Hillary Isn’t Going To Get Around This If People Properly Understand What Was Done!


I haven’t commented on this aspect of the Hillary email/server scandal, mostly because when putting it in terms I often use, laypeople have their eyes rolled up into the back of their head and I make no headway.  The average reader, here at Suyts, already knows this stuff, so there would be little benefit. 

But, today, it’s out in LSM, so, I’ll try to simplify and explain what happened. And, why we absolutely know Hillary is lying.

I’ll start with this picture, and the go to Fox News ……


Mystery deepens into how classified emails got onto Clinton’s unclassified server

The daily revelations over classified information finding its way onto Hillary Clinton’s personal email server are raising perplexing questions for former government officials who wonder how classified information made its way onto the former secretary of state’s non-classified server — especially since the two systems are not connected. 

“It is hard to move classified documents into the non-classified system. You couldn’t move a document by mistake,” said Willes Lee, a former operations officer for the U.S. Army in Europe and former operations officer for the Joint Chiefs of Staff. 

State Department spokesman Alec Gerlach confirmed the two systems don’t connect. “The classified and unclassified system are separate and you cannot email between the two,” Gerlach told Fox News. 

The Clinton campaign adamantly denies any emails traversing Clinton’s homebrew server were marked classified at the time. The intelligence community inspector general says “potentially hundreds” of classified emails may be in the mix, but acknowledges at least some were not properly marked. 

So if the Clinton denial is to be believed, individuals in her inner circle would have simply typed or scanned classified information into a non-classified system without regard for its contents. In this case, emails would have started in, and stayed in, the unclassified system — albeit improperly, based on the findings of the intelligence inspector general. 

But if it turns out emails literally jumped from the classified to the non-classified system — something the State Department claims cannot happen — it would seem to point to Clinton’s staff going to great lengths to create a work-around to do so. 

A government employee doing so would commit numerous felonies, according to Bradford Higgins, who served as assistant secretary of state for resource management and chief financial officer from 2006-2009. “A violation, in addition to criminal charges and potential prosecution, would likely mean that person who committed the breach would never again be given a security clearance,” Higgins said. 

The State Department has indicated it sees no evidence of this criminal scenario. Classified documents are supposed to be marked, and State Department spokesman John Kirby told reporters at an Aug. 13 briefing “we have no indications” any classification markings were stripped. Clinton’s defense has been that the emails in question were later deemed classified, after they traversed her server. 

But Higgins is skeptical. 

“Emails don’t change from unclassified to classified. The originator of the email decides the classification before it is sent out based on basic protocols, not subsequent readers,” Higgins said. “I believe it would be highly unusual for an unclassified email to later become classified.” 

Regardless of how it happened, Lee faulted Clinton and her staff. 

“It is not as if Hillary Clinton and her staff do not know the rules and the law,” he said. 

“I think what it is going to come down to is very sloppy, unprofessional procedures,” said Steven Bucci, assistant to former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and deputy assistant secretary of defense who is now at The Heritage Foundation. 

While government watchdogs looking into the Clinton emails say classified material was improperly sent or received, so far they have not publicly alleged that emails jumped between systems. 

I. Charles McCullough, III, inspector general of the intelligence community, and Steve Linick, inspector general for the Department of State, said in a July 24 statement that of 40 emails the State Department allowed them to review in an audit, four contained intelligence community-derived information that remains classified today. But the information did not contain classified markings or dissemination controls, they said. 

They said: “This information should never have been transmitted via an unclassified personal system.” 

McCullough said, though, that “we were informed by State FOIA officials that there are potentially hundreds of classified emails within approximately 30,000 provided by Secretary Clinton.” 

He reiterated that while emails they saw were not marked as such, some should have been “handled as classified, appropriately marked, and transmitted via a secured network.” 

One of the emails that sparked the FBI probe was sent in April 2011 from Clinton aide Huma Abedin and covered intelligence from three agencies, Fox News first reported. Other emails that contained classified information came from diplomats with confidential material, according to the AP. 

