About The Only Thing I Can Say Is God Bless Texas!!!


So, there’s this American TV show called “What Would You Do?” ….. They hire actors to play a bit, most often to present a dilemma of some sorts, and then check the reactions of the non-actors in the immediate surrounding.  I recall watching an episode where they hired under-aged children trying to coax adults into buying alcohol for them. 

In this scenario, they hired actors to pretend to be buying a 7 y/o boy a gun at a gun shop.  And, they hire a woman to object to buying the gun because of the age of the child. 

You’ve got to watch the reactions of the customers at the gun shop!  They’re fantastic!  And, for the people who like to divide us by races and ethnicity, note the diversity of the people reacting!  And, note the near unanimity in asserting parental rights ….. as if 2nd amendment rights weren’t even part of the question!  I think it much more productive to celebrate our likenesses and singularity of thought rather than focus on our insignificant differences. 

Call me crazy, but, I think using the 2nd amendment and parental rights as issues is something people of all stripes can unite in, and show the crazy lunatics we can come together as Americans.  Wouldn’t that just blow their minds? …. Well, it does blow their minds (what little they have of them).  And the media rarely lets you see such unanimity in thought.  We just have to show this stuff more.  

Now, mind you, I believe the reactions would be similar in many states in the US, including Kansas, but, God bless Texas for this!

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29 Responses to About The Only Thing I Can Say Is God Bless Texas!!!

  1. Latitude says:

    I love that!!!!!

  2. gator69 says:

    I grew up in a house full of guns, and the reason I am a responsible gun owner today is because my father taught me to respect the lethality of guns, and the lethality of disobeying him. I would love to see a study that compares the child death by gun figures in NRA households vs all others.

  3. HankH says:

    My father taught me to shoot at the age of 8. I got my first shotgun at the age of 12. My brother and I went on to competition shooting. Fast forward, I’ve taught all of my children gun safety and how to shoot at a young age, including my daughter. They are all well practiced, safety conscious, and have good aim. Above all, they respect their guns and the responsibility of ownership.

    As an aside comment, there are perhaps 50x more children lost to drowning accidents than gun accidents. Maybe it is time we outlaw swimming pools, lakes, seashores, and bathtubs as they are clearly more deadly to children than guns. Heck, lets just outlaw any concentration of water over 8 inches. Just trying to keep things in perspective.

    • squid2112 says:

      Oh, but Hank, while not common, one can drown in nothing more than a cup of water, you don’t even need 8″ to drown. 🙂

      • cdquarles says:

        Two inches in a bathtub will do, for that is just enough to cover the nose and mouth. An 8 ounce cup isn’t enough, though. That’ll give you some trouble and make you cough if you got that much in the small airways and alveoli. Water poisoning via the GI tract or IV takes gallons unless your kidneys don’t work well enough.

    • squid2112 says:

      and from that perspective, one would think that the “permanent draught” doomsayers would be pretty happy with draught. As the saying goes “if it saves just 1 life” …

  4. DirkH says:

    I’ve been following this as it is the US complement to the enforced multiculturalization of all of Europe:
    Very much AGENDA21 / ICLEI style creation of the New Human – live in an ethnically diverse neighbourhood or else! Obama / Alinskyites / Sociologists:

    Well when I say sociologist, that’s another word for Marxist, or Failure; so prepare for how it will fail, I say, Baltimore to the lot of you!

  5. DirkH says:

    More evidence coming in that even the top tier of the worldwide Marxist movement consists entirely of blazing idiots. Ethnic Ex race czar of Tony Blair, Trevor Phillips, says his policies were harmful. Well done, Idiot.

    (Of course even though he admits that his policies killed debate in UK, he ends the video hoping that a new manipulation will fix it all: An Orwellian school system. It’s not that he learned anything.)
    keywords: blair, bliar, multiculturalism, social engineering, Marxism, sociology, idiots, failure

    • DirkH says:

      The video is from “Channel 4”. Interestingly, while not being financed with forcibly extracted citizen’s money, it is a state medium like BBC; Volkseigentum (vulgo publically owned).

