Celebrating Ramadan!!!!!!


UPDATEs: ISIS Terror Attack on U.S. Factory in France…

…Jihadists Leave Severed Head on Fence

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Suicide Bombing at Kuwait Mosque; At Least 13 Dead

ISIS Kills 27 in Attack on Western Tourists in Tunisia

There are, of course, many, many more acts of barbarism, made in the name of the “religion of peace” which are documented. 

In this case, there are three choices.  People can wake up to what is actually happening.  Or, they can die.  Or, live while licking the boot of these barbaric people. 

The choice is yours.  I’ll take options one or two. 

Other linked examples of Ramadan atrocities are welcomed. 

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66 Responses to Celebrating Ramadan!!!!!!

  1. Latitude says:

    you know….the whole news media is up in arms about some guy that murdered people in a church
    carrying on about a flag…the KKK….etc

    and ISIS just keeps trucking…and barely a word

    ISIS has a unique way of celebrating gay marriage….


  2. Latitude says:

    French terror suspect took selfie with beheaded victim


    • DirkH says:

      Fun fact: EU Media have headlines “What made the SUSPECT, the quiet family man Yacine S commit this act” WHILE at the same time reporting “The ALLEGED ISLAMIST Yacine S who blew up that factory took a selfie…”

      So on the one hand they are not sure he’s the right guy, on the other hand they are, but not so sure whether he’s an “ISLAMIST” (which is the politically correct way of saying JIHADIST) (and remember JIHAD is the FIRST duty of EVERY Muslim)…

      It’s so hard being a politically correct Churnalist these days. A lot of them are already Muslims themselves of course, it’s THAT badly paid.

      • gator69 says:

        A local reporter here is a Muslim woman who was offended by billboards that expressed disgust with muslim attacks. She went on the air and described the Muslim jihadists as “radical fundamentalists”. Is that anything like a “giant midget”? Talk about your doublespeak, and taqiyya.

    • DirkH says:

      Oh, and, reaction in TUnisia: We’re gonna close the 80 worst Mosques.
      Reaction in Germany: the CDU, Merkel’s party, “Christian Democratic Union” reacts by saying “We’re gonna open us more for Islam because elections can’t be won without the Muslim vote”.

      We’ve been calling them the C*DU for a while now, C* being the symbols on the Turkish flag (a Turkish CDU member had some T-Shirts printed in Turkey with C*DU on it, later the CDU got called out on it, and he said, oh the Turkish print shop made a slight mistake there).

      So the Merkel party doesn’t care, they’re Freemasons/Communists obviously and want one world religion, no matter which one, main objective it must be good enough to herd the cattle, what do we care what religion as long as we’re the people herders.

  3. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Speaking of Ramadanic fasting I came across this fine story just now.

    Thanks Michelle: Black Market In Food Items Springs Up In US Schools

    Children are creating their own black markets to trade and sell salt due to First Lady Michelle Obama’s school lunch rules.

    During a hearing before the House Subcommittee on Early Childhood, Elementary, and Secondary Education, chaired by Rep. Todd Rokita (R., Ind.), a school administrator told Congress of the “unintended consequences” of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act. “Perhaps the most colorful example in my district is that students have been caught bringing–and even selling–salt, pepper, and sugar in school to add taste to perceived bland and tasteless cafeteria food,” said John S. Payne, the president of Blackford County School Board of Trustees in Hartford City, Indiana.

    • DirkH says:

      “that students have been caught bringing–and even selling–salt, pepper, and sugar”

      If they have been CAUGHT that means it’s prohibited. I wonder what the punishment is for bringing pepper. Do the American authorities now fear that Americans squander the precious Dollars on Indian spice imports? That’s how the Roman Empire collapsed, after all.

      • Bruce of Newcastle says:

        That’s how the Roman Empire collapsed, after all.

        Well you’d have to agree Michelle is quite…imperious.

  4. kim2ooo says:

    “With all due respect to the court, it did not define marriage, and therefore is not entitled to re-define it.” Franklin Graham


    • gator69 says:

      The SCOTUS gave the right answer, but to the wrong question. Government should never have been involved in “marriage”, which is a religious “rite”, and not a “right” of citizenship. This was an easy fix, but because my countrymen have become functional idiots, the leftists were allowed to define the debate. The average human being is getting dumber. (More on that in a later post)

      The simple solution that would have brought both sides together would have been to base all spousal rights and tax benefits on a “civil union”. That would have freed churches and the religious from persecution, and leveled the legal playing field for everyone. So simple, and yet the average person did not have the cognitive abilities to figure this out, and thus we are where we are now. Stuck on stupid.

      • kim2ooo says:

        “The simple solution that would have brought both sides together would have been to base all spousal rights and tax benefits on a “civil union”.

        Yes………….. BUT this is not what was wanted by the left.

        They meant this to chip away at Christian Values………………..

    • leftinflagstaff says:

      Imagine the uproar over this kind of surrender to and enabling of any of our body’s other defects. It wouldnt be tolerated, to all but one.

