Videos OF The Day!!!!! …… And Damnit Donald!!!!

Well, these are very good clips. 

It is my hope, that by posting these, someone will learn about their rivals.  These are two clips of two different people seeking the Repub nomination for president.  I unequivocally will not be voting for either. 

That doesn’t mean their bad people.  It means I believe they’re distinctly unqualified to be POTUS.  As it turns out, I don’t think much of them personally, as well, but, that’s beyond the point.

It does, however, serve a point, and should serve as a warning to many other people running who I may vote for. Your opponents, they’re not stupid people.  They are very capable people, that’s why they’re in the position they are in, today. 

Every Repub candidate today should take some notes from what Carly Fiorina did to CNN.  CNN, being a mouth piece of the Dem party, asked Fiorina about the “extreme” abortion law Gov. Walker just signed into law at Wisconsin.  This is actually a good bit for anyone to watch as to how to make a point while ignoring the idiotic inquisitions of a dumbass.  This is how you hold yourself, this is how you make your point above clamor.  This is how you command your inquisitor listen to what you have to say. 

In an entirely different vein, but, another great example as to how to do something.  In this case, this is how you respond to inane personal attacks. 

So, the Donald gave out Lindsey Graham’s personal cell phone number on television, which is sophomoric.  Trump doesn’t know how not to be personal and talk policies when other people are being personal.  Indeed, there are many ways to hammer out a verbal personal attack while discussing only policy.  But, that’s for another day. 

Today, Lindsey Graham demonstrates on how to appear to be rising above the pig wrestling.  He could only do this because of Trump’s sophomoric antics.

It’s brilliant! 

These are not stupid people.  They’re capable and they have skillz.  You can’t take them lightly, or, they’ll take you. 

Donald, if you cause Graham to get the nomination, ….. releasing your cellphone number is the least of your worries.  I will find you and test the notion that you can’t slap smart into stupid!

I like to think that back in the day I was a pretty good debater, both in person and especially on the blogs.  A person like Donald Trump was exactly the type I would seek out.  It’s been my experience that to “win” a debate only requires you keep your opponent talking.  It’s most helpful if you continue to agitate while you keep your opponent talking.  They will inevitably contradict themselves, or, become so hateful as that they will pull a douche-bag move such as exposing your personal cellphone number or try to display your personal address to the world or some such.  Either way, you get to put a clown-suit on your opponent and win the debate in the eyes of the public.  Trump is exactly that personality type in which a fellow such as myself could easily win a debate, in the eyes of the public, regardless of the content of the message.  Lindsey Graham just did this to the Donald.

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20 Responses to Videos OF The Day!!!!! …… And Damnit Donald!!!!

  1. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    The headline at the start of the first video is fun.

    This is why:

    Poll shows Clinton trailing Republicans in every swing state tested

    The gap between Clinton and GOP candidates was most pronounced in Colorado and Iowa. She trailed Rubio by 8 points in Colorado, 38-46 percent; and Walker by 9 points, 38-47 percent. She trailed Bush by 6 points in Iowa, 36-42 percent; and Rubio by 8 points, 36-44 percent.

    My, my. Clinton trailing a union persecuting right wing Tea Party nut job? How embarrassing!

    • suyts says:

      I’m not quite there with Walker. He has to get on board with securing the border first. ….. Bush and Rubio …. well, no. That said, I’m really not concerned with Hillary. I hope she does get the Dim nomination. She won’t win. But, she has her hands full with the Dims in the race. She’s already lost the leftist base to Sanders. O’Malley is going to make some noise, as well. She will be much like McCain was for the Repubs ….. most of the Dims may vote for her, but, no one will be very excited about trying to elect her. She’s old, she has a lot of baggage, and she’s not Bill. She doesn’t have the ability he has. She can’t just smile into the camera and say “shucks”. She’s not personally likable like her husband. And, as her husband and Ron Reagan proved, the “likability” is huge in this land.

      • Bruce of Newcastle says:

        I like Walker because in the Wisconsin union fight he faced down the dirtiest foulest Alinsky campaign you could imagine and stayed true and firm. It will take that level of grit and determination to save your country. I don’t see it in any of the others except perhaps the Donald, but Ramirez is right about the Donald.

        • suyts says:

          Walker does have moxy and grit! And, yes, he’s fought the fight and won, twice! But, he needs to get with the program and understand the pressures from the south which caused the fights he had to fight. Wisconsin loves illegals. They go up in the summer, work, and then go away …… to Texas … Arizona …. etc. They don’t see a problem because they don’t have to deal with the problems they help create. And, that’s where Walker is at, right now.

