Mass Immigration And Why People In Power Believe We Need It


For the people perplexed as to why someone, anyone, could possibly advocate unfettered mass immigration of foreigners to one’s native nation, I thought I’d jot a line to elucidate. 

Now, first and foremost, for the American readers, I have to say this problem isn’t unique to the US.  All over Western Civilization, this is a huge problem.  I recently wrote about Germany and the supposed desire for more immigrants.  France is having a huge problem with immigrants, the UK, Sweden, even Australia. 

But, why are we having such a huge problem when the wound is self-inflicted?  Each and every nation struggling with mass immigration can easily end the problem, but, we don’t!  Why?

It isn’t complicated.  It’s the same recipe for disaster as it’s always been …… the pursuit of money and power. 

The US has a declining birth rate, as does most advanced nations.  Indeed, before the encouraged mass migration of North Africans and Mid-Easterners to Europe, many nations in Europe had a negative birth rate.  That is to say their populations were declining.  So what?  Some would say.  Why would a declining population be a problem in a world where technology constantly replaces the need for more people?  Well, it isn’t a problem with the exception of a couple of things. 

The most important impetus for advocating an unfettered border in the US and most other Western nations is our addiction to chronic and perpetual deficit spending.  In spite of the leftards liberal use of Keynes writings, even Keynes advocated getting back to spending less than or equal to what a government takes in.  Deficit spending, by any measure of any noted and serious economist was always suppose to be temporary, if done at all.  Debt requires interest payments, always.  The more debt, the more interest payments, even if the interest rates are low, the more debt, the more in interest payments. 

As a population declines, or, as the debt increases more than the population increases, the burden of sustaining the debt increases per person in said economy. 

In the US, we’ve made so many promises and mortgaged our future for today, we can’t possibly service our debt (and allow it to continue to grow) without importing more tax payers!  Well, most of the ones we import today don’t really pay many taxes.  The immigrants we import are mostly a net negative on taxes paid vs benefits received.  But, that can be said for nearly half of the people in the US, today.  While the numbers are not exact, about 20% of the US population pays about 80% of the taxes.  In other words, the people we are importing are necessary to service the people who service our debt.  The imports’ services come in a variety of services, but, for the larger view, it’s simply a way to keep the people who service our debt comfortably able to service our debt. 

Of course, it doesn’t have to be this way, it’s just that the people who do comfortably service our debt and the people (politicians they support) like it this way. 

It works like this ……  Politicians like to stay in power, they stay in power by providing for and gaining votes from people.  Some big contributors to their election aspirations are people who require cheap labor.  It’s a never ending cycle of continuous deficit spending.  The US imports people in order to have our debt serviced.  We increase our deficit spending to entice people to come here and vote for the people who made this happen.  The wealthy love this and liberally donate to politicians who facilitate this.  A beautiful example, but, certainly not the most important example of this relationship is Tyson Foods and the Clintons.  Tyson Foods hires mostly illegals.  It keeps the cost of labor down.  They support their politicians who allow this.  Eventually, the illegals bare voters.  The friends and family of the illegals support the politicians who facilitated their lawlessness.  And, they mindlessly support Tyson Foods …… among a plethora of many other companies.  This allows for more servicing of debt, which allows for more deficit spending, usually directed at either the people who become dependent on the spending through day to day living, or the people who become dependent upon the deficit spending for their business to succeed. 

Sadly, though, as Greece, Zimbabwe, and Venezuela (only the most recent) have demonstrated, this cannot be perpetual.  At some point, the piper comes calling.  One cannot invent value, without actually inventing something of value!  One cannot just print it or simply fantasize it to be so. 

While I realize this is a disjointed post, I will add this thought …..

Consider the US worker efficiency rate of late.  That is to say, production per man hours worked.  The rate has been dismal of late.  Now consider Moore’s law which has held somewhat true since articulated.  (Specifically, Moore’s law references the increase of computer processing power.)  As we modernize our society, it reasons that worker efficiency should be a function of Moore’s law.  Over the last several years, it has not been in the US, nor in many other places around the world. 

Lastly, I pictured Trump in the post.  This isn’t an endorsement of Trump.  I honestly don’t believe he would understand what I just wrote.  And, I know he has benefited from the arrangement I described earlier.  That said, he’s brought the issue to the forefront.  For that, he gets a “huzzah!” from me.   

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33 Responses to Mass Immigration And Why People In Power Believe We Need It

  1. omanuel says:

    Thank you for this essay with insight into a problem that has generated more fear than understanding.

    Regretfully, Trump does not appear to be the statesman needed to guide our society back to sanity.

    • suyts says:

      Thanks! We have to understand the causes of problems before we can fix problems. I may, though, get to the histrionics in a later post. If not fixed, we’re all going to be in a very bad place.

  2. leftinflagstaff says:

    And again, this is all just symptoms of our weakness, apathy, and guilt which allows the powerbrokers to get away with it. The true reason.

