Sigh ….. Trump Validates Suyts, Making Huge Political Blunder!!!


So, Trump and McCain have been feuding the last few days.  It culminated with this …..

Trump attacks McCain: ‘I like people who weren’t captured’
He takes his feud with the Arizona senator to a new level

Donald Trump might finally have crossed the line.

Appearing on Saturday at the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa, the real estate mogul took his running feud with Arizona Sen. John McCain to a new level.

“He’s not a war hero,” said Trump. “He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”

The remarks, which came after days of back-and-forth between McCain and Trump, were met with scattered boos.

McCain, a former Navy pilot, spent roughly five-and-half years in a notorious North Vietnamese prison known as the “Hanoi Hilton,” where he was repeatedly tortured. He spent two of those years in solitary confinement.

At a press availability following his remarks, Trump denied saying that McCain isn’t a war hero and said, “If somebody’s a prisoner, I consider them a war hero.”

He also continued his attacks on the Arizona senator, saying, “I think John McCain’s done very little for the veterans. I’m very disappointed in John McCain.”

Trump received four student deferments from military service between 1964 and 1968. In Ames, he told reporters another medical deferment he received after graduating was for a bone spur in his foot. When asked which foot, Trump told reporters to look up the records.

In a follow-up statement sent to reporters, Trump again declined to apologize, calling McCain “yet another all talk, no action politician who spends too much time on television and not enough time doing his job.” …..

There’s more to read about fellow Repubs attacking and distancing themselves from Trump. 

And, this is why Trump isn’t a viable candidate.  He lacks the ability to compartmentalize.  He reacts rather than acts in a thoughtful manner.  And, he doesn’t know when to cut his losses.  (He’s filed bankruptcy more than once.) 

Look, I despise McCain’s politics.  But, you can’t go after the man’s service when he’s literally got the scars to prove what he went through in the service of this nation.  It’s out-of-bounds!  I don’t think he’s going to be able to wipe this one off, especially given his own history.  It’s going to follow him, probably, forever. 

Now, to mitigate the harm his mouth has done, he needs to apologize, publically, and personally.  But, to do that will diminish him in the eyes of some of his more ardent supporters.  Still, he needs to if he’s going to have any sway in the Republican nomination process. 

You’ve got to know which side of your bread is buttered!  If Trump was running as a Dim, this wouldn’t harm him near as much.  Look at the base!  The base Trump is counting on?  They’ll have none of this idiocy. 

That said, it may very well be that Trump has already served his purpose.  You can absolutely know all of the other candidates noted Trump’s bump when he started talking about securing our border.  (Paging Senators Cruz and Paul!!!!)   So, let Trump go, and pick up his voters w/o the McCain POW stupidity!  It sells and resonates!   

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17 Responses to Sigh ….. Trump Validates Suyts, Making Huge Political Blunder!!!

  1. Latitude says:

    Oh I think Trump will be fine…..there’s a lot more people sick and tired of McCain (despise comes to mind) than there are honestly upset with Trump..personally, I would have slapped him harder….
    McCain insulted every conservative out there……crazies
    …the screaming you hear is all coming from the people that are afraid of Trump running

    This one is going to be as hard to stick as Obama’s guns and religion…

    • suyts says:

      I don’t think Trump will be fine from this. His support comes from law-and-order/service-to-your-country people. To be honest, his comments irked the crap out of me ….. mostly because they were flippant and stupid, but, also, regardless of the POS McCain is today, you can’t take his service away. This will not play for the American public, nor, his base. Other than Trump being Trump, this would be okay in leftard world …. it won’t be in conservative world.

      • Latitude says:

        maybe it’s just me….but I’ve been wanting someone to bitch slap McCain for years
        again, I would have slapped him harder
        McCain has been leaning on his service record, and nothing else…while throwing our country to the dogs
        ..this was my feel good story of the day

        • squid2112 says:

          I am in agreement with you Latitude. This makes me like Trump even more, and especially the fact that he is not backing down from it. He is standing steadfast to what he says, and that takes a lot of balls. And personally, in McCain’s case, I agree with Trump. McCain has been no good, what-so-ever for veterans. McCain could have righted a whole lot of wrongs that have been perpetrated upon our Vets, with the VA and the like, but no, McCain has been one of the problems for Vets. We owe our Vets a hell of a lot in this country, and McCain has done NOTHING to help them, and many things to further hurt them. I am very sorry that McCain had to endure the torture that he did, that is a crying shame, but to me, that does NOT make him a “hero”. To me, McCain is no hero. I have seen hero’s, I have met hero’s, McCain doesn’t come close. Sorry… but that is exactly how I see this. Latitude, I agree with you.

        • squid2112 says:

          I would also like to point out, it is a total fallacy that Trump was speaking about “Veterans” and that he was offending all veterans. The fact that all of these GOP idiots are now projecting Trumps comments on to ALL VETERANS just goes to show you that the GOP is no better than the DNC. Same shit, just a different color, but it’s still all the very same shit.

