Ecotards Once Again Creating A Crisis They Can Cry About!!!


Well, who doesn’t see this crap coming from miles away? 

This is just more proof ecotards don’t give a damn about ecology or nature.  They care about controlling the populace.


The orang-utan population of Indonesia is being driven to the brink of extinction thanks to the massive deforestation underway to satisfy the rapidly growing demand for palm oil as a biofuel. Some scientists estimate that as many as 95 percent of the orang-utans native to Sumatra have already been wiped out. ….

You can read the whole article at the link above, but, here’s a couple of gems …..

In amongst the Leuser ecosystem sits the Tripa peat swamp forest, one of three such forests in Leuser. All three are prime orang-utan habitat, as well as being home to a number of other rare species. Twenty five years ago there were 3,000 orang-utans living in the 232 square miles of rainforest. Today, only 200 survive.

But although the Telegraph reports that much of the forest has been cleared to satisfy the west’s growing demand for palm oil, they don’t mention that one of the key drivers for the increase in palm oil use is the EU’s insistence on using biofuels – including biodiesel made from palm oil – to fulfill it’s climate change targets.

Between 2006 and 2012, demand for palm oil as a biofuel increase nearly five fold. The International Institute for Sustainable Development looked at the role of EU biofuels subsidies in driving palm oil production, and found that “the additional demand can be linked primarily to the growth of biodiesel production, which has been stimulated by government policies. IISD estimates the value of the government support to biodiesel in the EU was in the range of €4.6 billion to €5.6 billion in 2011.”

“If no policy change occurs, by 2020 the EU biodiesel sector will consume around 2.6 – 2.7 million tonnes of palm oil, or 40 percent more than in 2012.” ….

… Not only is this a problem for the orang-utans, it’s also a massive own-goal in terms of cutting carbon emissions as deforestation and the destruction of peat habitats adds greatly to carbon emissions. Indonesia is now said to be the world’s third largest emitter of carbon after China and the USA …….

Beautiful.  The pinheads who cry the most about deforestation, extinction, habitat, atmospheric CO2, etc …. is causing deforestation, extinction, habitat loss, and increases atmospheric CO2.  They’re actually paying ….. okay, well, they’re not paying, but, they are causing other people (many who oppose their idiotic initiatives) to pay for the mess they’re creating. 

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24 Responses to Ecotards Once Again Creating A Crisis They Can Cry About!!!

  1. Latitude says:

    Let’s see, Soros buys 20,000 hectares in prime north Indonesia virgin orangutan forest….plows it under..plants African oil palms…because the governments guarantee they will buy the palm oil from him

    what could possibly go wrong

  2. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Not beautiful. Terrible. The environmentalists are terrible hypocrites who support biofuels at the expense of orangs and poor people, who can’t afford food made more expensive, and they encourage wind farms and solar thermal power plants which mash birds and bats and flash fry them to a crisp.

    The scale of the palm oil misuse can be seen in a table buried in the middle of this WUWT essay today. Fully 40% of the palm oil that the EU uses goes into vehicles and power generation.

    And its going to get worse. Your FDA has now banned trans-fats. Today there is another article pointing out that what the food producers do in this circumstance is replace the trans fats with palm oil. Consumption is expected to rise even more.

    Environmentalists and leftists are slimeballs, pure and simple.

  3. DirkH says:

    European aristocrat freemasons (the inventors of the EU idea) give a rat’s ass about an Orang Utan; they already own higher developed primates, us.

  4. DirkH says:

    Whatcha do when computer of IRS employee dies, and all copies you have of her e-mail traffic are a multitude of backup tapes from the mail server, why, delete them of course months later.
    And blame it on incompetence. Well, I guess it were the usual IT service employees, so it’s not really far-fetched.

    Gotta remember that incompetence defense, it’s a good one.

    • suyts says:

      Yeh, I saw that. …. There is no rule of law in the US. Apparently, just incompetence. That’s all we’ve got left, today …. just a bunch of incompetent boobs running our country.

      • DirkH says:

        “There is no rule of law in the US.”

        Most notably: You can manipulate LIBOR (for instance) and it’s a CRIMINAL offense but no one goes to jail! Banks pay a fine instead that is a tiny fraction of the profits.
        (Take bribes from Russia for allocating soccer tournaments though and the US is all over you…)

        The world IS getting that message. That’s why they try to isolate themselves from that system.

      • gator69 says:

        At the close of the Constitutional Convention of 1787, Franklin was queried as he left Independence Hall on the final day of deliberation. In the notes of Dr. James McHenry, one of Maryland’s delegates to the Convention, a lady asked Dr. Franklin “Well Doctor what have we got, a republic or a monarchy.” Franklin replied, “A republic . . . if you can keep it.”

        Sorry Ben, so very sorry.

  5. DirkH says:

    Ramadan in the EU:
    Explosions rock gas factory near Lyon, southern France, corpse with severed head found. A car was seen racing towards the factory before.
    One person known to police was arrested, another is on the run.
    Arabic scribbles found on head of victim.

  6. DirkH says:

    Ramadan + 45 degrees C = heatstroke.
    Ramadanians do not drink during daylight hours; which is kinda unfortunate when you have a heat wave at the same time in Pakistan. 750 dead in the last 5 days in Karachi alone.

    • Dirk, did you see this:
      Malaysia: Teacher demand non-Muslim students to drink their urine during Ramadan
      Posted on June 22, 2015 by ADMIN3 Comments

      Ministry investigates claims that non-Muslim students asked to drink urine
      BY ELIZABETH ZACHARIAH, Malaysian Insider
      Published: 22 June 2015 3:03 PM

      Tell your friends: when you go to tropical Muslim countries; carry an empty bottle – when you get thirsty, bottoms up! Tell me: what kind of god would order, children not to drink water during whole day and damage their kidneys? this days the sun is just above Pakistan, at midnight is no shadow – even the death in India from heatstrockes were muslims

      • DirkH says:

        Well isn’t that nice from those cultured Muslims, to impose their craziness on non-Muslims.
        Any country with more than 10% Muslims is pretty much a hellhole in the making.
        That includes Northrhine-Westphalia. I’ve been in Supermarkets there where I expected immediate outbreaks of ethnic unrest.

        • Ditk, you have plenty of them Turks and lots of other middle-easterners are coming now, but you are lucky, if they impose Sharia law in Germania; at least is a cool place – they impose no drinking water in the tropics and subtropics. Malaysia is in the tropics.

          Everybody must be circumcised and start saving on raiser-blades… look on the positive side… In Australia were few boats arriving every day; the new guy stopped them – in a year he will be out of politics; because he rejected carbon tax… the world is gone mad…. bad omen…

  7. DirkH says:

    Booking a vacation in Tunisia should automatically nominate you for the Darwin Award these days.
    To increase your chances make sure you go there in Ramadan!

    • DirkH says:

      27 dead tourists, mostly Germans and Brits.

    • gator69 says:

      That is the first question I asked this morning. Who would choose to vacation in Tunisia, unless you have no other choice? It’s like the idiots that go backpacking in Iran.

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