The Pungent Stench Of Fail Emanating From White House!!! Hilarious Hashtag!


Good heavens!  Can Team Zero’s depth of incompetence sink any lower?

‘#BringBackOurRebels’: U.S. trained anti-ISIS rebels enter Syria, get kidnapped 1 hour later



So Obama created a JV team? …

12:42 PM – 30 Jul 2015


W.J. Hennigan


This is almost comedic at this point… The ONLY U.S.-trained anti-ISIS fighters were kidnapped in Syria

12:37 PM – 30 Jul 2015

The New York Times

Kidnapping of Pentagon-Trained Fighters in Syria Is New Hurdle for…

A Pentagon program to train moderate Syrian insurgents has been vexed with problems that have left only a tiny band of fighters ready to do battle.


PJ Media @PJMedia_com

#BringBackOurRebels: Statement Confirms Arrest of U.S.-Trained Rebels By Al-Qaeda After Pentagon Denial #tcot

7:26 AM – 30 Jul 2015

I’m wonder what training did the merry band receive? 

Apparently, our “moderate” rebels aren’t even moderately effective as fighters. 

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6 Responses to The Pungent Stench Of Fail Emanating From White House!!! Hilarious Hashtag!

  1. Latitude says:

    Price tag for Syrian rebels: $4 million each
    How much has the United States spent to train that whopping force of 60 Syrian rebels to take on the Islamic State? Well, according to basic math, about $4 million for each of them.


  2. DirkH says:

    To me this looks very much like the arsenal ISIS “found” in Mosul (the Iraqi army simply went away, being mostly Sunnite like ISIS), or the arsenal the Houthis “found” in Yemen.

    Purpose of Obama’s boys was obviously to hand over fresh weapons to ISIS IMHO.

  3. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Funny – your headline comes after thinking to myself exactly the same of Hillary.

    The Astonishing Weakness of Hillary Clinton

    She seems to have set herself up as glorious mute statue labelled Hillary, but is surrounded by a sea of sewage and rotting rubbish. The stink is mucking up the glory.

    Barack is so like her: a wondrous sparkling icon, but with nasty stuff which keeps oozing out of his trouser legs all the time.

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