One “refugee” costs a MINIMUM of 12000 EUR a year in germany. MUFL’s or unaccompanied minors cost 30 to 60,000 EUR a year. Money that the Hijra-CDU would not only never SPEND on a German kid but also EXTORTS from German families.
      If there is any party that currently works to maximize the confidence crisis it is Merkels CDU. It’s balls to the wall now! This will not stand.

      • Lars P. says:

        The solution to the refugee crisis is doable : what Australia did with the boat people could Europe also do. That they are not returning the refugees to Turkey clarifies that there is no intention to do it.
        At the several millions of refugees one wonders why only a couple of hundred thousands came.
        Anyhow Yemen is the next big wave of refugees to come. If there are many coming from Eritrea, there will be much more coming from Yemen to Europe. As South Yemen is getting into the hands of AQAP and North will be a war zone there will be more and more running for their life.
        Then it is Turkey with the new attack on Kurds, That may get very nasty in the end….
        Interesting times ahead.

        • DirkH says:

          ” If there are many coming from Eritrea, there will be much more coming from Yemen to Europe. ”

          There are 30,000 Eritreans in Germany. System media has consistently described Eritrea as hell on Earth, while they still had free space for that. This has stopped as they now need their space to defend the Million Hijra from the Muslim nations.

          I found ONE! report from a journo who WAS actually in Eritrea IN VACATION. Yes they have constant mobilization since gaining independence. Everybody has two jobs: One being a soldier the other being his day job. He says it’s a beautiful place and people were nice to him. He asked his taxi driver, why are you not escaping? Guy answered, grinning, who would drive you to the airport then?

          Nearly all German journos are doubtlessly bought and paid for – with a fiver! That’s how expensive they are.

          So the “refugees” from Eritrea are 20 year old guys who’d rather sit on their arse in Germany collecting benefits than train for a war in Eritrea. Since when is laziness and cowardice a reason for asylum. Since Merkel, that’s when! Send us your downtrodden, your cowards and slackers! Oh and don’t forget the radicals and criminals. THAT’s Merkels and the regime medias message.

        • Lars P. says:

          Lumo’s take on the crisis:

          We should seriously think about the opinion of Jiří Weigl [Klaus’ aide] that these politicians may act in this way deliberately because their aim is to perturb the cohesion of our society since this move is necessary for their genuine goal which is not being talked about loudly and which is the creation of the “new Europe”. One without us, those who found and who still find the old Europe to be good enough. The migrants could very well become the first group of the “members of the dreamed about European nation” (J. Weigl) who won’t be constrained by any past links to any particular nation state and who will therefore easily identify themselves with the EU. His assertion about the “migrants as the glue of the unified Europe” is fundamental.

        • Lars P. says:

          oh, this was not Lumo’s take but Vaclav Klaus the former CZ president, sorry for that:

          “We should also analyze a question: Why did the migration wave explode now? What spectacular event can be blamed for the fact that 40% of the migrants arriving to Bavaria during the last weekend came from Kosovo? There has been no fighting over there for 15 years. Why extra 40% came from Afghanistan where the wars have occurred on a daily basis for 4 decades? Nothing dramatic has changed about the migrants’ lives in their homelands. However, they did receive – sometimes explicit, sometimes implicit – report that they may come to Europe.

          I am afraid about the future of the European civilization. Nothing smaller is at stake.
          Václav Klaus, MF DNES, September 11th, 2015

        • DirkH says:

          Vaclav Klaus is right most of the times. But in this particular case I hold that it is an immigration weapon targeted specifically against Germany to destroy any perspective of a Russo-German alliance. Top CDU personnel are traitors and work for the USA to enable this attack.

        • DirkH says:

          There is no better explanation for Merkels behaviour: Against the Greek she maintained that rules had to be obeyed. Now she throws all rules (Schengen, Dublin) out the window. It’s the same person. In fact she NEVER was a principled person – after Fukushima she suddenly and illegally forced the closure of 8 nukes. This was strictly illegal – the companies had to sue to get nuclear fuel taxes they payed back.
          Also she IGNORED the violations against Schengen and Dublin by Italy and Austria for 2 years and more.

          I would today hold that she is a complete macchiavellist and in the case of the current FORCED refugee crisis she works against the German people, which is probably the reason she was installed in the first place.

          Now I’m waiting for a move by constitutionalist forces. A move that will break her neck.

        • DirkH says:

          Ah, I didn’t see your second quote when I wrote my answer. So Vaclav Klaus recognizes it as an attack as well. Very well.

  9. Latitude says:

    Dirk….poor little muslim refuges

    “We were crammed in a boat 150 planned for 60. On the way to Lampedusa, twelve girls were thrown into the sea,” said 20-year-old Tarek, a Muslim migrant to Europe

    But when the new arrivals began stepping onto Western soil, there were no women and children, no persecuted minorities. There were only thriving Muslim males with selfie sticks, fashion sunglasses, and Nike shoes. There were no women — at least not any who had initially boarded the flotillas.

    • DirkH says:

      ““We were crammed in a boat 150 planned for 60. On the way to Lampedusa, twelve girls were thrown into the sea,” said 20-year-old Tarek, a Muslim migrant to Europe”

      The reports of how the Muslims drowned the Christians on the way are known.
      Well they don’t treat Muslim women any better.

      Munich, an SPD city, who for months boasted how tolerant they were, and carted schoolkids to anti PEGIDA demos, is right about now drowning under a never before seen immigration attack via train from Austria and Hungary.
      13,000 arrivals today, all unregistered, no attempt by police at the border to control the trains, as ordered by Merkel.

      The first refugee train on Wednesday was greeted by Jubelcommittes with air balloons and cheers. The Gutmenschen have by now vanished and made room for rubberneckers watching the spectacle.

      • DirkH says:

        German rail has ordered employees to not check anyone looking like a Merkel Hijra refugee for a valid ticket anywhere in Germany. Only Germans must pay up.

        Long time residents with ME origin find themselves suddenly surrounded by Gutmenschen who want to help them, mistaking them for Merkel Hijra fresh arrivals.

      • DirkH says:

        “The first refugee train on Wednesday ”

        Ah, that was Wednesday 10 days ago. That was the start of the uncontrolled invasion by train. There were refugees via Italy coming in in trains before but Austrian police tried to catch them and police in Rosenheim got them before they got to Munich.

      • Latitude says:

        French newspaper Le Figaro reports that Muslim men have been throwing women and children overboard to drown at sea because of the cramped conditions on the ships.

    • DirkH says:

      “Dom” , the author of the article, has it completely right about the reasons for the Hijra. Meanwhile German system media consciously peddle bulllcrap, saying, oh, those poor darlings sat in Turkey for 4 years and conditions are now so bad.

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