Sigh …… Another Campaign, Another Repub Self-Inflicted Wound


Trump is un-invited to influential RedState Gathering event

Top Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has been un-invited from a gathering of influential conservatives this weekend, over what an organizer said was a “hostile” and “inappropriate” comment.

The annual RedState Gathering is being held in Atlanta and was scheduled to include Trump as a Saturday night keynote speaker.

Erick Erickson, the editor, said he “disinvited” Trump for a comment he made Friday about Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly, who asked him during a televised primary debate Thursday about previous comments about women.

“You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes,” Trump told CNN. “Blood coming out of her wherever.”

Erickson said: “I just don’t want someone on stage who gets a hostile question from a lady and his first inclination is to imply it was hormonal. It just was wrong.”

He also said the Trump campaign said the candidate meant to say “whatever,” not “where ever.”

But the explanation was not enough to change the mind of Erickson, who says he understands Trump’s bluntness, how he has tapped into disaffected voters and that the Republican establishment is failing to treat him as a “legitimate” candidate.

“This is just another example of weakness through being politically correct,” a Trump campaign spokesperson said. “For all of the people who were looking forward to Mr. Trump coming, we will miss you. Blame Erick Erickson, your weak and pathetic leader.”

The spokesperson also said Trump will do another campaign event at a different location.

“As much as I do personally like Donald Trump, his comment … is a bridge too far for me,” Erickson also said.  “His comment was inappropriate. It is unfortunate to have to disinvite him.”

Those also scheduled to participate in the event include other Republican presidential candidates New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Texas GOP Sen. Ted Cruz and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal.

Good Heavens! 

First of all, yes, Trump is going to have to tone it down with some of his responses.  Being flippant and insulting isn’t all that presidential.

But, Erickson, uninviting Trump doesn’t change the fact that Trump is the lead candidate running for the Republican nomination.  Now, everyone looks just a bit smaller.  These people need to learn how to take lemons and make lemonade. 

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23 Responses to Sigh …… Another Campaign, Another Repub Self-Inflicted Wound

  1. Latitude says:

    This is about the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen..
    …you do not make someone like Trump out to be the victim

    Unless you are trying to prove that everything he says is right.

    Fox, the republicans party in general, Erickson, every talking head

    The more they prove how crooked they are…the more solid I’m in Trumps camp.

    • suyts says:

      That’s exactly what Erickson just did. He solidified Trumps supporters, and validated the perception that Trump is an outsider. And, increased the chances of a 3rd party run. Stupid.

      • Latitude says:

        And solidified what everyone is thinking after watching the Fox debate…
        There were 9 people on that stage that could have been attacked on their politics…
        …but they tried to make a big deal out of Trump putting a bug down poor little Megan’s dress

        …there’s nothing like having it confirmed the next day by Erickson

  2. leftinflagstaff says:

    Remember what looking Presidential looks like recently.

  3. Jim Masterson says:

    I think Trump’s goal is to ruin the GOP’s chances to win the next election and give Hillary an easy victory. He’s doing a perfect clown act–clowns don’t get elected. When he runs as a third candidate (which is more likely), it will be a Ross Perot losing campaign number 2 (or is that number 3?)–which will guarantee another Democrat win.

    In politics, the goal is to unite your side and divide your opponents. Trump is doing exactly what a Democrat would be doing. It’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing, or more specifically: a Democrat in Republican clothing.


    • Latitude says:

      Jim, Trump is making it obvious that there’s no difference between the two parties…they are both in bed together. Both parties are equally attacking him because he scares the crap out of them and he’s going to wreck their little game.

      • Jim Masterson says:

        Thanks to Trump, Hillary will be the next President. You can count on it. And if you think a Hillary Presidency is the same as some Republican Presidency, then you’re not paying attention to the differences. The primary problem with Democrats are the huge number of regulations stifling businesses. Also, notice the stupid laws they pass. I give you Seattle, for example. Washington state Republicans are not much better, but they are better.


        • Latitude says:

          People are not that stupid….Trump is not that stupid
          He knows if he does that his entire base will turn against him.
          Trump likes the popularity…he depends on it…he’s not about to kill it

        • Jim Masterson says:

          Can I quote you next November? I’ll put a bookmark on your comment.


        • Latitude says:


        • Jim Masterson says:

          Thanks Lat. (And I should have used “may” instead of “can.” I know better.)


        • Latitude says:


        • Squid2112 says:

          Hey Jim, please explain to me the difference between Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush … in detail.

        • Latitude says:

          one has blood coming out of her eyes…and wherever

        • suyts says:

          Heh!!!! Nice one!

        • Jim Masterson says:

          Hey Jim, please explain to me the difference between Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush … in detail.

          Hillary’s voice is like fingernails on a chalk board. Imagine listening to that for the next eight years. She’s a global warming nut; anti-military; abusive to subordinates; a big tax-and-spend liberal; a lousy Secretary of State; referred to rural Montana as hyper-rural; anti-business; pro-taxes; pro-gun control; pro-regulations without limit; pro-choice (pro-abortion); pro-Planned Parenthood; anti-men; will keep Obama’s illegal executive orders and make many more; and she knows more than any of us (at least in her mind); –I’m just getting started–shall I go on?


        • Latitude says:

          ok, enough of her good points

        • DirkH says:

          You forgot one – or did I miss it -: She is not to be trusted with ANY security clearance.

        • >>
          You forgot one – or did I miss it

          Maybe I should have just listed her good points–it’s a much smaller list. In fact, I can’t think of one at the moment.


  4. Latitude says:

    You know….just 25 years ago, this exact same town was given honors as the most diverse town in this country….every liberal was bragging about what a great job they had done
    What kind of place breeds this kind of animal…

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