NBC Online Poll —- Pre And Post Debate!

This was the on line poll numbers prior to the debate…. and with the post debate numbers!


It’s an online poll, so, take it for what it’s worth. 

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11 Responses to NBC Online Poll —- Pre And Post Debate!

  1. Latitude says:

    I wonder how Fox polled after the debate…

    I’ve been posting things I thought you’d get a kick out of…here’s another one

    If we can tax our way out of global warming, why not…


  2. Latitude says:

    Carly has 100% lost my vote…and any interest I might have had in her
    In this cast I agree with Trump 100%…..it takes a sicko to turn “wherever” into that

    Let’s assume for one second though she was right.
    So what!
    We can talk about gay sex, trans this and trans that, who got the latest boob implant, more than I ever wanted to know about abortions. and on and on…
    But we can’t talk about something 100% normal?

    Women better stop being little special cupcakes if they want to be equal.

    • squid2112 says:

      I’m sorry to be the one to break this news to everyone, but Men and Women are not equal .. and thank God they are not. My wife and I had this conversation last night, and we both agreed that the last thing we would ever want is for us to be “equal”. We (my wife and I) are a team, she is better at some things than I am, and I am better at other things than she is. We are not equal. But we make one hell of a good team together.

      As for this mockery of a GOP primary, I would like to point out a few things. While Donald Trump may not make the greatest president of all time, one had better consider the strategy of backing him, at least through most of this process and until it can be assured that Bush cannot not take the nomination. You see, first of all, a Bush nomination ensures that the next president is irrelevant. Bush = Clinton, Clinton = Bush, they are interchangeable. The GOP establishment (GOPe) have an extremely solid, and almost mathematically foolproof scheme in place to all but ensure a Bush nomination (I will provide links to reference below). The only real hope we have of disrupting the GOPe architecture is to pound them with Trump for absolutely as long as we possibly can. Anything else is going to all but ensure a Bush nomination, it is virtually guaranteed!

      For further reading on the subject, please see these two wonderful postings. I believe once you do, and you think about it for a bit, you will agree with me.

      Well worth the read if you care anything at all about the 2016 election and the GOP nominee.



      • suyts says:

        Squid, holler at me the next time you have a comment in moderation!! I forget to check it sometimes. Sorry!

        Totally agree, men and women are not equal in the true sense of the word. Congruent in value, perhaps, but, not equal, nor can we ever be.

        As to Trump, I support his message on illegals. But, he’s not electable. I seriously doubt he can even manage a GOP nomination. Sure, he’s in front with 23-24% of GOP leaning people, but, that number isn’t moving much. Once the herd thins out, and it will, I seriously doubt he’ll get more than 30% of the GOP vote ….. unless it’s just him and Bush, in which case I’d put him closer to 40%. But, yes, use him as a club to the GOPe. Hopefully, after a while, someone like Cruz will get a larger profile.

    • suyts says:

      Exactly. People like Fiorna and Kelly want to have it both ways.

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