Gems 2015 — July 25 Scripture Selection: Psalm 97-98

Guest post by Jeanette Andrade

July 25 Scripture Selection: Psalm 97-98

Food for Thought: Ps. 97:10

When it comes to our personal lives, the Lord makes it very simple for us: Love what He loves and hate what He hates. If we truly love the Lord, we will. We will desire to please Him and reject anything that offends Him. That is why spending time with Him in the Word is so very important. We get to know Him better and are more inclined to like what He likes and dislike what He dislikes. And really, it is for our own good.

God is for love and everything that produces life. That’s why He says in His Word in Romans 12:9, “Let love be without hypocrisy. Abhor what is evil. Cling to what is good.” Further, in I Thessalonians 5:22, He tells us, “Abstain from every form of evil.” Allowing the “luxury” of holding on to just a “little evil” in our lives only opens the door to the enemy to enter and cause hardship and hinders our good testimony before men. That’s why the apostle Paul says in Romans 16:19, “… I want you to be wise in what is good, and simple concerning evil.” (You do not have to have experienced evil things first in order to know what is wrong.)

There is no gray area for us. If we know it to be evil, it is not something we should be associated with. Period. This helps us make decisions in every area of our lives, including what we allow ourselves to be exposed to and our relationships (“Do not be deceived: ‘Evil company corrupts good habits’ (I Cor. 15:33).”) Simply put, participating in anything the Lord would call evil allows the enemy to have influence in our lives. However, the way we overcome the enemy is with good (Rom. 12:21). And that greatly pleases the Lord.

Digging Deeper (What scriptures can further enhance today’s reading?):

Getting Personal (What has God shown you in today’s reading?):

Confession of Faith (Example: Lord, based on Mat. 1:21 and 23, I understand that Jesus is God, and I receive Him as my personal Lord and Savior.):

Important Events on This Day (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.):

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  1. Thank you.
    acting on the stage hypocrisy

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