LSM Simply Doesn’t Want To Hear Truth …… Trump Out Of Everything NBC


Look, I’m no fan of Trump.  I think he’s a blowhard. 

But, here’s what the boy said …..

NBC cut ties with Trump after he, in his announcement to run for president, described immigrants from Mexico as “bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists, and some, I assume, are good people.”

Now, mind you, I disagree with this statement.  I assume most are good people who immigrate here, both legally and illegally. 

But, it begs the question as to why people are immigrating here.  Why?

It’s because there’s a better opportunity for a better life here, than where they’ve come from.  But, why is that?  Why is it better here, than there, where ever “there” may be?  Why?

Because the society and culture here is better than the place they’ve come from.  It’s as simple as that.  This isn’t unique to the US.  This is happening all over the world.  People move to places which afford the best opportunities, and move to escape to problems their society and culture has allowed to fester.  This is why we’re seeing a mass influx of immigrants to Europe and Australia.  People are trying to get away from the madness they live in. 

Unfortunately, Western civilization doesn’t really do immigration control.  That is, we don’t weed out the good from the bad. 

That Mexicans are bringing drugs and crime (to include rape) to the US is incontrovertible.  This is established fact.  Do all of them do it?  Of course, not!  Most of the illegal immigrants are moving away from the bastards as best they can!  But, we have no controls on who illegally enters the US. 

Predators follow their prey!!!!!

Until we decide to discriminate between good and bad, we’re going to have an influx of scumbaggery.  The most important thing to understand is that even the good, hard working, God fearing immigrants failed to establish a proper society and culture in the nation they come from.  So, to this extent, we need to understand that they need to integrate with our society and culture, rather than import their failed society and culture.  The more of them, regardless of the nation they came from or the nation they’re going to, the more the nation they’re going to will be like the nation these good people tried to escape. 

NBC opposes these notions. 

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33 Responses to LSM Simply Doesn’t Want To Hear Truth …… Trump Out Of Everything NBC

  1. Latitude says:

    failed to establish a proper society and culture in the nation they come from….

    You’re doing a very good job lately of making me have to stop and think.

  2. leftinflagstaff says:

    ‘I assume most are good people who immigrate here, both legally and illegally. ‘

    I just don’t think I’ll ever be able to correlate disrespect for other people and their laws with being a good person. I, at least, could never call myself good after doing so. But then, we all choose to define our ‘good’, I suppose.

    • Latitude says:

      I think it has become so prevalent…and common….that they don’t even think about it as illegal any more. Like moving from Georgia to Montana.

      • leftinflagstaff says:

        Disrespect for others is what’s become so prevalent and common.

        If I ever end up as a permanent resident somewhere else, I’ll know it’s somewhere else. And abide by the rules to be there.

        • David A says:

          If the nation you go to has no respect for there own laws why should you? We openly accepted this illegal immigration for decades.

        • leftinflagstaff says:

          ‘David A says:

          If the nation you go to has no respect for there own laws why should you? We openly accepted this illegal immigration for decades.’

          We do more than accept it, we I courage it. But they place I end up may not.

        • leftinflagstaff says:

          *encourage it

    • suyts says:

      Left, for many it isn’t even about that. It’s about survival. I understand why people want to come here. It’s much like the last helicopter leaving Vietnam. But, the fact is, the helicopter could only hold so many people. It isn’t that most of them wouldn’t make fine Americans. I’m sure most did of the ones who got on the helicopter. I’m also certain we imported some horrid scumbags from Vietnam. I understand why and how that happened. But, in this day and age, there’s no reason for it.

      • leftinflagstaff says:

        And what is immigration law about but the survival of another people.

      • leftinflagstaff says:

        And of course I understand the desire to escape those places. But I also understand that there may be an ebb and flow to our capability to absorb them. It isn’t 1850 any more.
        Let’s see: record numbers of Americans not in the labor force… Black America’s unemployment rate alone…What do ya think? We in an ebb or a flow?

        • gator69 says:

          The earliest documented crossing by one of my ancestors was in 1734. At that time you were lucky to arrive alive, and once here there was no support system. The mortality rate of those who survived the crossing was far greater than the mortality rate of the crossing. But my ancestors had no choice, as all of their possessions (including infant children) had been confiscated, and remaining in Europe meant certain death, either by execution or in prisons.

        • leftinflagstaff says:

          And doing so now, for every person on the planet who needed it, would have zero negative effect on those already here.

          I’ll never feel guilty about putting my neighbors first.

  3. gator69 says:


  4. gator69 says:

    #BlackLivesMatter Disrupts Chicago Gay Rights Parade – Car Drives Through Crowd, 2 People Shot

    Rainbows are just reflected white light.

    Oh noes! What will NBC do now?!

  5. DirkH says:

    In Hamburg, a 6 foot tall guy from Niger just got shot and killed in self defense as he invaded a home.He only got released from prison in May. Politicians made no attempt at extraditing him and his family even though he was not only a “refugee” but also a known convicted criminal in Germany.

    So, the politicians in Germany knowingly import rapists, murderers and robbers from Africa while African countries have “amnesties” i.e. purposefully unloading their rapists and murderers to Europe.