Pro-Clinton super PAC Correct the Record, which maintained Clinton’s use of personal email followed the precedent of other secretaries of state and she did not violate any laws, said in a recent statement that government agencies often classify information differently from each other and that “government agencies also are notorious for over-classifying material.” 

Another security concern is Clinton attorney David Kendall’s possession of thumb drives, which he recently gave the FBI. 

The State Department would not provide details on the documents given to Kendall. “Removable drives need to be approved,” Gerlach said, adding that he cannot get into specific security requirements. 

Clinton and her staff may have had the ability to use thumb drives, but that would be unusual at the State Department, and it also defeats the purpose of a top secret computer, a classified printer, or what’s known as a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF), Higgins said. 

A SCIF is a room or building where classified material can be reviewed, designed and built so nothing electronic can go in or out except over secured lines.

Higgins noted other differences in how classified and non-classified systems are handled. “At State, your classified hard drive sits in your safe and only comes out for occasional use and must be returned to the safe before you leave at night,” he said. “Even printing out top-secret needs a top-secret printer, which is carefully monitored.” 

He added, “As I recall at State, classified computers didn’t have ports for thumb drives to download secret info.” 

The security implication is clear, he said: “Everything on her server has been compromised.”

Okay, the above contains some very important information in regards to this issue.  And, that’s the reason why I posted the pic.  Here’s an explanation of the picture …..


This is the world-wide network of computers accessible to anyone who knows their Internet Protocol (IP) address – the IP address is a unique set of numbers (such as that defines the computer’s location. Most will have accessed a computer using a name such ashttp://www.hcidata.com. Before this named computer can be accessed, the name needs to be resolved (translated) into an IP address. To do this your browser (for example Netscape or Internet Explorer) will access a Domain Name Server (DNS) computer to lookup the name and return an IP address …..


This is a network that is not available to the world outside of the Intranet. If the Intranet network is connected to the Internet, the Intranet will reside behind a firewall and, if it allows access from the Internet, will be an Extranet. The firewall helps to control access between the Intranet and Internet to permit access to the Intranet only to people who are members of the same company or organisation.
In its simplest form, an Intranet can be set up on a networked PC without any PC on the network having access via the Intranet network to the Internet. ……

SCIF (noted in the Fox article) is an “Intranet”, supposedly in it’s simplest form.  At least, it used to be, according to my understanding.   

What we’re talking about is a system which has no connection to the outside world. 

The article also notes “classified” computers didn’t have thumb drive ports (USB ports).  But, there’s a very easy work-around for this.  It’s called a “laptop”. 

You see, while the secured computers may not have had USB ports, they certainly had NIC cards with network connections (Cat5 …etc….)  Those of us older than days of wireless connections know we used to have to plug a cable into the backs of our computers to get on our networks and the INTERNET.  So, in this particular case, why bother with the cumbersome pulling out a drive from the safe, and then have to remember crap, when you can bring your State issued laptop in?  Just unplug the secured computer and plug the laptop in.  And, yes, the connection is exactly the same. 

That said, some IT people need to go to jail.  Yes, it’s that easy to get a physical connection, but, the laptop still should not have been able to communicate with the other computers on the intranet.  Well, a good hacker could.  Well, not even a good hacker …. one could switch the NIC card of the “secure” computer with a different computer and half of the hacking battle is won!  Regardless, it still takes some knowledge I’m betting neither Hillary or Huma possess.  So, some IT person needs to go to jail along with Hillary and Huma. 

You see, along with ability, it takes intent to circumvent the system, regardless of the ease. 

As I re-read this, I know I failed to make it simple for some people not familiar with computers and networks and how they work.  Still, this needs to be repeated.  

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22 Responses to Hillary Isn’t Going To Get Around This If People Properly Understand What Was Done!

  1. squid2112 says:

    James, that sad part about this is, most people already have both Internet AND Intranet and don’t even realize it. Virtually all wireless modems/routers for Internet access, as you know, create an Intranet and a firewall or gateway to the Internet. Heck, even your mobile phone uses this same method, except that the Intranet is based within your telco network.

