North Atlantic Hurricane Season Update!!!!


I’m a bit amused by this.  It seems after years and years of exaggerating the risk, and then being shown to be wrong, the climate lunatics have learned the value of understating! 

I’ve no idea how many hurricanes will form over the N. Atlantic this year.  Neither, does anyone else.  But, this year, the lunatics at NOAA are predicting a mild season.  And, they’re off to a good start!  But, this doesn’t play into their narrative very well!  If they make it a habit of predicting low hurricane activity, they can’t very well say climate change is increasing hurricane activity.  However, if it goes above the predicted levels, they’ll say, ‘see, we told you so!’ 

Another point of amusement is the 1944 start date for the average.  That goes beyond the point of absurdity.  1944?  Why not 1939?  Why not 1950, when our tech was just a bit better, and our focus a bit different?  If anyone believes we accurately measured the low altitude wind speed of all of the tropical storms formed over the N. Atlantic in 1944, then I’ve a bridge to sell you which connects Brooklyn.  It’s fantastically stupid! 

Source for the image is here, their source for the data is NOAA.

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6 Responses to North Atlantic Hurricane Season Update!!!!

  1. Latitude says:

    and the opposite of this is…now every time two clouds are within talking distance…they get a name
    …and they still can’t bump the number up!

  2. gator69 says:

    Some people still believe that Sandy was a hurricane at landfall. Just this past week I had to correct a conservative skeptic journalist on this fact. The drum beat is strong.

    • leftinflagstaff says:

      And the only reason they think about Sandy at all, is because of when it made landfall.

      High Tide. Gift-wrapped two weeks without power, heat, or hot water for me.

  3. leftinflagstaff says:

    Yep. And if anyone believes even having accurate measurement from 1944, or any date, proves causation, offer the Manhattan Bridge too.

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