Turkey’s Election!!!!!

Well, I’m surprised by this.  And, I’ve got to say, I’m more hopeful for the future because of this ……


Turkish president’s party loses parliamentary majority, faces struggle to form government

Turkey’s ruling Islamic-rooted AKP party may have trouble finding the coalition partner necessary to form the next government, after voters dealt a stunning rebuke to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan Sunday, with strong losses in a national vote that stripped the party of its parliamentary majority.

Turkish voters effectively ended 13 years of one-party rule and stalled the Muslim nation’s march toward Islamist control in historic elections. The democratically-elected Erdogan, through posts as prime minister and president, has held office since 2003 and had in recent years begun an alarming crackdown on the media, dissidents and ethnic minorities in what observers feared was an effort to move the NATO nation and U.S. ally toward theocratic rule.

In addition to announcing plans to expand the powers of his office, Erdogan had come under intense criticism for building a 1,000-room presidential palace, which was rumored to have gold-plated toilet seats.

“The dictator has collapsed,” proclaimed the Yurt newspaper headline Monday.

Erdogan’s party is now left with few options to form a new government, after it was stripped of its parliamentary majority and opposition parties ruled out joining it in a coalition pact. The Islamic-based Justice and Development Party, known as the AKP, won about 41 percent of the votes in Sunday’s election and was projected to take 258 seats — 18 below the minimum required to rule alone. …..

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From what I’ve seen over the last several years, Erdogan was no honest broker.  Nor, do I believe he’s been helpful towards stability in the Mid-East.  Well, to put it as nice as I can, I think Erdogan is a power hungry scumbag.

That said, I don’t believe he’s a stupid scumbag.  Watch for some neat tricks in his effort to maintain power.  I don’t believe, though, that he’s ballsy enough to simply usurp power.  The election just demonstrated that there’s a whole bunch of Turks who won’t simply lay down and take it.   

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7 Responses to Turkey’s Election!!!!!

  1. Latitude says:

    Don’t plow up city parks, call Orkin, and learn to like Kurdish food…….oh, and get rid of the internet

  2. leftinflagstaff says:

    The folly of the continous cycle of societies:

    ‘A dominant central government is the answer!’
    ‘Oh, no it’s not.’
    ‘A dominant central government is the answer!’
    ‘Oh, no it’s not.’

    Good for the Turks. We did our thing in 1776. We’re cycling back around.

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