    Unfortunately, since the vast majority of people have absolutely no clue as to how these things work, it makes it very easy for people like Killary to obfuscate and lie about the facts. Hell, in some cases she can actually tell the truth and pretend that it is all perfectly above board and most people will believe it because they have no clue.

  2. DirkH says:

    The only part that is important is that she had classified info on a system where she was not allowed to have it. Every layperson falls victim to the occasional computer virus. Government and corporations employ expensive security for that. She acted criminally negligent, so she is not material for any high office. Well actually for no government office at all, as you will find better applicants.

    • Latitude says:

      Dirk, she blatantly admitted that she’s not capable of maintaining any semblance of security or operating her own system….She’s said she was incompetent

      She had only one device because that’s the only one she knew how to use…and “wiped” with a cloth

      So what we have is someone that knows they are incompetent and goes on and does it anyway.

      • DirkH says:

        Wonder whether CFR will stick with their selection, and what they’ll do to prop the old butch up. Wait I wanted to say witch. Damn keyboards.

  3. Latitude says:

    The message is this: You lie to us every day and we hate you for it. I’d like to add, Your dishonest narrative isn’t fooling anybody, but I’m sure it is. But not all the people, and not all of the time.


    • DirkH says:

      During the 1989 people’s movement that preceded the fall of the wall (an honest one, not a color revolution) in the DDR some DDR guys looked at how the movement got traction. Very smart fellows. They noticed that after 3% of the population, the outspoken, fearless ones, had joined the movement, the majority of the silent people followed and joined.

      So… don’t worry about majorities that much. The process works like an avalanche once a critical (small) mass is reached.

      The leaders know this and are accordingly worried. THEY ARE PANICKING RIGHT NOW.

  4. Latitude says:

    Military equipment breaking down in the middle of a military parade, tanks catching on fire, planes blowing up at air shows….and now this

      • DirkH says:

        They just produce them for a fiver. Stuff breaks anyway in a war.
        Interestingly safety criteria for software are even in Western arms companies pretty, ahem, flimsy, compared to automotive, railmotive, or power plants. Because well, wars are lethal for some anyway.

        • Latitude says:

          This isn’t war Dirk…..all this stuff is happening at events where Russia is trying to show their military might……and it keeps self destructing

        • suyts says:

          Yeh, there’s that, Dirk, but, I think it’s pretty clear that Russia’s armaments are still inferior to ours. I’m just glad to see that they’ve worked out most of the bugs in getting their submarines to be able to surface!

        • Latitude says:


        • DirkH says:

          Latitude says:
          September 1, 2015 at 4:04 pm
          “This isn’t war Dirk…..”

          We are at war since about JAN2014.
          a) Ukraine Putsch
          b) Immigration attack on Germany starts 2014, intensifies in 2015
          c) A lot of explosions in port facilities, DU facilities, ammunition depots, German bunkers in Hamburg, refineries in Texas or chem factories in Bremen.
          d) Not to speak of the usual AK 47s in France/Belgium.
          e) US treasury dumping by China
          f) Saudi oil attack on USA
          g) Bunch of airliners
          h) a bunch of bankers taking flying lessons without a parachute
          All of this is connected and none of it is coincidental.
          How’d we call it? Death by a thousand cuts?

  5. kim2ooo says:


    “BREAKING: Hillary Intentionally Originated And Distributed Highly Classified Information “


    • Jim Masterson says:

      I used to hold a security clearance. I can tell you, sending classified documents on unclassified communication lines is a major breach in security protocol. Mishandling classified material is the fastest way to lose your security classification, lose your job, and wind up in jail–at least for us peons. It’ll be interesting to watch this play out and see how what “should” happen differs from what “will” happen. The Clintons are special and don’t have to follow the same rules as the rest of us.

      (Too bad pH isn’t dropping by to tell us how perfectly Hillary managed her emails.)


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