    This might be part of the pathological altruism disease of German politicians but they will have to go nonetheless, and quick. They are importing rapists and murderers, they know it, and they steal my money in the form of taxes to feed and clothe and house the rapists and murderers.

    The hotel I’m currently in seems to have some “refugees” as well. The German authorities book hotel rooms as they have run out of all kinds of accommodation.

    I estimate the current cost of accomodating the rapists and murderers (and the few innocent people that accidentally came along with them) at 3 % of GDP or 60 bn EUR a year. (2 million times 30,000 EUR per capita a year).

    This is now about 3 times as expensive as even the warmunist renewables madness.

    • DirkH says:

      ….2 million because it works like this, one “refugee” pays for the passage in a boat, after a few years in Germany he gets his 13 family members over.

    • Jim Masterson says:

      In Hamburg, a 6 foot tall guy from Niger just got shot and killed in self defense as he invaded a home.

      I didn’t know that German citizens could defend their homes with guns. Was the defender arrested for improper self-defense? That often happens here in the US.


      • DirkH says:

        You may shoot someone who attacks you – which likely happened here – guy knocked down the door, charging at the homeowner. Problem is, gun laws have been tightened requiring you to keep gun and ammo in different locked up containers, so the state attorney uses this and will likely file charges for violation of that requirement. So you may have guns, but not guns that are ready for defense. The state really doesn’t like you defending yourself. And they would love to tighten it further.

        Official police recommendation is to always give criminals everything they want. Well, it’s not their stuff so what do they care.

        • Jim Masterson says:

          Official police recommendation is to always give criminals everything they want. Well, it’s not their stuff so what do they care.

          And it’s not their life or the lives of their loved ones either. The gun control crowd thinks that banning guns will solve everything. Criminals, however, don’t obey the laws–they don’t obey the gun laws we already have. More laws will just give criminals more chances to commit gun crimes without interference from armed citizens.


        • gator69 says:

          But criminals vote for leftists, so their lives matter.

        • leftinflagstaff says:

          The protection of lives doesn’t matter as much as dictating how they’re lived. Looks like the struggle against that will never end. We just slowed it temporarily here.

        • DirkH says:

          …I guess it’s just less work for them when you hand over your stuff. So, game-theoretically, perfectly reasonable reaction by the police.

        • DirkH says:

          …and, the dead robber , as I read now, was known as “Intensivtäter”, German newspeak for serial offender. You know you gotta smash one or the other eyesocket before a German judge sends you to jail for a short time if you’re a migrant. So we’ve got a lot of Intensivtäter roaming certain cities, Hamburg being one of them.

          Judges and attorneys love their Intensivtäters to bits because they get to see them so often and they hope that they can extinguish their pathological guilt by foregiving the poor kid (even when the kid is 6 feet tall and 26 years old).

          Sending him back to the steppe, what fun would that be?

        • gator69 says:

          Wasn’t he just an undocumented resident?

        • DirkH says:

          It’s kind of a 3 strike justice in reverse I get the impression. You get volume rebates.

        • DirkH says:

          “Sending him back to the steppe, what fun would that be?”

          Let me rephrase that, sending him back to the steppe, where’s the fun in that?

        • DirkH says:

          gator69 says:
          June 30, 2015 at 1:19 pm
          “Wasn’t he just an undocumented resident?”

          The courts knew him well enough, by his name, Moustapha A. if our press is to be believed.

        • gator69 says:

          Even better! The courts licensed him to reside wherever he wished.

  6. Predators follow their prey!!!!!

  7. gator69 says:

    LSM also doesn’t want to report truth…

    Records show Clinton withheld emails about oil, terrorism

    (Better headline from Ace: “Hillary Clinton, Get This, Edited the Emails She Turned Over to State to Delete Embarrassing References to Oil, Terrorism”)

    Hillary Clinton withheld Benghazi-related emails from the State Department that detailed her knowledge of the scramble for oil contracts in Libya and the shortcomings of the NATO-led military intervention for which she advocated.

    Clinton removed specific portions of other emails she sent to State, suggesting the messages were screened closely enough to determine which paragraphs were unfit to be seen by the public.

    For example, one email Clinton kept from the State Department indicates Libyan leaders were “well aware” of which “major oil companies and international banks” supported them during the rebellion, information they would “factor into decisions” about about who would be given access to the country’s rich oil reserves.

    The email, which Clinton subsequently scrubbed from her server, indicated Clinton was aware that involvement in the controversial conflict could have a significant financial benefit to firms that were friendly to the Libyan rebels.

    She thanked Sidney Blumenthal, her former aide and author of dozens of informal intelligence memos, for the tip, which she called “useful,” and informed him she was preparing to hold a meeting with Libyan leaders in Paris in an exchange that suggests the flow of information went both ways.

    To be clear, this is not about redacting text so that others can’t read it while preserving it in the originals.

    Ace notes that this is now about “altering official federal records” which those in a position to know are claiming is a likely violation of federal statutes at the felony level.

    Hillary could beat a transgender gay immigrant black Muslim to death with a baby seal, and most democrats would still vote for her. So what difference at this point does it make?

  8. gator69 says:

    Another thing the LSM doesn’t want to hear, Hillary is Rich!

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