Heh!!! And, Yes, Please, Avoid Us …… Don’t Want Your Kind Around

So, I got a kick out of this thing that I saw on FB, today.  A “Coalition To Stop Gun Violence” had this to say ….


I thought, ‘hey, these are bragging points!!!’  So, being a proud Kansan, I thought I’d share!  A new law was recently implemented in that one/anyone can carry a concealed weapon.  We already had a law that anyone can carry a gun in the open.  The cool thing is that now, you can assume most people are armed in Kansas.  Never felt safer, because, in Kansas, we’re still predominantly Christian, or, at least have the Christian ethos and morals instilled in the populace.  So, this means there are a lot more good guys with guns than bad guys. 

So, for the girls who squeal about people having guns, I say, yes, please avoid Kansas.  For proud and free men and women who believe it is the right of every American to carry a gun, I say, welcome!

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29 Responses to Heh!!! And, Yes, Please, Avoid Us …… Don’t Want Your Kind Around

  1. gator69 says:

    You might have some fun with these stats…

    Gun violence in the United States by state

    Kansas murders per capita: 2.2

    DC murders per capita: 16.5

    Maryland murders per capita: 5.1


    • Latitude says:

      florida: 5.0….only because we have a lot of tourists

      • gator69 says:

        And Miami. Demographics also come into play.

        • cdquarles says:

          Yep. Bombing…, um, Birmingham, Mobile, and to a lesser extent, Montgomery and Tuscaloosa skew Alabama’s number. Roughly half of the murders in Alabama in 2010 were in Birmingham/Jefferson County, if I’m not mistaken. Metro Birmingham is 1.2 million people. Jefferson County is a bit more than 600,000 people.

        • gator69 says:

          I lived in Montgomery for a year, and it was the worst place I have ever called home, out of over two dozen cities that I have been my home. There is a reason why truckers call it… well never mind.

        • cdquarles says:

          Aww, Gator, I know exactly what they called it. Heck, I remember when you had to pay $75 for a broadcast citizens band radio license and had to display your call letters. I lived in Metro Mon…-town for a year. I have lived in all four of the major metro areas of Alabama. I’ve lived in the rural parts, too.

          When you head west/south of Tuscaloosa, you start heading back in time, culturally (for better or worse).

        • Latitude says:

          Miami Dade county…..is a sanctuary county

      • leftinflagstaff says:

        FL Gun Murders: 3.9

        AZ: 3.6

        Holy Crap…DC Overall Murders: 21.8!

      • gator69 says:

        South Florida’s sunny shores provided enough shady cover to give Miami the unsavory distinction as the 17th most dangerous city in the country.


    • suyts says:

      Yeh, I was looking for an updated version, ….. the data is there to crunch, but, the FBI hasn’t done so. I decided it would be too time consuming to do so.

      • gator69 says:

        But isn’t it telling that these fascists are not warning people to avoid DC and Maryland. If they really cared about helping people avoid “gun violence”, they would be highlighting the truly dangerous places.

        Scumbags extraordinaire. The only time I hope there is a Hell, is when I see this kind of crap.

  2. leftinflagstaff says:

    Yeah, avoid a state that has laws that actually do what that Coalition is promoting.

    Leftist logic fart. Again.

  3. Latitude says:

    ‘hey, these are bragging points!!!’ ….ROTFL..that’s the first thing I thought too

  4. HankH says:

    It looks like we’d be quite welcomed in Kansas. It’s a coincidence that you posted this as the Mrs. and I plan to go to the shooting range tomorrow to cycle 100+ rounds through her new Glock 26 to break it in. There’s something sexy about a woman who knows how to handle a gun and is confident of her ability. 😀

  5. some people have all the luck

  6. Larry Geiger says:

    Going to Kansas next week. Looking forward to it. We’ll be flying in and out in Missouri (oh well), but we’ll be staying in KS. Looking forward to some Arthur Bryant on the way from the airport. Gas station BBQ another day. I hear Buffalo Bob’s in Lawrence is gone now. Loved those fresh curly fries. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, good. Would be better to visit in May or September but the grandkids have to go to school, so it’s warm summer visit to KS for us.

    • suyts says:

      Well, welcome back, Larry!!! From KC to Lawrence there’s always excellent BBQ to be had! …. well, if you come further south there’s even better! But, you gotta know where to find it. It’s never in a restaurant, but, this time of year there’s always a few smokers running at the various celebrations. And, yeh, your’e right, it gets stupid hot here. It isn’t so much the temp but, with the humidity …. I’ll take a dry 105 over a wet 95 any day!

  7. gator69 says:

    The Obama administration wants to keep people collecting Social Security benefits from owning guns if it is determined they are unable to manage their own affairs, the Los Angeles Times reported.

    The push, which could potentially affect millions whose monthly disability payments are handled by others, is intended to bring the Social Security Administration in line with laws that prevent gun sales to felons, drug addicts, immigrants in the United States illegally, and others, according to the paper.

    The language of federal gun laws restricts ownership to people who are unable to manage their own affairs due to “marked subnormal intelligence, or mental illness, incompetency, condition, or disease” – which could potentially affect a large group within Social Security, the LA Times reported.


    And who gets to decide what constitutes “mental illness” and “disease”? The same kind of people who have tried to claim that conservatives and skeptics are mentally ill? The same kind of judge that ruled Dinesh D’Souza suffers from depression, a ruling that went against the opinions of Mr D’Souza’s doctors?

    How dare they compare people on Social Security with felons, drug addicts, illegal immigrants. How dare they threaten to strip them of their Constitutional right to bear arms. This is a very dangerous slippery slope that should never have been approached.

    • cdquarles says:

      And, thanks to No-care, the Feds have access to everyone’s medical records, in near real-time. And yes, it is a standard question to be asked if you have had ‘mental’ illness in the past and if you own guns, particularly if you’re a new patient. [This one’s been telegraphed ever since the American Academy of Pediatrics started huffing and puffing about a gun epidemic some years ago.]

    • daveburton says:

      As a matter of policy, I don’t want people suffering from severe dementia handling guns. But as a matter of law, the FEDERAL government has no business saying who may or may not own or handle guns (except for residents of Washington, D.C., and the Territories). That is NOT among the enumerated powers of the federal government. That is exactly the sort of thing which the Constitution leaves for the States to handle, as they see fit.

      Once again, liberals are thumbing their noses at the Constitution’s limits on federal authority.

  8. kim2ooo says:

    OT… Sherlock fans 🙂

    I really enjoy these. Done in the same spirit and timeline of Master Sherlock Holms.


    Good sale on this set.

    • gator69 says:

      I just finished rereading a collection of Holmes mysteries I read as a young man, and I have to say I was sorely disappointed in them. The resolutuion of the mysteries was almost always an impossibility of fact. For instance, in one the reader is told explicitly that a missing train could not have taken an old side track, and in the end the solution is that the train took an old side track.

      By today’s standards, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s books really are not all that great. It is the nostalgia and the myth that props them up.

      • DirkH says:

        He wrote a few science fiction stories which are quite ludicrous. One about a poisonous comet tail turning Earth’s atmosphere into sleeping gas, making everyone stand still in his place except the two protagonists, who walk around with gas masks (a Victorian scientist and his sidekick); another about a guy drilling a deep hole, so deep he pricks the skin of the Earth, which is a giant living organism covered only by the Earth’s crust, resulting in giant earthquakes as the Earth tries to shake off whatever pricked her. Kind of an early enviro-anti-drilling story.

      • kim2ooo says:

        The difference was, you were a passenger, when you first read them.

        This time you approached them as a driver.

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