Arctic The Most Hottingness Place On The Planet!!!!

So say the climate lunatics.  You see, the theory is that atmospheric CO2 prevents heat from escaping earth.  In that there is significantly less atmospheric CO2 above the arctic than say the tropics, the more and more atmospheric CO2 proliferates, the more significant warming will be seen in the Arctic and Antarctic regions.  This is because of the supposed logarithmic effects of atmospheric CO2.  That is to say, an increase of 100ppm from 300ppm won’t cause as much warming as a 100ppm increase from 200ppm.  Simples! 

The only problem is the Arctic hasn’t warmed in 14 1/2 years, all the while, atmospheric CO2 has increased over the Arctic. 

This is pretty new and neat!  RSS doesn’t cover all the way to 90 deg North …. but, UAH’s new version of the satellite data now does! 

At the bottom of the page at the link we see this ….

NoPol 60N-90N
So, for the first time, we get to see all of the Arctic!  So, what do the satellites tell us
about the temps in the Arctic?  They have changed since the turn of the century.
I think it’s time to put this inane theory to bed.  It’s wrong at every turn. 
Pardon the bizarre formatting.  I can’t seem to fix it for this post.  
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7 Responses to Arctic The Most Hottingness Place On The Planet!!!!

  1. squid2112 says:

    .. an increase of 100ppm from 300ppm won’t cause as much warming as a 100ppm increase from 200ppm.

    Umm, wrong… neither increase in CO2 will cause any warming, so your statement is not correct.

  2. Ted G says:

    grantologists… I have often searched with no luck what a typical research grant contract looks like. I do know they are often worded – To prove that Co2 is a main climate driver or Climate change (Warming) is caused by man. But if any one can produce such a document it would be extremely helpful in the battle against the warmist propaganda.
    After all is always about the money and power. With power comes lots of lovely perks and lots and lots of money!

    • gator69 says:

      One must apply for a grant, and applications that “suck up” to the political beliefs of the reviewers will get funding. So grantologists who use the key phrases, and show the right bias get funding, those who do not kiss the ring get nothing. You can peruse available grant money here, and if you offer your services to the alarmists you will likely be rewarded. Show your loyalty by publishing their dogma, and the spigots open wider.

  3. Ted G says:

    Thanks for the link, It’s excellent. I think I’ll apply for…………..

  4. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    The DMI Arctic sea ice coverage is looking quite interesting. Relatively lowish during the the winter but now it seems ready to be the highest relative since 2005 or even before.

    The usual suspects earlier this year were squawking about how low the winter ice coverage was. I wonder if they’ll put out a press release when (if) it surpasses 2005.

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