  2. Scott says:

    They will inevitably contradict themselves, or, become so hateful as that they will pull a douche-bag move such as exposing your personal cellphone number or try to display your personal address to the world or some such.

    Man, I thought you might be indicating a former poster on this site. Then it all hit me clearly, like, DA!


    • suyts says:

      Yes! Putting a clown suit on DA was fun at first, but, it became so darned tedious ….. 😉 It’s why I like other past commentators to show up! They do it to themselves! Often, they’ll make your point for you!

  3. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    While I’m on the CNN video, the bottom headline is not bad either.

    Pope Francis’ approval among Americans plummets ahead of U.S. visit, poll finds

    Two months ahead of his first trip to the U.S., Pope Francis’ approval rating among Americans has plummeted, driven mostly by a decline among political conservatives and Roman Catholics, according to a new Gallup poll released Wednesday.

    Marxist gaia worship doesn’t go down well with American conservatives and Roman Catholics? Should be an interesting tour.

  4. Latitude says:

    Graham was on the news talk shows for three days saying Trump “becoming a jackass.” “the world’s biggest jackass.” Even “the jackasses are offended” ..for three days….
    Trump retaliates, gives out Lesley’s phone number and says “I don’t know, call him”

    …and somehow it’s dump on Trump

    Lesley’s phone number is probably on every Trailways bathroom wall in South Carolina

    At least Trump has a pair…….The only people dumping on Trump are the ones he has scared shitless

    No, I don’t think Trump will win…..but he’s for damn sure going to burn them all a new asshole on both sides…and they all deserve it

    • suyts says:

      But, he can’t “burn them all a new asshole” if he’s automatically dismissed. He’s got to be sharper and better than this. He had to know Linsey would jump to the defense of his boy friend! He needed a better response than that! He made the “bro with no ho” look like he was taking the high road. He’s got to be smarter than that!

      • Latitude says:

        I don’t think I could take a smarter Trump!…LOL

        Trump is going to be the wake up call this country has needed for too long..

        You just touched on all of it.
        Hillary can’t win….she won’t get the push the the first 1/2 black got.

        Dems can’t win on just their liberal base…and that’s all Hillary has sorta
        ..and Repubs can’t win when 1/2 of the conservatives sit home
        Obama would not have won this last time if they had not sat home.

        Trump is going to blast them a new ahole on both sides, he doesn’t give a damn. He knows they are all in bed together. That’s exactly what we have needed forever.

        I don’t see how you’re getting the impression that Lesley took the high road. Trump is coming across as a force to be reckoned with…Lesley is coming across as Lesley, doing silly southern boy videos…just like McCain came across….both weak and silly…McCain is irrelevant, he was rejected last time..and Lesley is rejected now…what they have to say, what they think, what they do…no one gives a flying damn..rejects

        …no one could ever accuse Trump of being weak or silly

        Basically what we have is a bunch of rejects, all in bed together…
        …except Trump

      • squid2112 says:

        I agree that Trump needs to “be sharper and better than this”, but by in large I agree again with Latitude. With all due respect James, you are kind of sounding a lot like all of the television talking heads that I despise. They are dumping on Trump just to dump on Trump. You don’t like him, that’s fine, I get that. Do I think he will win the nomination? I very much doubt it. However, clown or not, I am loving the fights he is picking with the bullshit GOP dipshits. Virtually all of them are nothing more than a Hilary light and probably not even as competent (fyi, look at all of the shit her and her husband have gotten away with so far). At this point, I don’t really much care who the hell wins this presidential election, the results cannot be altered at this point, regardless of who wins. It’s all just a matter of how fast you want to get there. With Hillary, probably 2 years, with any GOP candidate, 3-5 years. So what? .. elect a Republican and you’re gonna get an extra 3 years before it all implodes, either way, it implodes. In all honest, you would probably be better off with Sanders as his destruction path would probably take the longest since nobody else in government is going to support him.

        Personally, this is becoming a great exercise in outing the pathological ideology in the audience, identified by those who blatantly lie that Trump was addressing ALL veterans when making his McCain comments, and those that blatantly omit the FACT that Lindsey Graham CLEARLY started this immaturish fight with Trump and has asked for everything he has gotten from Trump and more.

        Look James, you want me to respect your opinion on things, then quit playing the same game the others do, as I mostly agree with what you have to offer, but it does you no service to distort or hide FACTS in these matters. Is Trump a clown? Perhaps. Is he the debate opponent you describe? Probably so, and I admire your critique in that matter. It is very thoughtfully constructed and I think probably spot on. However, please don’t distort the context in the manner that you have. You paint a picture as if Trump simply got a twitch to blurt out Graham’s phone number just to be an asshole, and yet nothing could be further from the truth! … keep it real man!