  3. omanuel says:

    Hubris seems to be a problem that will not be solved by more Hubris.

      • suyts says:

        Geran, this particular post is not the place to post these links …., or perhaps it is. Be that as it may, I will address this in one of the other places you’ve posted …….. Well, no, I’ll respond here, and the other places.

        Geran, you’ve brought up a question I struggled with in the past.

        I’ve known about this since about the time it happened. I got the information from a different blog, Climate Etc …. At that point, I don’t believe he’d ever posted at Suyts. Like you, I did warn other blogs in which he frequently commented, though I used private email.

        Then, one day, he commented on my blog. My first thought was to simply block him, without comment. But, I thought it would be better to explain why I was blocking him. I realized then, that I didn’t really know if this was the same Oliver Manuel. So, I endeavored to find out. I believe it highly likely it is.

        With a little digging, you can find out more about this issue. I accept the fact that many people would disagree with my inaction. However, my inaction is an action.

        There are two moral dilemmas in front of me …. well, three, actually. Two are related.

        As a society, we set rules in place, and people who violate said rules are subject to the punishment society sets. Now, the heinous crimes he was accused of are not the same as he pled guilty to. Does that mean he didn’t do the crimes he was accused of? No, but, it doesn’t mean he did, either. After a person serves their punishment, what then? I am attuned to the fact that this isn’t something as simple as burglary or something of that nature. But, it isn’t murder, either.

        As a blog owner, I’ve always felt comfortable with giving everyone a right to speak. I don’t care about the content (vile language excepted) of the words. The words are an expression of an idea. It doesn’t mean I agree with the ideas, it means someone was allowed to express them. Are all the thoughts of a person with horrid flaws entirely discredited without thought? For example, many regarded Napoleon as a horrid person. And, he probably was. But, his military tactics are still studied, today. We can gain value from bad people! Hitler is regarded by many as one of the most horrid people ever! I certainly agree that he was, but, his rise to power and his political ability should be studied on many levels. That said, Dr. Oliver has expressed some ideas I find implausible. But, then, I’m not the arbiter of thought, which is one of the aims of my blog, that is, to provoke thought. It’s a bit of a double edged sword, but, one I happily engage. Sure, my blog allows for some of the most idiotic thoughts. But, then, I get to, or, others such as yourself get to, offer reasoned arguments as to why the thoughts are idiotic!

        Then, there’s the third dilemma, and I can’t get around it. The other two I can easily argue against, just as easily as I argue for. (I’m very good at being the Devil’s advocate.) But, I’m not the Devil’s advocate. Light always defeats darkness. And, this is why I decided to respond to you here. I know what is in the print and forever retained in the INTERNET regarding Dr. Oliver. What I don’t know is what is still in his heart. And, regardless, he’s still welcomed here. Here’s why …..

        Assuming he was guilty of the crime he confessed to, if he has truly changed his ways and realizes the harm he’s done and paid retribution as our society has set, and believes in the God he has professed to, then, I say, ‘welcome back, let’s never go down that path, again!’ But, most importantly, if he’s not truly contrite, and not a true believer, what would you have him reading?

        Don’t get me wrong. I’m not the end all of morality, I’m very flawed! But, the Word which we link to everyday, is not flawed, and is the end all of morality. Christ was called out about being among “sinners”. He answered, ‘where else would I be?’. It was that He was delivering a message to people who needed to hear it. If Oliver is a lost soul, how cool is it that he comes here, rather than I have to go there for him to see the Light? Or, if he’s a truly sorry person, and contrite and only wishes to help people see, well, I’m good with that. Or, what if he’s innocent of the charges brought against him in 2011 which date back to 1989?

        Geran, I don’t know if I’ve ever articulated this thought as I will here, but, my credo is this ….
        Let every man have his voice. Let reasoned men argue. Let God judge.

        Yeh, it sounds hokey, but, it’s the way I do it, or the way I try to do it.

        • geran says:

          So, I’m the “bad” guy, the one to be “lectured”.

          Most interesting….

        • suyts says:

          Geran, that certainly wasn’t my intent. I wasn’t trying to lecture, I was doing my very best to explain. I’m very sorry if you came away with the notion I was trying to lecture you.

          Geran, I tried to make it clear that I thought and felt exactly as you’ve expressed here. I’ve absolutely no desire to be associated with a child molester. I can and do appreciate you bringing this to our attention. It’s just that I’ve known about this for a long time, now. As I mentioned, this is something I’ve contemplated. It bothered me, and it still does. I’ve talked about this to my family and friends. Indeed, I talked about your comment to my wife just a couple of hours ago, and she recalled the conversation she and I had a couple of years ago about this.

