Another Feel Good Story ……. Bad News!!! I May Live To Be 300 Hundred Years Old!!!! And, Fox News At It Again!!!!


And, this is why I go to the source, rather than take articles at their face value.  I got this from Fox, but, they left out the most important part of the article!

Here’s Fox’s story ….

110-year-old woman drank three beers and a shot every day for years

The secret to making it to 105 years old is apparently a daily dose of alcohol.

Making it five more years, however, means you may have to cut back.

Those are the lessons coming from Agnes Fenton, who turned 110 on Saturday, when she officially became a supercentarian.

Fenton told ABC in an interview for her 105th birthday that she enjoyed three Miller High Life’s and a shot of Johnnie Walker Blue Label scotch every day for nearly 70 years.

Fenton started the regimen, she told ABC, on a doctor’s advice following the removal of a benign tumor.

But Fenton isn’t a spry 105 anymore and she’s had to tone it down since then. She eats little now and her caregivers are reluctant to give her alcohol, according to

Dr. Kenneth Wasserman, who’s cared for Fenton for nearly 20 years, told he couldn’t explain how Fenton has been able to stay so healthy for so long.

“The few things she’s had wrong with her have disappeared in ways they should not have,” Wasserman said. “Her health has been phenomenal…She’s completely, thoroughly amazing.”

So is her spirit.

Asked ahead of her birthday if her caregivers would relent and give her a shot of Johnnie Walker, Fenton replied: “They better.”

That’s a nice story!  But, if you click on the source Fox provides, there’s also this ….

… But she warmed to the conversation and emphasized that God is the reason she’s lived this long.

“When I was 100 years old, I went to the mirror to thank God that I was still here. And I thank him every morning,” she said in a voice one must strain to hear. She sat in a wheelchair at the kitchen table in her green-shingled, Cape Cod-style home near Route 4.

“He gave me a long life and a good life, and I have nothing to complain about. … You’ve got to have God in your life. Without God, you’ve got nothing.”

Agnes Fenton was born Agnes Jones on Aug. 1, 1905, in Holly Springs, Miss. She spent her early years in Memphis and ran a restaurant there called Pal’s Duck Inn. Fenton, who has no children, came north to Englewood in the 1950s with her second husband, Vincent Fenton. She worked as a cafeteria manager for a magazine publisher, then as a nanny. Her husband, whom she called “Fenton,” died in 1970. …..

Unfortunately for Fenton, the daily booze is now history. Because she eats little now (her favorite foods are chicken wings, green beans and sweet potatoes), the caregivers do not want her to have alcohol. ….

Weird that Fox would not even mention the most important part of her declaration as to why she’s lived as long as she has. 

On an aside …. I don’t understand what the problem is about giving this lady some beer or booze.  What?  Is it going to cut her life short?  If she wants it, give it to her!  She’s done enough, she’s seen enough, she’s earned it.

In a similar and more personal vein, I’ve a cousin who lives only a stones throw from me.  I try to make it a point to stop in and see him and his at least once a week and visit over some beers.  His wife’s mother lives with them.  She’s elderly, but, I’ve really no idea, exactly, how old she is.  But, she’ll often have a couple of the beers I bring.  I’m happy to provide them. 

I don’t really want to live all that long.  At least, I don’t see it right now.  In many ways, I’ve seen enough, already.  But, it’s not my call!  It’s God’s! 

But, being right with God, doing what you want to do, without harming others ….. that’s the bee’s knees!!!  That’s the cat’s meow!!!!  That’s the money shot! 

Give the lady a beer!

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6 Responses to Another Feel Good Story ……. Bad News!!! I May Live To Be 300 Hundred Years Old!!!! And, Fox News At It Again!!!!

  1. Me says:

    Bwaaaaaahahahaha! Really. Doing what you want to do, without harming others ….. that’s the bee’s knees!!! That’s the cat’s meow!!!! That’s the money shot!
    That wasn’t enough! Sick. you want proof of everything else except that? Eh!

  2. DirkH says:

    Thanks for digging that up.

  3. cdquarles says:

    God Bless her. She might make it to 120. I, however, might not see tomorrow. I thank Him for letting me see today.

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