      • suyts says:

        Lat and Squid ….. you guys are missing my point of the post. Perhaps I should have been clearer. I absolutely love what Trump is focusing on. I am completely surprised by it. I never would have thought it. It’s a great message and it resonates. And, that’s the problem.

        One of my final thoughts on the post, I stated in the eyes of the public, regardless of the content of the message.

        Trump is currently representative of the message. How easy will it be for people to dismiss the message because Trump made it easy to dismiss Trump?

        Squid, in retrospect, I think you’re right, I should have added the context. It is that sometimes I think everyone takes the same leaps as I do and is informed with the same information I am. I didn’t fill in the blanks properly. It’s a form of laziness.

        It isn’t that I wish for Trump to fail. It is that I wish that if he’s going to pick up the banner of a subject which is so near and dear to me, an issue which I’ve repeatedly and continuously discussed, then, he has to do better. Because, once they dismiss him, they’ll easily disregard our thoughts on the issues, as well. He’s running for president of the US! HE HAS TO DO BETTER! If he doesn’t do better, then, it harms our cause more than it helps it.

        Squid, as you noted, time is short. We don’t have time for juvenile pranks. It’s the facts, the numbers, the history, the ideas, which he needs to be talking about, while he’s captured the attention of millions of Americans. There is no time! We have a moment, a small window of opportunity …… and, now, Lindsey Graham, in the eyes of the public, looks like a victim. Yeh, I’m a bit pissy about this.

        • squid2112 says:

          Again, I agree with most of what you say here. The sad part for me is, looking at the GOP field as a whole, it looks more like a Barnum and Bailey Circus act.

          I’m sorry I sound so pessimistic, but, look at the whole picture and I think I’m pretty realistic. (1) We have an immigration problem, both legal and illegal, that nobody is going to fix. (2) We have a southern (and northern) border security issue that nobody is going to fix. (3) We have an economic problem that is so deeply rooted at this point, I don’t see how it can be fixed (regulations, taxes, etc…). (4) We have a lawless government problem that is now going to be nearly impossible to reign in (without violence). (5) We have a financial problem that is quite frankly impossible to fix ($20T debt, $270T unfunded liabilities). (6) We have a race relations problem that is spinning completely out of control. (7) We have an authority relations problem (police) that this administration is desperately trying to spin out of control (certainly damaged at this point). (8) We have one of the deepest political divides this country has ever seen. (9) We have an ever weakening military situation and position on our hands. (10) We have an ever increasing Islam problem on our hands.

          There is perhaps the top 10 .. but I could go on for pages. Any one of these problems by themselves is stressful enough to your system, let alone all of them. Any one of these problems is difficult enough to solve by themselves, let alone all of them.

          Anyone running for president at this point, has got to be completely nuts to begin with. I am almost in favor of a military coup at this point. Either that or a full onslaught uprising by the people. I just don’t see how any of this shit is ever going to be improved, let alone fixed. Our government has become so corrupt. Our court system has become so corrupt. How do you correct this without extreme actions? And exactly who is going to perform those actions? .. A single president? .. I think not….

          For myself, I will continue to do the best I can for myself, my family, my neighborhood and my community. I will continue to hope for the best, but quite frankly, that lightbulb is looking pretty damn dim right now. I can’t really tell if it is still on or not.

        • squid2112 says:

          Oh, and by the way, as I stated way back in 2007 (during the election campaigning) .. you want insight to why all of these things are happening? …. Read about the Cloward and Piven Strategy … Then read Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals … That’s all you need to know. I knew it back in 2007, and it is all painfully obvious in 2015.

  5. gator69 says:

    I could vote for Carly, especially considering the alternative. She at least understands how businesses work, and that all lives matter.

  6. Ted G says:

    I watch the show on my PVR I must say Carly Fiorina impresses me she took Jake (The Lead) down with ease and he is no pushover, he is one of the more likable/fairish hosts on CNN. Scott Walker could be a great leader I like him too. But the Donald is the man and I agree with the comments he really need to ZIP some of his utterances. Donald stick like crazy glue to the bullet points and you’ll clean up, PLEASE!

  7. leftinflagstaff says:

    What’s needed is a combination of the best of each of them, which of course is impossible to get. Or, just one who would follow the instruction manual. I guess impossible now, as well.

  8. gator69 says:

    NEW YORK — Donald Trump says the chances that he will launch a third-party White House run will “absolutely” increase if the Republican National Committee is unfair to him during the 2016 primary season.

    Welcome back 1992!

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