My God!!!! Help US!!!!!!!


I cannot possibly describe the emotions and thoughts I had when reading these two stories.  I’ve two lovely daughters of my own.  But, I still can’t even come close to imagining what Mr. Steinle went through and is going through, let alone Mrs. Steinle.  But, I can tell you I hurt from it.  And, I’m mad as hell.

This isn’t a unique story, insofar as we’ve allowed/invited career criminals into this land and we’ve groups of people, cities, states, and our own federal government who would harbor these maniacs.  But, this event should bring the message home.

Folks, this is a real shot and chaser post.

Here’s story #1 ….

Kate Steinle’s Last Words: “Help Me Dad”

… When asked what Kate’s words were when she realized she had been shot, her father gave a gut wrenching response.

“Help me, dad,” Steinle described.

Story #2 ……

Disgrace: DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson Has No Idea Who Kate Steinle Is

…  “Has the administration reached out to the Steinle family, to your knowledge?” Rep. Steve Chabot asked Johnson.

“To who?” Johnson replied.

“To the family of the woman who brutally murdered by this individual who had committed seven different felonies in four different states and to my understanding had been deported, kept coming back, has the administration reached out to that family?” Chabot asked again.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know the answer to that question sir,” Johnson said. ….

…. “I wish someone would reach out to us,” Brad Steinle said during an interview on The Kelly File last night.

When the White House was asked last week to comment on the Kate Steinle case, Press Secretary Josh Earnest said comment on “this specific case” could not be issued and that reporters should refer to DHS for information. It turns out the guy who leads DHS has no clue about who Kate Steinle is. Again, a disgrace. (H/T JazzShaw)

I don’t cry.  But, today, I cry.  I’ve so many things to say about this, but, now, it wouldn’t be coherent.  The only thing I can say is to ask God to help us.  We so badly need it.  And, to the dad’s out there, go hug and tell your children that you love them.  And, then, go prepare to fight.

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26 Responses to My God!!!! Help US!!!!!!!

  1. EW3 says:

    This administration is so full of underachievers it’s pathetic.
    But it dos seem to be vibrant and diverse! Guess that is all that matters.

  2. gator69 says:

    The only thing I can say is to ask God to help us.

    James I have been praying and asking God not to turn his back on us, that he not give up on us, as that is the most we deserve at this point because we have turned our backs on Him.

  3. Latitude says:

    We could fill this page…and many more pages….of one after the other illegals..deported…or not even deported at all just turned loose…came back…committed more crimes…and are still here…foot loose and fancy free

    Rapes, murders, drunk driving, child molesters, child killers, robbers, gang crime…and something no one talks about…diseases…..diseases we have not had in this country for decades

    It’s not the world, it’s us….we have gone stark raving mad

    A very smart person I know, said something very smart…
    …they are so good at running their own countries

    Americans as a whole have the most naive polly anna attitude about other countries…
    …it’s going to be the downfall

  4. leftinflagstaff says:

    And here’s where are laws give fifteen chances to those who don’t qualify for one.

    • leftinflagstaff says:

      *our laws

    • suyts says:

      Well, right ….. but, then, there should never be a second entry. And, it’s insanely stupid that there can be with impunity. What the hell good is it to deport a criminal when we can’t won’t prevent him from coming back again?

      • leftinflagstaff says:

        Absolutely no hell good at a all. The international version of disrespect for laws at the expense of others. So many Americans love it. Seems so obviously noble to help a stranger, not so obvious that it hurts your neighbor.

        Or maybe it wouldn’t matter if it was obvious. Probably why: ‘ Ok, we’ll let more in, even at times when we’re struggling and really shouldn’t take them, but they’ll just have to do it legally through a fence”, wasn’t reached as a compromise decades ago.

  5. Lars P. says:

    Very sad story :(.
    Hey James, it looks like you have pasted 2 times the first link above, maybe you find the time to correct, it does not bring one directly to the story but gets an error.

    • kim2ooo says:

      Funny cartoon… not accurate but funny.

      I’ve met very few leftist youth… that had the constitutional fortitude to be Christian/ Catholic.

      • gator69 says:

        Central and South America are lousy with them, and so are large cities here in the US now. Social Justice first infiltrated Catholic churches south of the border back in the 1950’s, and it has now spread to the urban areas of the US. This is why the current Pope is a Marxist, he grew up in the age and area of influence of Marxo-Catholicism.

  6. gator69 says:

    Country singer Chely Wright took to her Facebook page on Tuesday to push back against “straight, white, Christian males” who complain that political correctness has run amok, proclaiming that these individuals appear to lack “empathy and kindness.”

    Wright, a Christian and a lesbian who has openly discussed how she reconciles her faith and sexuality, also said that she’d bet that these people were likely playground bullies during their younger years.

    “Something I’ve noticed on social media is that those who continually mock and complain that ‘political correctness is rampant and ridiculous– yada yada yada’ are most always straight, white, Christian males,” she wrote. “They’re people who’ve never had to rely on others to speak up for them to protect and correct systemic injustices that society has leveled upon them.”

    Wright went on to explain that the term “political correctness” emerged out of a “desperate need to aid and to render fairness and safety.” She said that when “straight, white, Christian men” speak negatively about the term, it makes them look as though they lack empathy.

    “Additionally, I’d bet my eye teeth that these men were often the big, mouthy bully on the playground at school who picked on the poor kid, the handicapped kid, the gay kid, the kid with glasses, the black kid and the kid with a single parent,” Wright concluded.

    Actually, I was the anti-bully on the playground who stepped in and defended the weak. I defend the rights of gays, and the only black guy at my high school was one of my best friends. But none of that has anything to do with being or not being PC.

    What an idiot.

    • DirkH says:

      Hopin she reconsiders her lesbianness!

      “Wright went on to explain that the term “political correctness” emerged out of a “desperate need to aid and to render fairness and safety.””

      THat’s a heartwarming description of Stalinism if I ever heard one.
      “Early-to-mid 20th century

      In the early-to-mid 20th century, contemporary uses of the phrase “Politically Correct” were associated with the dogmatic application of Stalinist doctrine, debated between formal Communists (members of the Communist Party) and Socialists. The phrase was a colloquialism referring to the Communist party line, which provided for “correct” positions on many matters of politics. According to American educator Herbert Kohl, writing about debates in New York in the late 1940s and early 1950s,

      The term “politically correct” was used disparagingly, to refer to someone whose loyalty to the CP line overrode compassion, and led to bad politics. It was used by Socialists against Communists, and was meant to separate out Socialists who believed in egalitarian moral ideas from dogmatic Communists who would advocate and defend party positions regardless of their moral substance.
      —”Uncommon Differences”, The Lion and the Unicorn Journal[1]”

    • kim2ooo says:

      “Wright went on to explain that the term “political correctness” emerged out of a “desperate need to aid and to render fairness and safety.”

      I agree!

      That is why I’ve decided to be POLITICALLY CORRECT…and call Lesbians, Gays etc….


      Someone told me, “You are a HOMOPHOBIC because you aren’t Gay”
      I replied: “You are Gay but will never be NORMAL”.

      • gator69 says:

        That’s the problem with PC, you are not allowed to tell the truth, it makes liars and idiots out of all of us.

      • DirkH says:

        Kim, POLITICALLY correct is not what is correct (we would call it simply “correct” in that case) but what the party decrees to be correct. The party has decided that the term to use is gay, or recently, LGBT.

        • kim2ooo says:

          “The party has decided that the term to use is gay, or recently, LGBT.”

          You mean Homosexual??? he he he he 🙂

          [ That is how I’m replying to the users ].

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