The Original Song …… Answer To No One!!!!

So, we’ve another Repub presidential candidate, today.  Rick Perry announced his candidacy.  This is no surprise.  But, his theme song is one.  The original song has been altered a bit for some Perry references. 

Now, I’m no fan of mixing rap ….. well, I’m no fan of rap.  Putting it with country is abhorrent to me.   That said, it’s a pretty interesting theme song, and the message/lyrics is/are fantastic!

Well, okay.  But, since we’ve gone music ….. here’s a song I’ve been thinking about working on, no, it has nothing to do with nothing, but, I like the tune and, with a little moving of the tonic, can hit the high notes, so I thought, why not play it?

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2 Responses to The Original Song …… Answer To No One!!!!

  1. gator69 says:

    I like the message, but like you, I will never be a fan of rap no matter how it is presented.

    BJ Thomas! Now there is an artist I have not heard, or even thought of in years. That takes me back a bit. Looks like I will be reminiscing a bit on YouTube tonight.

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