The Battle Hymn Republic!!!!!


I always get a special sort of feeling when I hear this song.  I hope people enjoy it as much as I do.  Be sure to let the Youtube roll on ….. there’s some other great ones to hear after this one!


So, today, I worked on something very special, with my brothers.  Guys and gals, you’re going to love it! … At least, I hope you will.  It will be months in the making, but, I’m very excited about it!  It’s mostly good old gospel hymns, but, there are some “WOWS” in it.  And, a new “good old gospel hymn”!  It’s a song you’d swear had been in the hymn book all along, but, no one has ever heard it, yet.  I haven’t heard the final version! 

I was somewhat trepidacious, and still am, a bit, but, I’m much more excited than weary after today.  

If it comes off like I believe it will, I’ll make the whole CD available ….

This is something us brothers have been too lax in pursuing.  We all sing, and, we all know we sound good together, we just hadn’t since the last time our parents made us.  No animosity or anything, it was just that we had other things to do.  Now, it took the insistence of an elderly aunt to make it happen. 

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30 Responses to The Battle Hymn Republic!!!!!

  1. DirkH says:

    Alison Krauss – Down To The River To Pray

    As I went down in the river to pray
    Studying about that good old way
    (And who shall wear) the starry crown
    Good Lord, show me the way!

    O sisters let’s go down,
    Let’s go down, come on down,
    O sisters let’s go down,
    Down in the river to pray.

  2. kim2ooo says:

    WOOT! A CD????? 🙂

  3. kim2ooo says:

    My Grandpa said, “This song, by this lady, used to play on every TV channel.. at the end of day.”

  4. cdquarles says:

    Don’t forget Ray Charles’ version, please.

  5. cdquarles says:

    That reminds me. When Pope Benedict came to visit when G. W. Bush was president, he had the band (Marine, I think) perform and they played the Battle Hymn. Let me see if I can find a link. Ah, yes, thank you El Rushbo:

  6. cdquarles says:

    You know, the business of Lee’s regimental flag, the battle flag, really has gotten under my skin. Okay, you have a 40 year old sitcom, set in NW Georgia, with a car named ‘General Lee’. IF, I say, If there is any doubt about what should be, having Lee’s flag on a car sporting his name, should be LEFT ALONE.

  7. Lars P. says:

    Good Bye Messenger …

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