  6. squid2112 says:

    Excellent video James! … Thank you for sharing! … Should be required viewing for all US citizens, along with an instructional video explaining their 2nd amendment right and the meaning of the words “shall not be infringed”.

  7. Latitude says:

    it’s hard to take seriously…..when they send it through Twitter

  8. DirkH says:

    Hey! I like Breitbart London! They really keep an eye on things.
    City-owned lot in Dresden turned overnight into 2000-strong tent town for illegal immigrants. German THW, massive police, Red Cross deployed in nightly rush of action to prevent citizens from blocking the action (as happened days before in Hamburg Jenfeld, a similar setting, where after initial resistance, the state had to cart a few hundred Black Bloc members into the area, and more police, to push through the erection of a tent city. Noteworthy: Hamburg is already mostly colonized by 3rd world types; a Hamburg communist proudly told me in 2009: “Here in Hamburg you cannot be a racist because you would not survive for long.” Well, strangely enough even the Hamburg communists did not like their park being turned into a tent city. I am not using the term communist metaphorically, the guy was a card-carrying member of a communist party.).

    So, the incompetent or treacherous state now has to use the surprise attack in the night to turn green areas into illegal immigrant tent cities.

    • DirkH says:

      Residents of the quarter say that immediately after the arrival of the 2000 illegal immigrants, the previously unknown street sales of illicit drugs by the illegals began.

    • gator69 says:

      One more reason why I moved out of the city, and out as far as I could.

  9. DirkH says:

    White schools in UK are forced by government “watchdog” to close; same “watchdog” rates Sharia schools as “good”.
    Probably the “watchdog” has been taken over by Muslim Brotherhood members pretending to be your firendly next door ethnic neighbour, is my guess.

  10. DirkH says:

    Merkel collapses, falls from chair during Bayreuth Wagner festival. Idiot media blames it on Greek “Crisis”.
    My guess is that the internal panic and war within the CDU she dominates got to her.
    Her time’s up.

  11. DirkH says:

    It looks like a shadowy organisation eliminates British ice thickness experts (vulgo warmunists) with staged accidents including a staged lightning strike, claims a British warmunist ice thickness experts known for his wrong forecasts.

    • gator69 says:

      According to coroners and police, Professor Laxon died after falling downstairs at a New Year’s Eve party; Dr Giles was killed by a lorry while cycling to work; and Dr Boyd is believed to have been struck by lightning while walking by a loch in Scotland.

      Given the average intelligence of your modern ice grantologist, it is expected that we should see a significantly higher representation of Darwin Awards among them.

  12. gator69 says:

    Dozens of Palestinians threw Molotov cocktails, rocks and shot fireworks at Israeli police Sunday morning on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount on the holiday in which Jews commemorate the destruction of the First and Second Temples.

    Israeli police said that the masked Palestinian youths had stockpiled rocks, wooden planks, fireworks and Molotov cocktails inside the Al Aqsa mosque – which is on the Temple Mount compound – to use later against Jews visiting the site on their holiday and worshipping at the adjacent Western Wall.


    The Al Aqsa mosque is considered to be the third holiest site in Islam, the “religion of peace”.

    • DirkH says:

      “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers…”
      ―Recep Tayyip Erdogan
      Read more at http://izquotes.com/quote/227625

      …which has been so for 1,400 years. Of course the place of Allah worship is the weapons chamber at the same time, as Islam is the only religion that makes holy war the first duty of its followers.

      • Jim Masterson says:

        And they call Islam the religion of peace! I gag every time some knucklehead says that (including Bush 43 who repeated it “ad nauseam”).


  13. gator69 says:

    Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown’s daughter Bobbi Kristina has died at the age of 22.
    She passed away outside Atlanta in the hospice care facility where she’s been since June 24 … when her family decided to take her off all meds. As we first reported, a specialist had told them there was no chance of recovery.

    The family says Bobbi Kristina was surrounded by family and, “She is finally at peace in the arms of God.”

    Bobbi Kristina was found submerged in her bathtub on January 31, and police believe she was underwater for anywhere between 2 and 5 minutes. Paramedics were able to resuscitate her, but she was in a medically induced coma and placed on life support.


    I’m virtually speechless. How could this happen? How is it that her own family learned nothing? Absolutely tragic.

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