Climate Change Threatening Livestock!!!!!


It seems we’re often bombarded with horrid images of places in famine when the lunatics try to discuss global warming/climate change/climate disruption, much like the image above. 

Now, longtime readers will know I do, from time to time, trot out some global crop production graphs, such as this one I did last May ……

It would be complete imbecility to believe climate change is harming our crop production, given the above graph.  There are too many things necessary to good crop production.  All of which the lunatic alarmists blather on about.  From rain to infrastructure disruption.  It is simply, that whatever imaginary effects of global warming the lunatics wish to believe, it isn’t showing up in our crop production in over 50 years.

But, it does occur to me that this isn’t the entire picture.  Sure crop production is up!  But, what if that’s because the world is turning vegan?  That is to same, another constant moronic babbling meme from the lunatics is that we should all become vegan because of the scarcity of our food!  That crops for livestock compete with crops for human consumption. 

So, let’s look! 


Well, no.  It doesn’t look like we gave up feeding the chickens and cattle!  Again, we need to understand what this means towards our global climate condition.  If the weather was too varying, unpredictable, and wild with storms of the century and whatnot, then the information in the graph above could not happen, just like it couldn’t happen in the crop graph. 

Data source for graphs is FAOSTAT

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7 Responses to Climate Change Threatening Livestock!!!!!

  1. omanuel says:

    Emotions Outweigh Facts:

    FEAR was used to control the public in the old USSR. Physics was changed into a tool of FEAR to control the rest of the globe after nations were united on 24 Oct 1945. See:


    [ResearchGate allows you to see and respond to empirical evidence:

    _ a) The Sun’s internal composition
    _ b) The definition of nuclear stability

    were FALSIFIED after WWII.]



  2. Latitude says:


    in the mean time…can it get any more absurd than this?
    Mexico wants the US to have complete gun control…because (are you ready?)
    …all American guns can end up in Mexico

    Our open border is a threat to them????

    • gator69 says:

      Mexico’s theory is that, since any gun in the U.S. might at some point conceivably cross the U.S. border, all U.S. guns have to be controlled in the name of controlling the international arms trade.

      I say let’s make a deal.

      My theory is that, since any Mexican in Mexico might at some point conceivably cross the U.S. border illegally, all Mexicans have to be imprisoned in the name of controlling the illegal border crossings.


    • Lars P. says:

      Stupid question, if they are not happy with that, isn’t it easier to control the border?

  3. Lars P. says:

    New improved satellite receiver:

    • DirkH says:

      Well sorry, will single young horny uneducated Muslim males do? We’re short of refugee FAMILIES.
      EVERYONE wants to help a FAMILY, they’re way up in demand.
      And, they’re overbooked. They barely make it out of the TV studios.

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