          It’s okay to disagree with me. I don’t consider the people who do as “bad” guys. Indeed, most of the regulars disagree with me on different occasions. That’s fine. I certainly do understand towards, and I tried to convey that understanding, your position. I gave you my thinking and thought process to explain my actions or inactions. I’m not the arbiter of right and wrong. I just do my best to be right, just as I think you do. Man, we’ll get there! And, as I’m writing this comment, I want to thank you. I had a couple of other posts in mind, but, you didn’t just occupy my mind, you caused some introspection. In my thoughts, this is always a good thing!

          My best,


  4. DirkH says:

    “As we modernize our society, it reasons that worker efficiency should be a function of Moore’s law. Over the last several years, it has not been in the US, nor in many other places around the world. ”

    In terms of functionality delivered it is. For instance, modern car with HDTV multimedia dashboard vs old one with mechanical instruments. My personal choice is the old battered car with a smartphone from Samsung and Google maps. My car really got smarter through this upgrade and now knows how to get me around jams.

    In such cases even Creative Destruction worked, look how Nokia got obliterated.

    • suyts says:

      Well, yes, Moore’s law applies to the products we’re provided, it’s just that the value per manhours worked hasn’t been keeping up since the last official recession.

  5. cdquarles says:

    It might be ugly to say this, but I must. Since Roe v. Wade, we’ve aborted some 45 million Americans. We have essentially replaced them with immigrants. Those immigrants who are here legally, great, we welcome you. Those who are not, well, you’re invaders.

    • leftinflagstaff says:

      The aborted should have been welcomed first.

    • suyts says:

      Cd, that’s an excellent point which many should ponder. I would have included that fact in the post, but, then, that takes us to a different path of understanding as to why this is happening.

    • Jason Calley says:

      Hey cdquarles! Good point you make…

      I suspect that what I am about to write will be greeted by some as racism or nationalism. Oh well…

      Nations — all nations — are to a great extent a reflection of the character of the predominant population. Italy is what it is because the average Italian person has a certain outlook on the world, a certain level of freedom which he demands, and a certain level of corruption which he is willing to endure. If you were to dislocate all the people of Italy and move them to another area, they would soon recreate the old Italy. The same is true of Mexico. The same is true of the US. The same is true of Thailand.

      In short, the world’s experts on making another Mexico are the Mexicans. The world’s experts on making an Ethiopia are the Ethiopians — and so on. Back in the 18th century, the world’s experts on creating a decentralized, liberty oriented nation were the rebels and criminals who had fled England for North America because they were tired of being ruled by royalty.

      The oligarchs of the US desire a more obedient class of cattle to rule over, so they have led a campaign over the decades to breed out the liberty minded American and to bring in new breeders who will be more docile and willing to live a third world lifestyle.

      • cdquarles says:

        I’d say that there is nothing racist or nationalist in what you say, if we were dealing with normal definitions of terms. Nothing that you’ve said directly or indirectly state that one ‘race’ is better than another inherently nor that one ‘nation’ is either. Cultures, though, do vary. Cultures, like races or nations, are what the individuals make of them. Some cultures are better than others, objectively, akin to good and evil. Good cultures are fruitful and multiply and value life. Evil cultures value death and destruction.

      • leftinflagstaff says:

        And the instinct, and Right, to protect ourselves and our own is older than Race or Nationality.

  6. DirkH says:

    German government increases pressure on Germans by ramping up illegal immigration from Syria, indicating that Merkel, Gabriel et al work for the NeoCons.

  7. omanuel says:

    I personally feel no ill-will toward the immigrants themselves. They too are being manipulated by a government that places little or no value on human life.

    • suyts says:

      Nor do I feel ill-will towards many of them. We simply have to be more discriminatory about who we let in and require them to integrate rather than allow them to set up copies of the failed societies they fled.

    • leftinflagstaff says:

      Still doesn’t mean we should have to bear the burden of two governments doing it to us.

  8. Latitude says:

    You would think that the most powerful, most productive, and most desirable country … would also have the most stringent and enforceable immigration laws

    …we are total morons for putting up with this

    There’s stiffer laws and punishments for everything else, just like breaking into someone’s house…no different

    • suyts says:

      Yes. Worse case scenario for an illegal is that he or she gets sent back ….. so they can breach our unfettered border, again. There’s no downside for an illegal to come here.

      • Latitude says:

        Which brings up another good point…
        …what the hell is so bad about getting sent back

        I’m so much for Trump at this point…I would elect him king for life
        For no other reason that every crook, slimy politician, lying news media..and every liberal is against him

        What’s so hard about being president in the first place? Every election the democrats run some sleazy half wit, and win…and every election Republicans get all uppity that no one is good enough for them…..what’s so hard about it?….look who we have running the country now

  9. geran says:

    The Left claims the U.S. is a horrible country. Yet, millions risk everything to get here.

    Maybe liberals could learn something.

    No, I guess not.

  10. DirkH says:

    Annual asylum seekers in Germany – TOTAL DESTABILIZATION

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