  5. kim2ooo says:

    Gay couples “ask for equal dignity in the eyes of the law,”

    Cause nothing says DIGNITY like sodomy.

  6. gator69 says:

    Hurry into Walmart during the holy month of Ramadan, to get your ISIS Battle Flag cakes! Supplies are limited, just like intelligence and ethics!

  7. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Walmart makes ISIS cake, refused Confederate flag cake.

    Heh, that collides with this then.

    Cakes at 20 paces.

    From: The Week in Pictures: Confederacy of Dunces Edition

    (I rather like the first two pictures. 🙂 )

  8. DirkH says:

    About pathological altruism

    My thoughts: Being very nice to the LGBTs by allowing them to marry, and being very nice to Muslim immigrants, even though Muslims constantly kill Christians the world over, are symptoms of the mysterious disease called Leftism. We sane people constantly ask ourselves, is the Left Stupid Or Evil.

    If we assume that they are pathologically altruistic, i.e. so addicted to feeling good about their own moral behaviour that they go to such extreme lengths that harm to themselves becomes not only inevitable but DESIRABLE as a self-punishment, extinguishing their pathological feeling of GUILT, we might finally unlock the key to the mystery of the leftist “mind” ( I use that term liberally ) and derive useful forecasts about their future behaviour.

    This might even explain their clinging to failed warmunism; again a way to blame themselves for the ills of the world.

    (That warmunism is also the latest fraud perpetrated by the Technocrats to realize their 85 year old utopian ideas is NOT coincidental – as the very desire for a Utopian society at the expense of the interest of the individual is EXACTLY a symptom of pathological altruism – causing more harm than good without wanting so yet being incapable of understanding it – again the desire for self-punishment – a global geopolitical mass masochism)

    (Background of warmunism:
    Warmunism is just the latest attempt by Technocracy Inc. rebranded Trilateral Commission to push through their centralized resource based economy.


  9. DirkH says:

    Believe it or not there are STILL Greeks having money in their banks (and trying to get it out now all at the same time but it’s too late)
    photos of ATM queues

    • Bruce of Newcastle says:

      Pensioners, Dirk.

      Some branches of Alpha Bank in central Athens that normally open for business on Saturdays remained shut and one carried a sign that it wouldn’t open. Only a few banks near central shopping and tourist areas are usually open on Saturdays.

      About 100 people had lined up at a Piraeus Bank branch at a central Athens street before it opened. Some said they had waited for about three hours. Once word got out that the bank wouldn’t open, one elderly woman fainted.

      As an ambulance pulled by to take her away, others spewed vitriol at everyone from the Greek prime minister to Germany.

      “Tsipras said he would turn things around, but things are only going to get worse,” said Stavros, a 61-year-old retired sailor, who was lining up to withdraw his pension. He said he was initially planning to go to the bank on Monday but decided to line up on Saturday when he heard about the government’s referendum plans.

      Poor lady. It must be terrible for the elderly today. Shows you just what “kind and caring socialism” does for the poor. It’ll get worse when the government can’t actually pay the pensions and salary they promised, which mustn’t be far off.

      Greeks drain ATMs as Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras calls referendum to decide country’s fate

  10. gator69 says:

    Well as Obama celebrates Ramadan, his half brother is selling family memorabilia, and Barry down the river.

    Malik, who lives in Kenya, also sold two other handwritten letters from Obama for nearly $15,000 each in 2013. Malik, who shares the same father with the president, has said they were best men at each other’s weddings. But earlier this year, he called Obama a “schemer” and said, “He’s not been an honest man . . . in who he is and what he says and how he treats people.”



  11. gator69 says:

    Rand Paul on government intrusion into religion.

    “…The Constitution is silent on the question of marriage because marriage has always been a local issue. Our founding fathers went to the local courthouse to be married, not to Washington, D.C.

    I’ve often said I don’t want my guns or my marriage registered in Washington.

    Those who disagree with the recent Supreme Court ruling argue that the court should not overturn the will of legislative majorities. Those who favor the Supreme Court ruling argue that the 14th Amendment protects rights from legislative majorities.

    Do consenting adults have a right to contract with other consenting adults? Supporters of the Supreme Court’s decision argue yes but they argue no when it comes to economic liberties, like contracts regarding wages.

    It seems some rights are more equal than others.

    I acknowledge the right to contract in all economic and personal spheres, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a danger that a government that involves itself in every nook and cranny of our lives won’t now enforce definitions that conflict with sincerely felt religious convictions of others.

    Some have argued that the Supreme Court’s ruling will now involve the police power of the state in churches, church schools, church hospitals.

    This may well become the next step, and I for one will stand ready to resist any intrusion of government into the religious sphere.

    Justice Clarence Thomas is correct in his dissent when he says: “In the American legal tradition, liberty has long been understood as individual freedom from governmental action, not as a right to a particular governmental entitlement.”

    The government shouldn’t prevent people from making contracts but that does not mean that the government must confer a special imprimatur upon a new definition of marriage.

