Hard Rock Isn’t What It Used To Be!!!!!

It’s funny.  Often when I write a post on some person or group, I’ll do a check to make sure I’ve got my facts right.  Urban legends in music lore are very common. 

Recently, I’ve had a couple of old songs running through my head, and I thought, why not post on them?  They’re from two different groups, but, I would consider them of the same genre.  I would not consider either one of them what is currently connoted when one uses the term “hard rock”.  I mean, neither group will ever be confused with AC/DC or even Kiss.  But, that’s how Wiki describes both of them!

The first one I would share is a lesser known hit from the group Head East …..

But, if you’re familiar with the group, then, you know this song!

The other group, Canadians would be much more familiar with.  That’s where most of their commercial success was, but, they had a good sound and some great songs!

April Wine ….

Interestingly, John Schlitt, the lead singer for Head East was dismissed from the band for drug dependency.  He cleaned up and later became the lead singer for Petra ….. one of the most successful Christian Rock bands.

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6 Responses to Hard Rock Isn’t What It Used To Be!!!!!

  1. gator69 says:

    “Hard Rock”? Hardly. That’s just “Rock”. Don’t get me wrong, they are both great bands, but obviously not “Hard Rock”.

    I saw Petra 30 years ago on their “More Power to Ya” tour. Great concert!

  2. jsue says:

    Wow! I didn’ know that about John Schlitt. The best thing the band could ever have done for him was to dismiss him–not coddle him or just tolerate him. When they kicked him out, things began to change for him, which ultimately had an impact on many, many lives.

  3. Latitude says:


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