The Science Denying Insane Keep Babbling About Hurricanes

Good heavens!  Have the lunatic climate zealots completely given up on looking at the actual numbers?  (rhetorical, they gave it up when they started manipulating the numbers they disagreed with)

So, some moron, our Surgeon General, decided he should chime in with some babbling stupidity regarding “climate change”. 

As noted by the Huffington Post ……

At Tuesday’s event, Murthy said that rising temperatures are causing more severe heat waves, longer allergy seasons and decreased air quality in cities. He also cited extreme weather events such as hurricanes and flooding, along with wildfires, as disasters that strain health care infrastructure and put people’s health at risk.

Of course, the problem with these assertions is the fact that the actual facts explicitly refute such idiotic pronouncements.  Air quality in the cities have significantly increased over the last several decades.  Flooding has been show to be not changing or decreasing slightly over the last several decades.  Wildfires, both the frequency and acreage burned has significantly decreased over the last decade or so.  As to hurricanes? …. Well, here’s the global Accumulated Cyclone Energy or ACE values over the last 30 years ……




Sooner or later, the people will wise up. 

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15 Responses to The Science Denying Insane Keep Babbling About Hurricanes

  1. HankH says:

    I’ve learned in my own debates with lunatic climate alarmists that facts don’t matter and they’re entirely ignorant of climate history. They rely on two things: 1) antidotal nonsense like glaciers calving, polar bears eating cubs, the snows of Mt. Kilimanjaro melting, etc… and 2) anyone who doesn’t believe in catastrophic global warming is ignorant and can’t possibly know any facts.

    • suyts says:

      Pretty much spot on. Hank, good to hear from you! How have you been?

      • HankH says:

        Been doing good but overworked. Sometimes I regret agreeing to do a little biostatistics for the research center. It is becoming a full time job when I already have a full time job. Anyway, I’ve been working on another study for publication that needed to meet a deadline for the annual symposium and finally got it off my plate a few days ago. I hope to comment more often. 😀

      • suyts says:

        I hope you do, too! Your insights are always a good read.

  2. HankH says:

    James, I was thinking of taking the new “Cause for the Non-Pause” paper to task but was too busy to do so right away. The statistical modeling in that paper is horrible. It would never make publication in my field but I think a few have already stated the same conclusion so maybe it’s old news.

    • HankH says:

      Does your old e-mail address still work?

    • suyts says:

      Yeh, I thought about it, as well. And, yes my old email still works, but, I don’t check it every day. I should, but, I’m busier than I want to be. Things should slow down for me in a few months. In the mean time, just comment that I need to check my mail, and, I will.

      I think NOAA has always been the outlier/lier. I’m waiting to see GISS’ or HadCrut’s revisions. We know they want to …. perhaps NOAA has tempted them enough for us to see it in the next few months. I think it would be maddening, but, fun, to explain to the world how wrong they are.

      • HankH says:

        Thanks James. As things free up on this end there’s a few things I would like to dig into.

        I’ll comment for you to read the mail if I’ve got something we might consider exploring. Alternatively, I read my e-mail all day long and you’re on my white list (no racism intended – that’s what they call it in e-mail servers). E-mail me if you’ve got something 😉

      • HankH says:

        James, I took the time to performa an analysis of NASA’s latest GISS version, comparing it to their earlier versions as well as a number of other in-situ and satellite datasets. It’s pretty revealing.

        I know others have looked at the adjustments, exclusion of higher quality datasets, etc… but I haven’t seen a good comparative analysis of how much GISS has left the pack. My interest in the analysis was to place a broader scoped perspective on that issue. You might be interested in reading it.

        • suyts says:

          I very much would be interested!

        • HankH says:

          I’ll forward it to you via e-mail. It is in rough draft form as usual. Be looking for it in the AM as I need to wrap up on another work project tonight. I’ll comment here when it gets sent to you.

        • suyts says:

          Sweet!!! ….. It will prolly be Sunday before I can give it full attention …. AM comes real early for me, nowadays, and I’ve a standing appointment Friday afternoons! A cousin moved in just a stones throw from my house. We grew up together …. went on our separate ways, and now have settled in a town with which we have no roots in, an hour away from what we call our “home” town. Friday afternoons, after work, I stop by and share a 6 pack or so, with him. Often, it ends up to be a bit more than a 6 pack. …… Saturday is my family reunion! It’s been a fantastic tradition which continues! For nearly 40 years, now, we all get together ….. descendants of my grandfather. I believe this reunion will see a 6th generation from that man! Oddly, this reunion is being held in the town I now live in! Hosted by a nephew who lives more than 100 miles away! So, it will be Sunday before I can …… but, maybe not …. maybe Monday.

          I’ve an aunt ….. a very elderly and loving aunt. She has insisted that she hear me and my brothers sing together. And, we’ve decided that she shall. And, we’re going to do it right. Unfortunately, with our schedules, about the only time we can get together is at my brother’s church …. so, after church, we will plan and rehearse. It’s good there because they have good sound equipment. Originally, I thought I wanted acapella, ….. mostly because I know we can and sound good … but, we’ve at least one and probably two former professional musicians to accompany us. The preacher at my brother’s church performed (and still does at times) with a Christian rock band …. which another cousin plays with.

          We’re going to put it on CD. I’m hopeful to be posting some of the songs in a couple of months. If it comes off like I know it can, it’ll knock the socks off! It’s something we’ve should have done years ago.

          Sorry for the ramble, but, I guess that’s my way of saying, I’m very much looking forward to what you’ve done, and here’s something to look forward to from something I will do.

        • HankH says:

          I love it. I want the CD when it comes out 😀

        • HankH says:

          … or a link to the audio file.

        • HankH says:

          Sorry, James… I got distracted from other work that hit my desk of a higher priority. Been working this weekend (yuck). Irrespective, I’ve been cleaning the article up, rechecking the data and graphs, and will get it to you as soon as possible – within the next few days.

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