        • suyts says:

          Very true, squid, but, the point is to move the message along and forward. I don’t give a damn who actually moves the message forward. It’s the political reality. This ain’t gonna work with the Repub base.

        • squid2112 says:

          That could be true, however, I don’t see much else that is going to move it along either. I mean really. It is beyond pathetic. What, there are current 15 GOP candidates. Of 15, this is the best we have to choose from? Are you kidding me? There are perhaps but 2 or 3 that are even possible to consider, and there are exactly ZERO that are really worth a shit. The only way we are going to be able to reverse this train wreck is to have a non-politician in the office willing to do the right things, which is going to upset a whole lot of people in DC, and I see very few, if any, of the current candidates that are even remotely capable of this. With out it, this country is sunk.

        • squid2112 says:

          I was watching a couple of the Fox programs last night, one of them being The Five (kind of like that show, is funny sometimes) as they were all covering the Trump story. It was pathetic. It was completely a sensationalized pile on. All of these talking heads have ZERO IQ’s, have absolutely no clue of history, and just broad-brush paint the town. Unfortunately, the voting public, by in large, has an even lower IQ (negative). Oh, and if you think we’ll ever get border security in the south, I have another bridge to sell you. Perhaps (and is even a long shot) if Trump were really elected, we might, otherwise, there isn’t a snowballs chance in hell that ANY of the other candidates could EVER make that possible, or are even willing to do so. Did you see the Rick Perry interviews last night? Are you freaking kidding me? This is the guy that is the supposed EXPERT on border security. Did you happen to catch some of the asinine bullshit things he was saying? There is no way in hell that guy is ever going to secure our southern border. No way, no how. They simply do not want to do it, period.

          My southern border solution: Did you ever see the movie Aliens? (the 2nd one), where they barricaded themselves in a room with motion sensor robotic 50 caliber machine guns outside the door. Sprinkle those babies every couple hundred yards along the border, higher a couple hundred people to maintain them and keep the loaded, and VOILA! .. You will have 100% border security. It will only take 1 picture of a mexican being blown apart by a 50 cal. on the front page of the newspaper you aren’t going to have a single person trying to cross that border. Then, remove all of the magnets in this country (sever penalties for hiring illegals, renting to illegals, etc..), case closed … cheap and easy. Could be done in about a week. But alas, you are NEVER going to see southern border security .. EVER.

  2. leftinflagstaff says:

    And refused offers of early release, to allow others to go.

    Certainly a war hero then. Now, basically a traitor. As are all US politicians, who don’t put their citizens first.

  3. Jason Calley says:

    Trump? Or “Songbird”?
    Good Lord… what has happened to our country?

  4. gator69 says:

    My father had friends who sat in cells alongside McCain, and everyone of them were, and are heroes for serving the US, and serving time honorably. I am no fan of what McCain has done since his military service, but that does not erase his service.

    “The Donald” has never served anyone or anything but himself, he is a character, but he lacks character.

    But why does nobody remember this…

    I doubt I could cross the line and vote Republican. I have tremendous respect for McCain but I don’t buy the war hero thing. Anybody can be captured. I thought the idea was to capture them. As far as I’m concerned he sat out the war.
    -Senator Al Franken

  5. Ted G says:

    I am a huge Trump fan as I have indicated before.Trump put his big foot in his mouth. BUT McCian has been doing that for years, That’s why the lunatic leftist media love him, he is a pain in the butt and a RINO, a trojan horse to destroy the Republicans. Every time he opens his mouth I feel punching hard with a Iron fist. Not once in years has he announced anything that would be good for America, please get rid of him Arizona.
    And I’m a Canadian, so I can only imagine how he drives the average American crazy.
    As for my man Trump, watch what you say just a tiny bit please!

  6. sth_txs says:

    I support the abuse that McCain so rightfully deserves. How many conservatards insulted Ron Paul who is a veteran? Too many.

    This is certainly fun to watch.

    • squid2112 says:

      They are treated differently because McCain is married to a billionaire. Period. That is the difference. And I’m sorry to James for not realizing this and understanding McCain’s real story. Do a little bit of research on the guy. He is slime.

  7. DirkH says:

    McCain’s crazy; that’s all one needs to know. By making McCain look good in comparison here, Trump shows he’s a Dem U boat. Or just an idiot, anyway, junk him as fast as you can.

    BUT – McCaini has been made the target in this choreographed move, meaning he’s game, meaning, his time’s up. That’s good news. Maybe they’re showing the PNAC buddies the door?

  8. gator69 says:

    Black lives matter? Apparently not in New York City.

    A “Pregnancy Outcomes” report from the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene reveals in 2013, more black babies were aborted than born in the city.

    A chart on page 7 shows 24,108 “non-Hispanic black” babies were born while 29,007 faced “induced terminations” — or abortions.

    Once again, blacks kill far more blacks than anyone else kills blacks.

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