Obama’s War On The Poor Continues!!!! Dept Of Energy Wants A “Green” Dishwasher Mandated For Us All!!!


How long will we be burdened with the corrupt and incompetent?

Appliance industry warns federal dishwasher regs would lead to dirty dishes

The home appliance industry has a problem with the Obama administration’s new dishwasher regulations: They’re a wash, so to speak.  

The recent proposal from the Department of Energy is meant to boost dishwasher efficiency by setting stricter limits on the amount of water each dishwasher can use, among other changes. Under the plan, washers could use only 3.1 gallons of water for a single load.

But an appliance industry group says the new measures would be counterproductive — as they’d force users to run their dishwashers more, and hand-wash, just to get the same results, in turn using more water.

“[The regulations] would result in dishwasher performance that is unacceptable to consumers, essentially turning back the clock to the days of hand-washing dishes,” the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) said in a statement. 

Robert McArver, vice president of policy and government relations at AHAM, told The Hill that the government is trying to “squeeze blood from a stone that just doesn’t have any blood left.” 

The DOE passed similar regulations in 2012 that reduced usage from 6.5 gallons to 5 gallons. AHAM argues that bringing that cap even lower would result in perpetually messy dishes. 

Some of the group’s members even ran their own dishwasher tests under the new standards, and photographs of the results — showing dishes with food bits on them — reportedly were shown to DOE officials.

Shown here are results from dishwasher tests, for new government water efficiency standards, run by members of the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM). (AHAM)

AHAM said in its statement: “The testing revealed a build-up of film, fats and grease on dishes at the end of the cycle. As a result of the proposed standards, it is highly likely that consumers will pre-wash dishes or choose to repeat dishwasher cycles, thereby erasing any energy or water savings.”

Energy usage would also be affected under the DOE plan. The 2012 rules reduced energy usage to 307 kilowatt-hours per year for washers; the new rules would reduce that to 234 kilowatt-hours per year. McArver told The Hill that the rules are an attempt to fulfill President Obama’s greenhouse gas emission goals. 

The agency initially proposed the changes in December. It estimates the changes would save 240 billion gallons of water over the next three decades. DOE figures also estimate the proposals would reduce energy consumption by 12 percent and save consumers $2 billion in utility bills. 

But it could also raise the price tag on washers. Ernest Istook, former Republican congressman from Oklahoma,wrote in a Washington Times piece that complying with the 2012 rule, based on DOE estimates, added roughly $44 to the cost of each machine. “Now their 2015 proposal will add another $99 to the price tag, even by DOE’s own admission,” he wrote.

The comment period for the proposals has been re-opened for a second time, according to the agency. A DOE spokesperson told The Hill the department was going to collaborate with manufacturers to test other products and perfect the rule. 

But Jill Notini, vice president of communications and marketing with AHAM, said the rule almost got to the “final stage” when their organization caught wind of it. 

“DOE has pulled back a little and said ‘fine, we’ll open commentary again,'” she said. “They’ve recognized that they’ve upset a major stakeholder so they are looking for more comments, but haven’t indicated if their proposal levels would change.” 

She added that their group hopes “DOE will take a deep breath, take a step back,” and do more research. 

The rules wouldn’t go into effect until 2019.

Well, this is just another continuation of the left’s war on the poor.   We’re going to make a dishwasher $100 more expensive ($143 more expensive in the last 3 years) to save 71 kWh?  At the going rate (it varies from location to location) but, I pay, (adding in all the bs surcharges and whatnot)  about $0.12/kWh (12 cents) …. so, they’re going to save me $8.52/yr ….. but, that’s not all!!!  They’re saving the ultimate renewable resource, water!!!!!  You can’t really save or spend water.  We have pretty much the same amount of water today as we did thousands of years ago, with or without dishwashers …. but, I digress.  I currently pay, with all the bs surcharges and whatnot, about $0.02/gallon of water usage.  Assuming I use the dishwasher once a day, at a savings of 2 gallons a day …. the proposed new dishwasher would save me, ~ $14/yr.  Heck!!!  In 5 years the darned thing could pay for itself!!!! ……. Assuming the AHAM is entirely incorrect.  But, we know AHAM is entirely correct.  A dishwasher’s formula isn’t all that complicated.  There are two things to make it run; water and energy.  The more water and energy, the higher potential for cleaner dishes, the less of the two, the less of the potential. 

What the lunatics are doing here is creating a two class system.  Of course, it isn’t only through mundane stuff such as a dishwasher, but, it is exemplary of what they’re doing. 

In the last 3 years the DOE has tried to raise the price of a dishwasher by $143.  Poor people can’t even afford the $143, much less the cost of one before the interference. 

This brings me to a concept in which I will expound upon at a later time.  It is the nature of all products to decrease in cost over time.  I’ll repeat for emphasis …… It is the nature of all products to decrease in cost over time.

The reasons for this are many.  Repetition and competition are the major contributors. 

What we’re seeing here is nothing more than a war on the poor, constraining them and not allowing them to have the comforts of the middle or wealthy class.  From dishwashers to expensive Freon, the sale of automobiles, …… you name it, if it’s popular our government moves to keep it out of reach of the poor. 

There are many more aspects to this, as well.  For instance, in order to stay competitive, an American company will have to do ….. what?  Well, to make up for the cost increases, they can a) move offshore and hire really cheap labor or b) hire a bunch of illegals and have cheap labor here.  ….. again, a continuation of the war on the poor. 

I can’t believe the American people sit idly by while this continually happens.  It’s heartbreaking.

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16 Responses to Obama’s War On The Poor Continues!!!! Dept Of Energy Wants A “Green” Dishwasher Mandated For Us All!!!

  1. Latitude says:

    advice……used and refurbished appliance stores

    I bought a super capacity, heavy duty, GE washer and dryer….for $250…they both look brand new…and the washer fills all the way to the top with water
    damned if I want my clothes spit on…and call that clean

    • suyts says:

      Yep! I don’t buy the over priced new appliances! Used is the way to go! Washers, driers, refrigerators, air-conditioners ….. they’re all priced out of my range, but, if I bought one used one a year, I’m still money ahead than buying new. ….. the drier I’m using, I think I bought for $75 several years ago. I know I didn’t spend more than $100, but, it could have been $50. Fridge? The same. I’ve got a fantastic window AC still kicking it for less than $100. Bought it 3 years ago. It’s a 110, with my 220 window unit which came with the house it cools bedroom, living room, kitchen, and dining room to however cold you want it to be. And, they all are very separate rooms. It doesn’t get to the two back bedrooms, but, no one uses them anyway. …… oh, electric bill >$100 in the heat of the summer. …. all mentioned appliances run on electric!

  2. leftinflagstaff says:

    The biggest problem of bloated government. It needs something to do.

  3. gator69 says:

    I really don’t know how many gallons or kWh’s my dishwasher uses, and frankly I don’t care. Until they make one better looking, I’m keeping the old girl.

  4. we threw our dishwasher out 35 years ago, now I say to my Wife
    I’ll watch and you dry.

  5. Now I have an antique dishwasher, we’ve been hitched for 53 years.

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