In Other News …. The Religion Of Peace ….


The jihadist terror group Islamic State responded to the Supreme Court’s recent decision on gay marriage by killing accused gay men by pushing them off a roof.

Released on the same day as the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision legalizing homosexual marriage across all 50 states, the video shows ISIS militants pushing several men off a high roof to their deaths.

The official Twitter account of human rights watchdog group Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently, using the “Love Wins” hashtag, tweeted that four gay men were pushed to their deaths to “celebrate” the ruling.

The tweet also included photos of the execution, including one particularly graphic photo. Reader discretion is advised.  ….. read more at the link.

In this asinine absurd nation (the US), Christians are considered the enemy by many leftards.  But, the same lunatics who support Gay marriage also advocate and celebrate “cultural diversity” to include extreme lunatic Muslims such as the ISIS group.  Sure, no, they don’t openly advocate for ISIS, but, allow for it, and cause other lunatics to support maniacal groups such as ISIS, through their “tolerance” for everything which is wrong, rather than anything which is correct. 

But, we’re told such extremists are such a small minority of the Muslim faith …. right?

REPORT: ISIS Could Have 42 MILLION Supporters in the Arab World

Yeh, well, I know the influence a small minority of lunatics such as 30-40 million people can have. 

California, the scourge of the US has about that many people, too

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6 Responses to In Other News …. The Religion Of Peace ….

  1. There is no secular Muslim in the world. Christian world is disorganized, Muslims are more unified, BUT: if there was a war between Christians and Muslims; big, big chance the Muslims will lose – IF they are explained so, probably will make them to think, what they support

    b] putting that black cloth/ hijab on his mother, sister, wife and daughter, cannot be human/ civilized. That black cloth would be illegal to put on a dog over the head, especially in the tropics and subtropics – therefore: they haven’t much of what to be proud of

  2. DirkH says:

    Pentagon admitted they pay a Muslim terrorist 250 to 400 USD a month.

    Obvious question to me is, how many American-payed terrorists are already in Germany.

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