    Perhaps the time has come to examine whether or not governmental recognition of marriage is a good idea, for either party.”

    PS – Does this mean I can marry my gun now?

  12. Squid2112 says:

    Back onto the climate topic, this seems to be a pretty big “f’ing” deal:

    Space and Science Research Corporation
    Government Climate Data Found Unreliable
    Press Release 4-2015
    Monday, June 29, 2015
    9:00 AM EDT


    • DirkH says:

      Well SSRC sounds important but wikipedia doesn’t know them, so they are not part of the nomenklatura, and thus entirely irrelevant to the warmunist political/media juggernaut.

    • kim2ooo says:

      As you said………. Let’s hope they are waking up.

      Thank you.

    • gator69 says:

      While I highly respect John Casey’s work, his SSRC gets no traction among 99% of the population. Wiki refuses to give him a page, but Media Matters has made sure to recognize him…

      You can see the punch line coming, can’t you? Yup, turns out that even people who claim that global warming isn’t happening think that John L. Casey, the director and sole named employee of the SSRC, is a “scam artist trying to get his hands in your pocket” who lacks “any credibility in climate research.” Indeed, the SSRC’s website acknowledges that Casey lacks both education and experience with climate science.

      I have to stress how incredibly easy it was to determine that the Space and Science Research Center shouldn’t be taken seriously. Basically, all I had to do was Google the group’s name.


      The left knows how to trash good people, and how to brainwash the young so that they never learn the truth…

      It was back in 2011 that a concerned mother first approached TheBlaze to expose a paragraph inside of a book printed by the Girl Scouts of the USA that encouraged young girls to visit a well-known liberal website to clear up any “media misinformation” they encountered.

      Three years later, she says that the controversial directive to use Media Matters for America — a liberal “information center” aimed at “correcting conservative misinformation” — to fact-check the news is still prominently displayed inside copies of the books being sold in some of the organization’s stores, despite intense media coverage over the issue and the Girl Scouts’ claim that they reprinted the book in 2012.


      So sadly, no this is not a big deal, and will be heard by practically noone. SSRC has been relegated to the CFACT and Heartland Institute bin.

      Academia and the press are controlled by far leftists, making sure that any “real authority” always toes the line.

      • DirkH says:

        Well, “fact-checker” has a reputation as bad as “journalist” these days. They gotta invent a new label. Maybe “supreme arbiter of truth”? Wait, Grand Wizard Of Truth, yeah that should do.

  13. gator69 says:

    Two children have reportedly been “crucified” by Isis for not fasting during the holy month of Ramadan.

    The boys, believed to be under the age of 18, were killed in Syria and their bodies displayed with placards hung around their necks announcing their “crime”.

    Their deaths in the town of Mayadin, Deir Ezzor province, were reported by the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights on Monday.

    “Apparently, they were caught eating,” he told the AFP news agency, adding that the signs hung around their necks claimed they broke the Ramadan fast “with no religious justification”.


    The children were hung from the crossbar with care,
    In hopes that Mohammad soon would be there…

    Happy Ramadan Kids!

  14. DirkH says:

    Reminds me of the NKVD and the Purge; the NKVD had quotas to fulfill and would execute anyone they could grab from the streets.

    Stuff like this leads to serious motivation issues down the road.

    • Jason Calley says:

      Hey Dirk, I remember an old story from the USSR. A black NKVD sedan pulled up to the curb, two men got out and grabbed a young woman who happened to be walking down the sidewalk. The two men tried to hustle her into the car, but she managed to grab a light pole and began to scream, “LEAVE ME ALONE! LEAVE ME ALONE! YOU DON’T CARE WHO YOU GET! IT DOESN’T MATTER WHO YOU GET! GO GET SOMEONE ELSE! LEAVE ME ALONE!” The lady refused to let loose of the light pole and after a brief struggle the two men decided, that yes, they really did not care who they picked up. They got back into the car and drove away to snatch someone who was not quite so much trouble. The lady dusted herself off and continued down the sidewalk…

  15. DirkH says:

    It looks like an inept Ramadanian tried a repeat of the Graz car attack in Berlin: Mercedes limo suddenly drives on boardwalk, hits two pedestrians with high speed, tries to take a bend and topples over.
    Photo of car lying upside down

    German article
    No comments are allowed. This indicates that the perp was a Ramadanian – the “journalists” hate it when people say their opinion about that or, even worse, share inside info that the journalist does not want to be known.

    • DirkH says:

      Pedestrians suffered “minor injuries”, whatever that means (take it with a mine of salt, it’s what the “journalists” say)

      • DirkH says:

        Now they say the driver was “dehydrated”.
        So the German state turns the condition of Ramadanian behaviour into an advantage for Ramadanian attackers, turning their attacks into accidents. Doubtlessly they want to let him go unpunished.

    • gator69 says:

      Peace and blessings be on the messenger…

      I believe there was a translation error.

      Pieces and blastings be on the messenger…

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